Apr 30, 2012

old or pregnant and bathing suit shopping revelations...

My right hip hurts... like the joint. Only if I've been sitting for a while - like in my car, which is pretty much my office - to the point that when I get out of the car, I limp for the first five minutes. Is this because I'm "old" or because I'm pregnant?

I'm thinking I may just be losing the proper usage of the right side of my body... For those of you who read Friday's gloriously nonsensical post, I fell on my ass on Friday. Rolled my ankle. My right ankle. I never roll my ankles. Is this due to that lovely loosening of ligaments that accompanies pregnancy and can account for the fact that the "sling" that holds my bladder up is "loose" and therefore every time I cough or sneeze (which is nonstop because I am sick), I have to (1) hold on to my vagina like it might blow off or (2) risk peeing my pants. Is the fact that, within four days, I rolled my right ankle and now have right hip joint pain all a sign of the fantastic body-failing-miserable-third-trimester symptoms to come... me thinks so.

On a brighter note, I went bathing suit shopping today. Probably the most disturbing, heartbreaking, traumatizing, and demoralizing experience I've ever had. It was scary. Scary bad. I used to go to Jane's swimming lessons feeling somewhat good - like, I was at least not the least attractive mom in the pool. Now I'm the pregnant, droopy-boobed mom at the swimming pool - that people will feel bad for. "ahh... she's pregnant, god love her..." But I couldn't resist. For two weeks I've sat on the sidelines while Dan has done swimming lessons with Jane and (1) it kills me to not be in the water having fun with her and (2) it kills me to not have control of the situation and have to sit there, and not bark out commands to Dan about what I think he should be doing to try and help Jane feel comfortable jumping into the water. This is one of the toughest parts of parenting - not criticizing... you can call it "offering suggestions" if you want, but when you're the one receiving suggestions, it's criticism and it doesn't usually go down well (trust me, I've also been on the receiving end many times). I think part of me also feels a little scared as I think the fact that I've had to sit on the sidelines of swimming lessons is indicative of what life may be like when baby number two arrives... I might be on the sidelines a lot...

In three months, I'm going to miss things. I'm not going to be able to go everywhere and anywhere I want to with Jane all the time. I'm going to have another child who wants and needs my attention - and, being a breastfeeding mom and dedicated to not introducing a bottle before 6 weeks - I'm basically tied to said child for at least that amount of time. Can I take the baby with me? Heck yes. But, I'm not one for breastfeeding in the middle of the swimming pool deck... I'm going to miss things. Jane and Daddy are going to be going off and leaving mommy and baby home. :( How am I going to handle not being Jane's one and only... and vice versa? ARGH! I mean, obviously Daddy is a big part of her life, but I'm "MOOOOOMMMY". And, anyone who's a mommy knows what I mean by that. Jane doesn't wake up calling out for daddy in the middle of the night... which sucks and is heartwarming all at the same time.

My goodness y'all are going to get an ear-full when all this "goes down" (literally and figuratively)... it's going to be quite the experience.

Apr 27, 2012

first o.b. visit

I LOVE my o.b.

Had my first appt yesterday with my obstetrician and it was fantastic. Had this pretty little medical student girl come in to do all my pre-checks and I'm pretty sure I drove her nuts and, for some reason, I wouldn't shut up. Like, I could hear myself talking and saying ridiculous things, and I just couldn't stop... poor girl. At least she got a good laugh. I continued this when the doc came in. They probably rolled their eyes at each other after they left and closed the room. Remember "six" from "Blossom". Yeah. She had nothing on me.

Anyways, the good news is I had not one problem on the "problem list" WOOT WOOT. Doc checked out my rash and said it's nothing to worry about. Phew. And, in all honesty, it appears to be disappearing. I think. Who knows. I've been "treating" it with Aveeno Baby Eczema cream that has colloidal oatmeal in it and (1) my skin has never been so soft (2) it's keeping my mind at ease about "preventing" stretch marks because it's so moisturizing and (3) my rash is not spreading and seems to be a little better. Fingers crossed it's done and gone soon.

My baby is, just like Jane, a mover and, there is no question (obviously...) that the child is mine. Already has an attitude... which further confirms, in my mind, there's a girl in there. Med student was trying to hear the heartbeat and, literally, not kidding - the child was punching back at her. I envision this little baby in there, getting poked, and like throwing up elbows saying "wtf! I'm sleeping bitch... get outta here". Totally and Jen baby in there. :p

I did get on the scale and gained 10 lbs since my last docs appt just over 5 weeks ago. For those of you who don't follow me on facebook I had a fantastic nurse who weighed me - I told her about my male GP who made me feel fat and she fessed up that she still had 35 of the 45 lbs she put on during her last pregnancy and her son was seven. She also gave me some great, medical, advice... apparently, it's important to put on extra junk in the trunk during pregnancy to balance out the weight in your belly, so that you don't fall over. DUH. THIS is the type of crap they need to be alerting people to in the news - NOT that Beyonce is supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world. Kill me now please. "I have never felt so beautiful since I gave birth"... Um. I hate you. I'm pretty sure I'd feel beautiful too if I had a clean eating chef and personal trainer who woke me up every morning and forced my fat-ass to exercise and eat healthy. In the real world, where we wake up exhausted (because we don't have nannies who tend to our newborn throughout the night), it's a little more difficult to pack in that salad and salmon for lunch... unless I can pour coffee and chocolate sauce on top. You know who the most beautiful person in the world is to me right now, Jessica Simpson... love that girl. She's gigantic and every one just assumes she's had the baby by now because she's been so big for so long and the girls like "yeah, stop calling me fat, I haven't had the baby yet and give me some more poptarts, tyvm". Here here sister.

So, next up for me is the delightful diabetes test. Gosh how I love chugging back that delicious flat, sugar-full, orange pop-wanna-be crap and sitting around for 2 hours so I have have my arm jabbed with a giaganta-needle.

AND, I get to see my ob/gyn now every two weeks - I've moved up to the two week appointment mark! WOOT WOOT!

Ok, I'm outtie. Still sick... have that stupid, annoying, symptom of not being able to open my eyes fully because they are burning so people are probably thinking I'm some crazy emotional pregnant woman who just cries all the time.

OH. I fell down today. That sucked. I had just been telling my step-ma (for those of you who don't know, I have like 14 sets of parents) how great my high-heel-wedge boots were and how comfortable they are and how safe because of the treads, and I'm carrying Jane into daycare and I roll my ankle and slow-mo-wiggle-wabble to the floor. Like not even ker-splat. Like wiggle-wabble-OH-No-TRIP-Up-maybe-not-nope-going-down-gone FALL! Thankfully, I caught myself (and Jane) with my knee and hand so neither one of us was hurt or in any danger. DOUBLE THANKFULLY, when I looked up and behind me (which was my first instinct after realizing we were both OK), there was NO ONE THERE. What are the chances that going into a huge office building at 8:30am, there would be no one behind me or in front of me. HALLELUJAH. This is when I re-affirm my believe in someone upstairs looking over me. I would have died. Big fatty falls with child in arms. You know people would have come running over to me and I would have wanted to DIE.

Also, here's an update for, again those of you who don't follow my facebook, of some of Jane's best quotes of the week... I love that kids says things without discretion. It makes me laugh so hard...

On Tuesday - Jane's sitting on my bed playing with the iPAD while I get dressed: "Mommy, you're really big." To which I respond, "Yes, Mommy is getting really big". To which she replies "And your pants are really high". Ha. Nutball.

Last night - Jane's having her pre-bed-poopy-on-the-potty that she saves, every night, for just before bed to get an extra ten minutes with me... "You have a lot of buttons on your shirt mommy"... "Yes, hunny, I do, don't I?" "Yeah... you're clothes is getting too small for you! You have to put it in the baby's room!" I laughed so hard.

Have a good weekend - sorry for the crappy blogging this week - had company in town and it's hard to say "hey, I know you flew like two days to get here but I have a blog to keep up... so... I'll talk to you in a few hours... you can watch tv or something while I ignore you." :)

Apr 25, 2012


Oh dear Lord, I'm on the verge of becoming a whiny-baby-I'm-so-sick-MAN!

And, all I have is a stuffed nose... and exhaustion. Like eyes burning exhaustion. I had to drive 3 hours for a luncheon today. The drive there was no problem. The drive home was a challenge. I was listening to news radio and bopping my head back and forth like I was listening to music to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Eventually, my BRAIN kicked in and I thought "maybe I should actually listen to music?!?!" GENIUS.

Man I miss coffee. And, by coffee, I mean being able to drink however much I want.

Of course, as a result of this cold, my face has red itchy spots all over it again. WAAAAA, poor me. :p Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... compared to most fatty women, I have it easy. I'm blessed. I know. Whatever. It's human nature to think your minuscule problems are a big deal.

I am SO looking forward to my ob/gyn appt tomorrow - I have no idea why. Just to get an update I guess. And, because, when it was booked a month ago, it seemed to be FOREVER away and now, here I am. YIPEE! Of course, because I am looking forward to it, I'm sure something will get messed up and somehow I'll have screwed up the dates and my appointment was actually today and now I'll have to wait another month or something fabulously crappy.

Anyways - I can't get my brain to realize that instead of singing songs in my head, I should turn on the radio. So, don't go expecting a fantastic, humourous or enlightening post tonight. This is it. And I didn't post yesterday because I suck. SO there. That's the truth and that's how I feel and that's why you tune in... I think. :p


Apr 23, 2012

not wishing my time away... mostly

I have a lot of friends who are having babies right now... and, by that, I mean now or in the next six months. It's all really the same (except when you're comparing waistlines, then weeks matter). :p

The excitement of hearing the news of a new arrival or reading updates on someones Facebook page is making me wish away my time... a little bit. It's not that I want the next three months to go by quickly. TRUST ME. This is baby number two. I KNOW how much I should appreciate this time - like, right this second - where I have time to myself, I'm not exhausted, my stomach is tight (ha ha ha, doesn't matter that the reason is a 2 lb baby with a 15 lb uterus :p It's the tightest my abs have ever been!). But, I am so excited for the waiting. The not knowing when it will happen. The chance that it might today. The over-reacting and reading too much into every little contraction. The anticipation.

For those of you who didn't follow me with pregnancy number one... I got grumpy. HA. Maybe, a little, teeny bit of an understatement. I swore I wouldn't get grumpy... I also swore I would never be one of those gross woman on TLC's Baby Story who makes labour sound like an intense orgasm but I failed that mission too (ask my neighbours who had to watch and listen to me pant and whine my way up and down the street while I yelled profanities at my husband). I was a week late, scheduled to be induced and SUPER not happy about it. Sure enough, in the way that it does sometimes, life gave me a slap on the ass and said... "oh, you want your natural labour do ya? Sure. Here it is bitch!". I went into labour the same day that I had a doctors appt where the doc basically said "your baby ain't coming out anytime soon, we're gonna have to induce you..." Well. That just wasn't going to work for me. I ate too much. I ate spicy food. I ate sweet food. I went for a "run" (RUN FOR YOUR LIVES... envision that scene from Jurassic Park where all you see is the pissed off Tyranosaurus in the rear view mirror - crap I was really hoping I could spell that right on my own - Tyranasaurus. Nope. Wait a second. There's no spelling suggestion. WTF? How is Tyrannosaurus AHHHH, there it is, two "n's". NM. I FORCED my husband to have sex with me. This sounds like insanity. Especially if you're a man - to force a man to have sex sounds like forcing a man to eat a Big Mac. But, having sex with a 41 week pregnant woman... it's really only for those with severely screwed up fetishes. And, come midnight, that same day (well, I guess it was "technically" the next day being that it was midnight but I don't subscribe to that line of thinking... if I haven't slept yet, it's still the same day) - anyways, there I was, awake. Alone. In the bath... thinking... hmm... this is different... is this labour???... no... I don't know... it doesn't hurt that bad... I'll wait and see. An hour later, I woke up Dan. An hour later, we woke up Mom. And, for those of you who haven't had your first child yet - everything they tell you about labour - like come to the hospital when your contractions are lasting one minute and four minutes apart or some crap... um. I hate to break it to you. That's BS. My contractions started that way. I actually thought "this ain't that bad... what's everyone bitching about". Um. Yeah. Like 12 hours later, life slapped my ass again and said "here it is bitch" and I all but crawled into L&D, screeching like a Kardashian who lost an earring.

But. The excitement. The anticipation (after they gave me my epidural). Was FANTASTIC! I can't wait for that feeling again. They say when you get married it sucks a little bit because you know you will never experience that excitement of falling in love again or starting a new relationship - actually, they, is me. But, most people get that. It's not a bad thing but it's a little crappy... unless, you're like me, and planning your next wedding with an 80's theme. It will be awesome. Groom to be determined... tee hee hee. Just kidding. No one but my hubby could put up with me. Seriously. Ok, back on track. They lie. The excitement of child birth is in the falling in love again - but so much more, times a bazillion bazillion bazillionth and more.

As much as I'm looking forward to that excitement, I'm also looking forward to the lead-up... I'm pretty much taking a month off work before I'm due. I've saved all my vacay time to use in July and, so, I'm stopping work the end of June and not due until the 26th. Woot woot. Now, this is where life will slap me in the ass and bring the baby on like 3 weeks early - which would be great, yes - but would also take away the valuable couch time I planned on coveting before baby number two's arrival.

Life is what's happening while you're planning it...

I've had a lot of friends get put off work early lately too - on the days when my back hurts, I'm exhausted and I'm sick of squeezing into uncomfortable work clothes, this seems like a blessing. Then, I realize, I'd go insane. So, please let this not be the case for me... everything seems to be going well so far, so fingers crossed. Normally, with your second pregnancy, you might have some indication of whether this might happen to you - based on your first pregnancy experience. But, I was put off work at 25 weeks with my first pregnancy because I was laid off... so it wasn't really an issue. I had no other kids. I had no car. I was basically on bed-rest! :p

I'm excited to see my ob/gyn on Thursday - partly hoping she'll put my mind at ease about this stupid rash - mostly because that step, the next step of being bumped to the ob/gyn stage - means I'm getting there! Oh, and FYI, if you want to feel good about yourself and SKINNY MINNY, pop by the PNC (prenatal care) department when you're only 26 weeks preggers. ha ha ha. It was like being a supermodel in a room full of normal people... don't bother telling me. I know I will regret that statement in 10 weeks, when I'm one of the giant woman who was waddling through the hallways. But, right now, I'm gonna enjoy it! :p The ONLY place a pregnant woman can feel small is in a room full of woman MORE pregnant than she is. It was fantastic.

Ok, I'm off to get my unnecessary pre-bedtime snack. Nighty night girlies!

Apr 20, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings?

People keep asking me if I have any pregnancy cravings... how common is this? Do you think pregnancy really gives you cravings or just permission? Maybe all your life you've been wanting to know what pickles dipped in ice cream tasted like but you hid your inner desires in fear of judgement, mockery and being shunned by society.

For me. I don't get cravings. I think partly because I eat everything and anything I should and shouldn't all the time. But, I do get pregnancy obsessive food thoughts... like, I'll smell something or someone will mention a food or I'll see something that triggers the thought of the food and then I CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD until I eat it. Nothing will be substituted. Nothing will distract it.

Par exemple. We were over at my sisters house tonight for dinner, where I demolished a large garlic fingers alongside my sister (I think maybe some of the others got some, but it didn't seem like it... :p). So, Jane eats her token two garlic fingers, tells me shes "all done mommy" and heads off because, well, we're at someone else's house so all their toys (even though they are identical to the ones we have at home) are SUPER SPECIAL and DISTRACTING. A half hour later, she is leading me to my sisters cupboard where she points at the box of Honey Nut Cheerios because she wants a bowl. Enter: Obsessive Pregnancy Food Thought Disorder. After pigging out on enormous, and nutritionally void dough and cheese, I wrote the night off and told myself to look forward to a huge bowl of chips (or two) and some chocolate, when I got home. Because this is how I roll. If I eat one bad thing during the day, I write the entire day off and eat every bad thing I would ever want during that day so I can "start again" the next day... of course, the next day is always like a Thursday and WHO ON EARTH starts healthy eating on a THURSDAY?!?! That's insanity I tell you.

Anyways. Long story short. I'm at the grocery store a half hour ago. In the chip aisle. Staring at a wall of possibilities - of which I've granted myself all access. And. I can think of nothing but HONEY NUT CHEERIOS. Miss Vickies Jalapeno Chips - with all their greasy, spicy, crunchy goodness? Nope. Sweet and salty, high in fibre, good for my cholesterol, HONEY NUT CHEERIOS.

So, here I am, on my Friday night binge - stuffing my pregnancy-chubby-cheeks with Cheerios. If you want to call that a craving, go for it. I call it mind control. And, if you want to call it pregnancy related, go for it... but if affects me daily, hormones or not. :p I call it being a woman. Dan just said to me "you might want to breathe..." in reference to my stuffing - to which I responded "I'm eating CHEERIOS" as if that's an excuse to eat more faster...

Have a great weekend!

Apr 18, 2012

and the winner is...

Sorry for the delay... Jane has been testing my every last bit of patience today and, right before bed, decided she was "STARVING" and wanted a bagel. Well, usually, I would not fall for this but we had 15 minutes so I thought I'd give in this time. She ate the bagel. It just took her FOR FREAKIN' EVER. I know, I'm a sucker. Anyways, she's finally asleep - knock on wood, curse me, now I'm screwed because it doesn't matter if I delete that comment, it's already out there. Crap. So, I went to www.random.org which is the random number generator I've always used for giveaways - in case you're crazy and are going to start legal action against me about this giveaway... I mean. It is... just. that. great. :p

Before I announce the winner of the SURFACE INSPIRED BEST GIVEAWAY EVER - I want everyone to KNOW THIS:

SURFACE INSPIRED is so fantastically fantastical that they are offering all MOmMy bRaIN readers 20% off their orders - WOOT WOOT! Just enter coupon code: mommybrain at checkout. So, for you LOSERS you are still WINNERS! Seriously. Did I not sell this product enough in my post? If, for example, you are one of the people who tweeted daily because you wanted this so badly, you might want to just do yourself a favour and treat yourself - you're pregnant, OR, you're a Mom. You deserve it!

Here it is.

The big winner.



This Momma has THREE kids. Um. Anyone who has more than TWO kids is my hero at this point and I don't even know how hard it is to have two yet...

Here's what she said about what decal she'd like to win...

Contact me at jen [at] mommybraindesigns.ca as soon as you find out you won and I'll put you into contact with the FABULOUS Thomas at Surface Inspired.

Thanks again to everyone for participating.

I'm by no means a giveaway blog - it ain't my thang as you know. But, I will continue to share products I love with y'all whether I can give them to you for free or not. That way, you'll always know that you can trust that it is truly something I support vs. something I've been paid to promote...

Have a great night. Congrats again and thanks again.

Apr 17, 2012

working woman

Am off making the dough tonight... :p ha! Thankfully, I don't have to work many evenings but, sometimes, it's a little treat to have a night out.

Regardless, since I don't have time to write, because obviously, I'm not at home... I thought I'd share a post from another, much better, much more famous, much more fantastic, mommy blogger who cracks me up... Glennon at "Momastery".

This was the first post I ever read of hers and DIED. Not only because I have been there (less two kids) but also because I think I would have kissed this good Samaritan all over the place inappropriately.

Officer Superhero

Apr 16, 2012

pityriasis rosea

If you're not medically inclined at all, you're probably thinking that I let Jane have at it with the keyboard...

Nope. Not the case. I've got a diagnosis on my ridiculous bikini line rash that has now spread up the sides of my belly... pityriasis rosea. Originally it had only given me itchy-crotch syndrome (not really my crotch but when you're itching your bikini line and inner thighs, it pretty much looks like your enjoying yourself inappropriately). The last few days though, it's spread up my sides and become quite itchy (see crappy picture I took with my cell phone right now to the left - obviously of my belly as I'm pretty sure I share enough of myself on the WWW, probably don't need pictures of my voo out there too). Out of concern, I dropped into the walk-in clinic today and saw a female physician who pretty much knew right away what it was. And, when I google images of it, looks like she's "spot" on... no pun intended.

Here's the good news. The doc told me there was basically no treatment and that it was "nothing to worry about".

Here's the bad news. I googled it and I'm not sure I have nothing to worry about. Apparently, it more commonly shows up during pregnancy, although the cause is unknown. A really small study was done (Oh, I love studies) and, if you get the rash in the first trimester, you're apparently at high risk for MC. Thankfully, I didn't get it then. I don't remember exactly when I did, however, but I think it was around week 18-20. Which, apparently, means (because it showed up between 15-20 weeks) that I could be at risk for decreased movement and premature delivery. Of course, like I said, this is all based on a study of like less than 40 woman. But, is it enough to have me a little freaked... a little. With all that said, I said to Dan the other night on our date night that I was a little worried because I hadn't been feeling as much movement as I had previously. Now, I fully admitted that I wasn't sure if it was because there was decreased movement OR if it was because I was paying less attention to it. Well, relief for now, because since I fessed up my fear out loud, I've been paying plenty attention and this baby moves like jagger.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to the hopeful peace of mind my ob/gyn can bring in two weeks... hopeful. :)

The stresses of pregnancy. I mean, normal day-to-day, you get a rash... if you've got kids, you likely ignore it because you don't have the time to take care of yourself, and you assume it will go away. Rash during pregnancy... you google the F outta it, find a bunch of scary crap and go see the doc as many times as reasonably possible before they send you to the mental hotel.

SO, why am I telling you this and why do you care?

(1) I'm telling you because maybe someone else out there has what I have and knows a better treatment for it then what the doctor suggested... which was nothing. Also, who else am I gonna share my yucky, weird and wacky, pregnancy-related skin issues with? Talking to my husband about pregnancy symptoms is as emotionally effective as talking to a tree stump - MEN JUST DON'T GET IT. PERIOD. They can fake it. But they don't get it. Dan doesn't get why I'm so tired all the time... um. I'M BUILDING AN ENTIRE PERSON INSIDE MY EFFIN BODY!!! YOU TRY IT!! We saw Jerry Seinfeld perform on date night this past weekend - his insights on parenthood and fatherhood were priceless. He basically said that women, despite having all parenthood duties fall on their laps, at least are blessed with instincts. Apparently, men don't have instincts. Poor guys. Yeah. Well. BOO HOO. If you don't have instincts then you should listen to me when I speak and do as I say! :p Yes, this is what I would call a random, hormone-induced, pregnancy rant. It's over now. You're welcome for that glimpse into your future if you've never been pregnant or PMS-ing before.
(2) You probably don't care. HA. But it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

Anyways, I'm going to go now after likely wasting the last 4 minutes of your time... mostly because it's a pain in the you-know-what to use the computer right now because I can't put the laptop on my lap because the added heat makes my pity rash itch like crazy. Not really the best condition for one who blogs and spends her other spare time designing invitations on the computer... WIN.

Apr 13, 2012

nursery and jane's bedroom decorating complete!

In case you aren't sick of me and my projects yet... I have more!

Here's the thing - we're getting such a great response to our BEST GIVEAWAY EVER - seriously? Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about which means you are basically a crazy person. OK, so because we're getting such a great response from everybody to the Surface Inspired Wall Decal Giveaway, I'm thinking that I'm obviously not the only one out there who's (1) decorating a nursery or (2) looking for ways to pretty up a room for CHEAP-O.

So, this week, I had two "empty corner" projects I wanted to finish up... Dear Lord, there's nothing worse than an empty corner!! :p

(1) The empty wall corner in the nursery behind the rocking chair
(2) Jane's empty corner behind her swinging chair

Priority went to Jane's room, well, because... um. She's here. So for some reason because Jane is actually out in the world vs. the baby in my belly who has another 15 (likely 17 should I be so lucky...) weeks until he/she joins us, she should therefore get first dibs on filling her empty corner. I know this is something she cries about every night. It may, in fact, be the reason for her few nights of crappy sleep this week. If she's anything like her Mommy that empty corner was too much to bear. :p BTW, nevermind. I'm not saying a thing. What I will say is that I'm not tired right now... hint, hint. I'm not even trusting "knock on wood" with what I was about to say so you get my drift, right? (If, again, you have no idea what I'm talking about, refer to: I'm a Sucker post from Monday).

So, Jane loves horses. I love horses. I will say that I have ridden horses for the last 20 years. I phrase it that way because it is my love. I miss it everyday more than anyone could ever imagine. Fact is, riding is tres expensive and, along with skydiving and roller coasters, apparently doesn't mesh with pregnancy. And it's been four years since I've truly been immersed in horses. My fantastical husband, surprised me this year on our anniversary with an hour long private ride at a local stable that was probably the best gift he's ever given me. Enter: My amazing, beautiful daughter. Who, currently (who knows if it will last) is head over heels for horses and it makes my heart happy. I know that's corny but you know what I mean - when you see a personality trait or mannerism or feature or anything of yourself in your children, it makes you glow. So, Jane and I are at the local horse farm at least 2-3 times a week... just visiting. :) She's fallen in love with a white draft horse, Amos, who she says is "my horsey" and "I'm going to ride him all day in the summer when the leaves come on the trees". When she sees him she gets the shakes - pure excitement - and talks about him randomly, in conversation, all the time... like three year old's do. You know, like she wakes up in the morning four days after seeing Amos and the first thing she says to me is "Amos smiled at me mommy, he's so CRAZY".

So, that was a long story to basically say that - I wanted to fill her corner with Amos. And this is something everyone can do. Find something your babe loves - your dog, your cat, you (ha), playgrounds, dolls, anything. Take pictures of a bunch of them and put them on a wall. Voila. It's cheap - if you visit Michaels in the right week when frames are 40% off (which is pretty near always) - and it's thoughtful and, if your child is anything like mine, seeing her face LIGHT UP when she walked into her room was worth the 15 minutes of photo-taking in the freezing cold and hour it took for me to buy the frames and put the photos in there.

Here's my finished product:

Total cost: $75 - for frames and photo processing. Response: Priceless. She talked about Amos the whole way home and how she wanted to go see Amos in her room before dinner - she didn't even take her jacket off. Straight from the garage to Amos. Worth. Every. Dollar. And. Minute. Plus, here's the bonus. If, next year (please Lord no), she loves bicycles (?) then it's a $15 switch of photos and I'm back in the BEST-MOMMY-IN-THE-WORLD book for another 15 seconds. :p

Ok, so onto project numero deuce... Filling the blank corner (shown left and eating away at my soul) in the nursery.

I had an idea with Jane's nursery about using pages from one of my favourite children's books as artwork. Unfortunately, it didn't work out in Jane's first room as the book I wanted to use, Robert Munch's "I Love You Forever" didn't have the right colour scheme and y'all know I'm a Monica when it comes to coordination.

However, with my beautiful, neutral, blue nursery, I had lots of potential! I dropped by the local Chapters store to check out some of the books they had in stock that would make for good artwork - some of the pictures in children's books are fantastic! Anyways, I had no idea what book I was going to use but, obviously, I'd like something with sentimental value. Unfortunately, "I Love You Forever" lost again because the writing and the photos were on separate pages and I really wanted to have some nice quotes along with a nice picture, cause I'm anal crazy like that. Enter: "Guess How Much I Love You". I bought the hardcover book as the pages were sized about 9" by 11" and I wanted to do larger frames. What I did NOT do was buy the book at the store... Never buy a book at the store, unless you enjoy paying significantly more (Chapters online price $14.44, store price $19.99). That's five bucks baby - that's like two king sized chocolate bars! :p

I picked up three large, matted, frames from Michaels - again, 40% off, so they were only $10.19 each - SCORE - significantly cheaper than Walmart FYI which is surprising. And Voila. A wall filled beautifully, creatively and meaningfully for under $50. I finished the other wall off with a frame I already had, in dark wood to complement the dark wood of the rocker, that will house the new baby's newborn photos once he/she arrives and we get said photos taken. :p

Here's THAT finished product:

Oh. I also picked up a side table from Homesense for $40. AND, apparently bird houses are really popular right now (no idea what you're truly supposed to do with them) but I thought the sweet yellow one pictured above would make a great book holder while filling the DREADED open space under my side table and it was only $12.99!

So, there. My grand tally on the nursery was $450 - including paint, window treatments, a rocking chair, bedding, storage, a side table and fantastic artwork/decals on all four walls. Which may seem like a lot, but when you consider that a bedding set alone from Sears can cost $200 or more, it's pretty fan-freakin'-tastic. Obviously, I already owned the most expensive pieces - the crib and the changetable. But, you can easily find a nice crib and changetable on kijiji for a great price if you're a first-timer. And don't let colour ever hold you back. Spray paint is the best thing ever created. Addictive good.

All done. I have no more decorating to do. Whatever shall I do with my time and money! :p

Apr 12, 2012

whats-in-the-news wednesday on THURSDAY

At this point, I don't know why I even bother specifying that I'm aware that I'm doing whats-in-the-news WEDNESDAY on a THURSDAY because I'm pretty sure no one would be surprised that I didn't truly know what day of the week it was. Basically, I go to work everyday until the girls at daycare tell me to "have a nice weekend" when I pick up Jane. :p

Here she goes...

Who co-sleeps? Who eats placenta? Test your knowledge of celebrity parents - Um. Yeah. A little bit of a jump, non? Who co-sleeps, who eats PLACENTA? No judgement but WTF? Are you kidding me. I don't want to know. Refusing to open this article and TEST my knowledge of celebrity parents. First of all, what parent has the time to test their knowledge of celebrity parents? Probably the same parents who have time to blog about parenting... insanity. :p

Teen burnout can be hard to spot - Because it doesn't exist? How the heck are TEENS burnt out? They don't live in the real world. This is all the fault of whatever the generation before ours is called that babied and protected (i.e. this there are no winners crap) their children so much that they have no idea how to deal with "bad" things when they happen. OR, the same generation that are into this competitive kids crap where they have their kids enrolled in so many sports and activities that the kids don't have any kid-time. When I was a teenager my activities consisted of: waking up, going to school, making out with my boyfriend, going home, doing homework, sleeping. The worst consequence was raw lips or that painful indent you got on your middle finger because you had to WRITE out your homework.

Infant wigs - I don't know if this article is a joke, but as always, I do not actually read the articles I'm talking about because (1) I don't have the time and (2) I just don't care. :p Infant wigs... ha ha ha. That is awesome. I'm getting Jane  an 80's perm wig for sure. Um. No. It already a battle enough getting Jane to pick out her CLOTHES in the morning, I'm not throwing picking out her hair into the mix. If this product exists, the only point I can see is for baby girls who don't get long flowy locks right away and, thus, are confused for boys. Here's a suggestion that isn't ridiculous - DRESS THEM IN PINK. I'm a genius, I know, no need to point it out.

Babies born before 39 weeks have lower IQs, study finds - how do they determine the IQ of a 39 week old? :p

Is it safe for breast-feeding mothers to drink alcohol? - Here's a study I want to see the results of - Post partum depression rates in new breastfeeding mothers who allowed themselves a glass of wine when necessary. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks. Here's a tip for the first-time-moms-to-be: Wine is often necessary for survival of sanity and marriage. This is also why God created breast pumps.

Daddy's baby blues: guilt, fatigue, angst - If Dan ever complained about have "baby blues", I'd give him baby black-and-blues. Cry me a river dude... I'll play the violins for ya.

Surrogate Mother Of 11: 'I'm Retiring My Uterus - You've birthed 11 children. Screw your uterus, send what's left of your vagina on a 30 year spa retreat.

Later gators.

Apr 11, 2012

the ugly side of pregnancy

Warning. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm hot. And, as always, eating chocolate. So, nothing unusual.

Those not pregnant or of the species with a penis should run for their lives now.

I no longer wear a bra when I'm inside the house... what's the point. I used to think wearing a bra would prevent my boobs from sagging. I actually think I wore a bra to bed when I was pregnant the first time in hopes of preventing the inevitable. This is, unfortunately, a wive's tale your parents tell you when you're 14 and they think a bra is like a chastity belt. Boobs sag. Period. Whether you breast feed or not, they will end up tickling your belly button at some point in your life. Currently, I am wearing a sweatshirt and because I'm pregnant and have ridiculous hormones that make me hot as hades, I have the sweatshirt tucked into the underside of my saggy-ass boobs because it's getting hot under there and it's making me itchy.

I haven't shaved my legs in... I have no idea how long. Literally. When you're disgusted by your own leg hair, it's bad... most women think "it's not that bad" so when you look down and go "holy crap, that's nasty" it's BAD. I actually got a bath last night JUST to shave my legs and forgot to grab my razor, which was not within arms reach, so I gave up because standing up from the lying down position when pregnant is like running a 5K and is not worth it to shave your legs. PS - currently wearing short-shorts regardless of said leg hair. I only manage to shave my armpits because it's springtime and short-sleeved shirts don't hide armpit hair like you might think... just a warning. Don't reach for what's on the top shelf... or stretch. It ain't pretty for anyone nearby. Oh, and we might as well discuss the voo again. I had to show my voo to my mom the other day (she was a nurse so it's not weird) but on a brighter note, my hip/bikini line rash is still going strong, so I wanted my mom's assessment. I was actually embarrassed to show my mother my voo due to it's current condition. She told me I should start going to the spa for waxing since I can't take care of it myself. It's like on my last birthday when I asked her what wrinkle creams were THE BEST and, instead of telling me I didn't need them, she told me what I should buy. When your Mom isn't holding back the truth, it's (all together now) BAD.

One word. Saddlebags. Personally, I call them my "second a**". Not every pregnant women will get these - only the ones who eat when they're hungry or tired... so like 99.99999% of the time. The other 0.00001% of the time I'm peeing or sleeping.

Your welcome.

Apr 10, 2012

i'm a sucker

Ambitiously, I woke up yesterday thinking - I'm going to start eating healthier this week. Post-easter guilt. FAIL. Too much chocolate in the house, combined with exhaustion = PREGNANT WOMAN HELL.

Here's why I'm exhausted and why I'm a sucker... any advice, as always, is appreciated. Keeping in mind that I'm exhausted and a SUCKER!

Jane's been waking up again throughout the night. I remember during my first pregnancy sleeping horribly and thinking "well, this is my body's way of preparing me for a new baby". Well, maybe, this is Jane's way of preparing me for a new baby??? ARGH! OR, for making me age 10 years in four nights.

I have NO IDEA how it started, usually I can trace it back to something I did (seriously, it's pretty near always my fault because, being the mom, I'm pretty sure I have the most influence) but I have no idea how this started... she's waking up several times throughout the night to get me to "tuck her in". She must toss and turn throughout the night and then, of course, the blanket gets kicked off, she gets uncovered and needs to be tucked in. I'm 99% sure she's not getting cold, being that she sleeps in fleece jammies and her room temp is set at 20+ degrees (Celsius for my US gals).

So, here's the first thing I did - get her new jammies. Because along with the tuck-in issues, she's been complaining that her old jammies are "bothering me". So, new jammies. Check one. Except, I didn't put them on her last night because they are cotton and I was thinking that the fleece ones might keep her asleep because, if she did lose the blanket, she'd still be warm. FAIL. She was up like 100 times last night. Between 1:11am and 2:47am, she was up pretty much every 10 minutes I swear... and not doing what she usually does when she wakes up - talking, singing, laughing - she was SCREECHING. At first, I was nice, calm, soothing mommy. But, by 2:21am, I was GRUMPY, DON'T F WITH ME MOMMY. And I left her to cry. Calling out to me. Begging me to tuck her in. Heartbreaking. I left her for like 15 minutes. If it had calmed down, I would have been satisfied with my efforts. But it escalated. Jane rarely escalates. I HATE that she was calling out for me. SERIOUS GUILT. Anyways, I failed miserably at that tactic and ended up, 15 mins in, going in - very, seriously grumpily - to tell her no more crying and that this was the last time mommy was coming in and I wasn't tucking her in anymore because she was a big girl and big girls didn't cry unless they were sick or scared!!!! ARGH!! GRRRR!!! I was grumpy... So, it might have been a very stern conversation. To which she responds in her quietest, sweetest, voice....

"I just need some help sometimes... My hands are too little."

If my heart could have been stabbed repeatedly with a blunt object it would have hurt less than the guilt I felt at that moment. Am I a sucker? I have no idea. But she got me. BIG TIME. My hands are too little. I just need help "sometimes". She says "sometimes" at the end of a lot of her sentences... and it just made it that much sweeter. ARGH. I felt like the WORST MOTHER EVER. My hands are too little. OUCH. Sorry. I wish I could have taped it for you - you would be dying like me right now.

So, we changed her into her new jammies and, guess what, no more wake ups. EFFER. I suck and I'm a sucker.

Seriously, if this kid is taking me for a sucker, then she's the smartest two year old on the planet because she knew exactly what to say to turn grumpy, pretty-well-yelling, 2am mommy into a lamb.

I'm going to start her off tonight in the new jammies and combine that with prayer for a good night's sleep. I can't handle the guilt or the exhaustion.

Someone remind me again how I'm supposed to do this with TWO in four months?? At least the newbie can't tell me that she "just wants to be snuggled and held because I'm just a baby and I need my mommy" when I'm trying to put her in her crib for a nap... that would suck. Maybe that's why it takes babies a year or so to talk - gives the Moms a break period where we don't have to suffer through the guilt of what they are really thinking!

Have you entered the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER YET - if not, ur nuts. Don't have a need for the cutest wall decals ever?? Turn it into the best baby shower gift in history and enter anyways!

Apr 5, 2012

gimme a break?

Oh crap. Now I want a Kit Kat Bar... argh!

Sorry everybody, I was all set and ready to write a post today and then we had friends in for dinner - which was fantastic to have adult company during dinner - and now my Mom just arrived in town for Easter weekend!

So, check out the giveaway from yesterday if you haven't - it's the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER if you ask me, and I'm not biased at all!

It's Easter weekend and I have four days off - thanks to daycare being closed on Friday and Monday, woot woot! What am I going to do with Jane for four days straight?!?!? :p

Apr 4, 2012

NOW CLOSED: BEST GIVEAWAY: Surface Inspired - Adorable Decals for Adorable Kids


I don't do a lot of giveaways - I tried it before, it wasn't for me. I prefer to blabber and not have to worry about what marketing is going to think about my post. I'm in marketing, I know what they thing - it's never good enough! :p ha ha ha.

BUT, I LOVE to share great products. I LOVE to support great companies, with GREAT customer service. And, in the world where options are a plenty, I LOVE to make your decision easier for you.

Enter: SURFACE INSPIRED WALL DECALS - here's a link to their online store.

I have been a fan on this company's products for a year now - ever since we first decided to redecorate our last house (right before we put it up for sale - FAIL).

I found a photo of one of their cherry blossom trees on their shop and based my entire re-do of Jane's bedroom around it. Here's the finished product:

Of course, then we up and moved a month later which only broke my heart because I had to leave this room behind. Love how elegant and sophisticated it was but still childish.

And, can I say the most important part... EASY. The decals come ready-to-go - you simply tape it where you want it on the wall, peel off the backing, and start scraping. This decal literally took me, say two-three hours in total to do - can you imagine how long it would take to paint! Surface Inspired provides great, simple to understand (mommy brain proof, trust me) instructions on how to apply, including a video on their site.

I have to point this out because I made the mistake of ordering from a different wall decal shop when we moved into the new house... big mistake. When you're a Mom, and you have barely any free time to yourself, when you spend two hours trying to figure out how the heck to get the wall decal from the paper, to the sticky paper, and then from the sticky paper to the wall - without destroying the wall decal, your wall or your sanity, you're not a happy customer. I immediately threw that decal in the garbage out of frustration, demanded a refund and emailed Thomas at Surface Inspired. I love him. Great customer services wins me every time, no fail.

I placed two orders... One for the nursery, which you saw on Monday and one for Jane's room, which you saw yesterday - I fell in love with the Birch Tree decal at first sight. The best thing is that you can completely customize the orientation so that it fits the layout of your room AND the colors so that it coordinates with your room's other decor. WOOT WOOT! Extra benefit - Surface Inspired are experts - I remember with Jane's first decal, I asked them their opinion on a few things and let them decide in the end - they were spot on!

In case you missed the last two day's posts, here are the two decals I went with for the new house:

The Birch Tree Decal in the nursery (using the colors brown, yellow, lime tree green & light brown) :

And the Contemporary Cherry Blossom Branch in Jane's room (colors - dark grey, white and lilac):

Time wise, obviously, the birch tree took the longest - with that said, as big as it is and as many leaves as there are, it probably only took me 4-5 hours in total (done over a few days) to complete it. Maybe. Each decal comes with a guide, down the to leaf, that shows you where you can place every element for optimal appearance. I follow this guide to the leaf. :p BUT, the decals are easily removed as well. They peel right off. When I moved out of the old house, I asked Thomas to provide me with instructions for removal for the new home owners, just in case. I assumed, because it's so sturdy and durable and basically part of the wall, that it would require some intense elbow grease to remove. Turns out, you just peel it off! HA! If it's a cooler time of year, you can run a hair dryer over it for a second or two and then peel it off. See, told ya, easy peasy!

Ok, if I haven't sold you enough. Here's the deal.... You want one? I told you it was BIG AND FABULOUS!

Surface Inspired is offering one MOmMy bRaIn reader ANY WALL DECAL OF HER CHOICE! That's right. ANY WALL DECAL! That's up to $100 in value baby!

Here's what you have to do to enter:

(1) Check out the Surface Inspired website and comment on this post letting me know which decal you would LOVE to win if you are the lucky gal (or guy, for that matter).
(2) Like MOmMy bRaIn on Facebook by clicking here and hitting the "like" button on my page.
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That's it. Pretty easy for the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!

Want more entries??? Here's how to qualify for a few extra entries - for each item you check off your list below, enter a separate comment on the post:

  • Follow MOmMy bRaIn on Twitter
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  • Tweet daily about the giveaway using the TWEET below (copy and paste)- one comment per tweet per day please:
    • Fantastic Giveaway! Enter to win an adorable wall decal for your kid's room from @surfaceinspired and @MommyBrain2! www.mommybrain.ca

I will draw for the winner in two weeks - on April 18th so get the word out and share, share, share!

Apr 3, 2012

jane's room

Does the fact that I'm posting two days in a row all about my children's rooms make me a total narcissist? Like, you're sitting at home dying to know "how has Jen decorated her kid's rooms". I guess, the fact that I write daily about nonsense in my life and actually think people will tune in to read it makes me seem narcissistic... but those who have been with me a while, or who "know" me, know that that's not why I do it. I blog because otherwise I'd probably be divorced because Dan doesn't want to listen to me as much as I want to talk. :p ha ha ha.

In case you don't follow me on Facebook, which is insanity because everyone should (ha ha ha), the other day, we're on our way home from work so, of course, I'm blabbering non-stop about my day and this and that. Jane pipes up from the back seat: "Mommy, be quiet. No more talking all the time!". Priceless. Says it all right there.

Anyways, since I've never shared the little trouble-maker's new room with you, I thought it was about time. A little because I shared the nursery yesterday and am thinking, in the interest of fair treatment to my children, Jane should get equal voice. :p More because it has to do with our BEST GIVEAWAY EVER - coming tomorrow!

Here's my "baby's" room...

Like the nursery, yesterday, this whole room was started with a fabric - the polkadot fabric on the headboard. Found it. Loved it. Had to use it. I love polkadots on everything - clothes, decor, you can't go wrong. Unless you put it on your a**. Polkadots on your a** (via pants obviously) ain't good. So, like anyone who is moving into a new house, I was on an HGTV craze when I picked out this fabric. And, specifically, Sarah Richardson loves upholstered headboards and so. do. i. But, they are expensive. And I. have. no. money. :) So. I did it myself. I found a wooden headboard at the local thrift shop for $15.99. I bought the fabric for $40 ($20/yard), some 2" thick foam for $19.99 and some batting from walmart for $9.99. I glued the foam and batting onto the wooden headboard with spray glue (found at Home Depot for like $5) and used a staple gun to staple the fabric on the back of the headboard. VOILA! It's soft (which is great for head-bump prevention) and it's fantastically cute! And, unlike similar $300-$400 versions, this cost me under $100. WOOT WOOT!

Obviously, I went with another wall decal to draw attention to the "signature wall" in Jane's room as well. I had bought a similar tree version of this decal for Jane's last room (which we re-decorated last April just before deciding to put the house up for sale a month later... grrr). Love how simple and pretty it is and that it fits perfectly across the top of her headboard. PLUS, it's a very inexpensive way to fill a wall! AND, it's not permanent which is fantastic for someone like me who could easily find a new fabric to love next month and decide to re-do the entire house. :p

So, once the headboard was done, it was just a matter of finding a simple, pattern-free duvet set in one of the colors from the polkadot fabric- which I did, at Homesense (the best place in the world) for $79.99. I went with a pale lilac and choose a similar color for the walls of the room. 

The little footstool at the foot of her bed is a necessity. Right now, we don't have the bed on a frame to keep it as low as possible. But, it's still a bit high for Jane to easily get up. I picked up the footstool for $3.99 at a thrift store and bought the fabric, a Joel Dewberry design (he's amazing, if you search Etsy for his fabrics you'll find instant inspiration) for $5 for a 1/2 yard. I sprayed the bottom, wooden part, with Heirloom White spray paint as it was originally dark wood color and didn't match Jane's white furniture. 

On the other side of the room, I've hung a mirror low so that she can check out how fabulous she looks before she goes to school - very important for a young lady. :p Above, I've hung three of the Etsy-knock-offs that I did earlier for "You are my sunshine". I am thinking, now that I've taken to designing my own items, that I will update these with MOmMy bRaIn DEsiGN originals when I get a bit more time. 

I found this hanging chair from IKEA while perusing PINTEREST one night and had to have it. We've obviously got it hung as low as possible right now so that it still "swings" but Jane can get in and out on her own easily - she currently calls it her "see-saw" and loves to read in it. Hung next to it was a crazy mommy project from years ago - click here to see

I kept a frame with newborn photos of Jane in her room because - fact is, once they grow up, the newborn photos start to disappear in favour of new ones. Since I've been preggers and talking about "babies" more often, Jane likes to look at those pictures and talks about how she was a baby and had "bobbies and nunnies sometimes". Too cute. 

Other than that, her room is one big window which I love. But, thank God for blackout curtains. :) Here's the monogram I was chatting about yesterday that I put on her bedroom door. Love it. Whoever comes out this July will have a coordinating one in the matching colors for his/her room on the door. I should get one for the master bedroom that says "where the magic happens" ha ha ha. Or, better, "Jen's room" - that's more accurate. :p You can order a similar one from A Lasting Expression on Etsy - great seller, easy to apply, easy to customize! 

Okee dokes.

That's all folks. Not sure if you have any idea what tomorrow's giveaway will be but, you have to check back! It's seriously fantastic - or, at least, I think so because I am such a big fan.

Apr 2, 2012

the nursery

I finally finished the nursery. PHEW and THANK GOD. Not because I was in a rush - I have plenty of time, I realize - but I hate having "things to do", I'm a do it now type of girl for most things (except diets and exercise, that I will put off "until Monday" for the rest of my life).

So why did I need to finish the nursery so soon? ONE REASON... BIG, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS GIVEAWAY that I'm so excited for it's ridiculous because I am such a BIG FAN of these products, to the point that I've never received anything free or any of that nonsense but I just wanted to share the product with you because I love it so much! That's big! Most bloggers that do giveaways do so because they love the free-crap. I love free crap too. But, what I like more??? Supporting fantastic companies and sharing awesome products with other Moms!

You know I love to do everything Ryan Seacrest style... so, you'll have to wait. Until Wednesday. You can guess what my big fantastic giveaway is but you'll have to check back in TWO DAYS to enter it. So there! :p tee hee hee. Mainly because I want to show you the nursery and Jane's room and tell you all that I saved money on by doing myself and, because I like to blabber, this would be the LONGEST post ever if I did that PLUS told you about this fabulous product.

So, here she is... The nursery. :)

This is my "signature wall"... every room needs a good wow-factor. Originally, we had the builders paint the room a pale grey colour that was neutral. So, when we got preggers and decided we wouldn't find out the sex, I thought this colour would still be a great neutral - thankfully, because I really don't love painting. The starting point for the entire room, however, was the curtain fabric (shown to the right). I bought it on Etsy over the summer because I was in love with it and wanted to use it in my guest room to cover pillows. Well, that didn't work out. So I had to find a place to use it because I loved it so much. Enter: Neutral nursery. Yes, I'm aware that the main accent colour of the nursery is blue - but blue is the new yellow if you ask pottery barn. Which I didn't as I didn't care because, like I said, the fabric NEEDED a home. When I decided to use the fabric as the curtains, then came decision number two - what to do with the signature wall. Since I wanted a bit more colour in the room, without having to paint it entirely, I went with a grey-blue accent wall and, then, because it's my favourite way to decorate a large blank space - I found a decal that was fantastic. Ummm. Hmmm.

So, here's where I saved money first - custom, one-of-a-kind curtains. Ready-made, decent quality, decorative curtains are typically $50/panel. Custom curtains in the fabric of your choice - like $100/panel. I've never made curtains before. Who cares, you can do anything, you're a Mom. And, you have google. So, I bought the fabric for $9 US on Etsy. THEN, because I rock, I bought a package of two blackout panels from Walmart for $19.99 because, not only did I want beautiful one-of-a-kind curtains, but I wanted them to block the light from the room too. Woot woot! So, for $39.98 + say $5 for thread for my sewing machine, I made two rectangular panels that I hung with drapery clips on a standard rod. Bellissima! I have to admit, when I set out to make the curtains, I envisioned - as with all my crazy mommy projects - disaster and wasted hours. This was SO MUCH easier than I ever imagined. As long as you measure right and cut straight, you're good to go baby! As my favourite HGTV gal Sarah Richardson says "fabric is a great jumping off point". Here, here sister. I also had enough fabric leftover to make a pillow cover for the rocking chair!

Oh, and on that topic... the rocking chair. Another save. It's a 1970's classic lay-z-boy rocker. THE most comfortable chair ever created. I found it at a used furniture shop for $12.99. I bought the pale torquoise fabric at the local fabric shop for $40 (2 yards) and took the chair apart and recovered it myself. THIS was a project all right - I had bloody fingers, knuckles, everything. But I love it. It's not perfect - you might see a rare staple here and there if you looked really closely. But I love it and it does look great. Double plus, it's comfortable. It's like the lululemon of rocking chairs... for $52.99. Win.

Save #3 - the artwork over the changetable. This was from a previous crazy mommy project seen here. The artwork itself cost me nothing but time. The frames, I got on sale from Homesense's clearance dept and Michaels - probably cost me $40 total.

A non-save that I'm happy with was the wooden gardening bins/crates I picked up from Homesense to use as baskets for the shelving on the changetable. They match the light torquoise accents of the room perfectly and I love the shabby chic finish on them. They weren't too $$, about $5-$7 a piece, which is probably cheaper than they charge for baskets at this point... but I like them way better.

My last two items to point out - completely due to pride - are the mirror, which I picked up for $5 at a garage sale last summer and was totally worth it. I love how it shows the reflection of the trees. Also, it's placed at a height so that when there's a bouncing infant in that crib, he/she can enjoy watching giggly reflections. :)

And, the dust ruffle. What is a dust ruffle, you may ask - likely not, since you're Moms - but I had to explain it to my hubby like a hundred times... the crib skirt. So, because of how busy the rest of the room was - the curtains, the pillow on the chair, the decal, I wanted to keep the crib bedding really simple - no big patterns, colors, etc. This is hard to come by in a dust ruffle. So, I made one. Yes, you can bow down to me anytime now (obviously joking). It was easy peasy again. I just measured the base of my crib and started cutting and sewing. I found a greyish brown polkadot patterned fabric at the local fabric shop that I loved (the local fabric shop can be a blessing and a curse - I find myself finding fabrics first and then having to come up with a place to use them). Anyways, the big savings was that, to order in a plain beige or white crib skirt, would have cost me $80 + taxes. I made this dust ruffle - in the fabric of my choice - for $25 + time. WIN.

So, there she is. What are your thoughts? I think it's pretty neutral, despite being a lot of blue - I think it's more serene than boy-ish. Plus, I really like that, if it is two girls for us, we don't have two pinky-purple rooms. There's a difference. I still have to put up some photo frames on the wall behind the chair of newborn shots once the little 'un arrives and I also have to pick up one of these monograms for his/her door as I have one already for Jane that coordinates with the colors of her room from A Lasting Expression shop on Etsy. Love them. So classic.

Check back tomorrow to see Jane's room and, oh, um, maybe on Wednesday for the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! :p