May 31, 2009

Preparing for Baby #6 - Birth Plan

Birth Plans

Initially, I completely rejected the idea of birth plans. Watching TLC's Baby Story, I had observed many moms-to-be freaking out because their labour didn't go as "planned"! My "birth plan" was get the baby out safe and sound, by any means necessary! However, my hubby wanted me to do one. He was worried something might happen to me during labour and he wouldn't know my delivery "wishes". I was resistant but looked into it to make him happy.

Now's where I admit I was close-minded and that "I was wrong"... he loves to hear me say that.

I had thought that a birth plan laid out your "perfect" delivery and I didn't want to have that expectation. However, it ended up being a great "what if" document, forcing me to make decisions now that would be difficult during the stress and exhaustion of delivery. It also allowed Dan and I to discuss how we'd like to handle different scenarios., is a great site that allows you to make selections within categories such as labour, monitoring, and induction, specifying your preference for your delivery. It then emails you a formatted plan that you can bring with you to the hospital.

I recommend at least reviewing the online birth plan so you're aware of decisions you may have to make during delivery. Thinking it through will ensure you're prepared for anything. Remember that you can change your mind at any time!

Jen :)

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May 30, 2009

40 Week Update - Due Date :)

Hi Everyone,

Today is my due date which apparently means nothing. I think that the pregnant women should clarify two things for those who are not pregnant or are trying to conceive:

(1) Pregnancy is NOT 9 months! It's at least 9 1/2 to 10 months. 9 months is a lie some man made up so women would continue to procreate!
(2) Ignore your due date! My advice? Take it, add the 10 days you can expect to be overdue and accept this as your due date. If baby arrives before this, you'll be ecstatic vs. grouchy for being overdue! :)

I'm in a better mood today than I was last Saturday. My doc gave me peace of mind this week - if I'm not in labour by Thursday, I'll be induced next weekend. I can wait a week! Obviously I would be happier to go naturally but give me another week and I'll be over that dream! So exciting knowing that Jane will be with us next weekend, if not before!

I may be losing my mucous plug... everyone says "you'll know", however, my doc said on Thursday that it sounds like mine's coming out in pieces. I'm quite sure I had another "piece" this morning so we'll see if anything starts in the next few days (sorry, I tried to get that out with minimal detail)! :p I'm starting to get uncomfortable. My back is aching, there's a lot of pressure in my belly, and my body is constantly tired. I'm waking up 8-10 times a night to pee, which is getting annoying. I don't have any swelling, stretch marks, or varicose veins so I've been lucky so far. Baby is still kicking like a maniac. I keep telling her that if she wants out she has to come out the old fashion way!

Check for updates this week. If I go into labour, I may have enough time at home beforehand to let everyone know what's going on and how I'm feeling.

Jen :)

I understand there's been some issues with commenting, I've tried to fix it... you can leave comments by clicking on the link at the top right of the post :)

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May 29, 2009

Preparing for Baby #5 - Labour Bag

Packing your Labour Bags

I packed my bags for the hospital between 34-35 weeks.

Here's what I included:

1) Labour Bag:
  • Slippers and a housecoat for walking around the hospital
  • Socks to keep your feet warm
  • An old nightie to wear during delivery (or wear a hospital gown)
  • Toiletries - lip balm, headbands, hair elastics, etc.
  • Digital camera (don't forget to charge your battery)
  • Your birth plan (discussed in my next Baby Prep post)
  • Snacks and drinks for your hubby/labour partner.
  • Hard candy for a dry mouth - I bought Jolly Ranchers, YUM! :)
  • Your health card and insurance information
  • Sweater for hubby - room gets cool as Momma gets hot!
2) Post-Delivery Bag:
  • 2 nursing bras (bras can be properly sized after 36 weeks)
  • 12 breast pads for when your milk comes in
  • 24 Sanitary/maternity pads - supplied by some hospitals (IWK)
  • 2-3 nighties - easy for beastfeeding and allows easy access for nurses to check your vajajay! ;)
  • Lots of old undies (your "period panties") - as many as you have!
  • Toiletries - everything you need for a 2-3 night stay
  • PJs and change of clothes for Dad (if he'll be staying with you)
  • Calling card and phone numbers of family/friends
  • Money - for snacks, parking ($35 parking @ IWK), etc.
  • 2 pillows in coloured pillow cases- extra for you and hubby
  • Pens for completing post-delivery paper work
  • Going home outfit - something loose and comfy. You aren't leaving the hospital as Giselle Bundchen!
3) Baby's Bag:
  • 12 newborn diapers OR 3 dozen if hospital doesn't supply diapers.
  • Diaper cream - vaseline, zincofax, etc.
  • 3 onesies and 3 sleepers
  • 2 receiving blankets (warm blankets if winter)
  • Take home outfit
  • 2 pairs socks or booties and a hat (season dependent)
Pack 2-3 separate bags. When you arrive at the hospital, you'll only need your labour bag. Leave your post-delivery and baby bags in the car until you are moved to the recovery room. Also, give your health card, etc. to your hubby and leave your purse at home. You don't need to worry about losing your purse!

We leave our packed bags in the car so when "it's time" we only have to worry about getting ourselves to the hospital!

Click here to download my packing list in Word.

If any Moms think something should be added or have any advice - let us know!

Jen :)

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May 28, 2009

Docs Appt Update

Back from my docs appointment and all is well. Baby's heart rate was good again which is a relief. I'm constantly worried about her since our little scare two weeks ago.

Had another physical and I'm still only 1cm dilated. All these braxton-hicks for nothing! :p She did a membrane sweep again too so hopefully it will get things going in the next few days. I'm not getting my hopes up this week though as last week it did nothing but make me grouchy! FYI... for the other moms-to-be, neither sweep caused me any discomfort. Doc also said that they will let me go another week and then schedule an induction... so, worst case, I will have baby Jane next weekend! YIPEE! Can't wait to see her and, hopefully, see that she is a healthy baby girl.

Now, I wait... sleep has been more difficult the last few nights with a lot of pressure in my "lowers" and the whole peeing 45 times a night issue so I'm going to try and nap, relax, etc. for the next few days in preparation for the upcoming "marathon".

Will keep you posted on ANY changes. I'm interested in hearing all the labour stories I can as I have no idea what to expect! If you're willing to share, leave your story in the "comments" section.

Jen :)

PS - This cartoon made my day... it's so true it's not funny!

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May 27, 2009

Top 10 To Make You Laugh :)


Today is my pick for baby's birthday and, so far, I'm losing. Instead of being grouchy and writing a whiny post, I thought I'd provide you with a little entertainment... I've been keeping track of things my hubby has said that have gotten him in serious trouble during my pregnancy. God love him, he's truly a sweetheart and would never intentionally hurt my feelings but sometimes he's clueless... he is male after all! Check it out...

Ten Things Your Hubby May Say That Are Justifiable Cause For Murder:
  1. "Maybe it's because you're eating so much" - when I'm freaking out about my newly acquired "muffin top" during my first trimester.
  2. "I'm glad you're getting bigger! Otherwise, I wouldn't even know you're pregnant" - during first trimester, when I had 3-5lbs on!
  3. "God, you're hormonal" OR "I guess this is you NOT being hormonal again" - during an argument, while he's laughing.
  4. "I can't feel anything" - when you're so excited because you're finally feeling baby move. Men need to learn when to lie to us and say "Oh my god honey, that's amazing".
  5. "You're huge! But only in the belly!" - He actually thought this was a compliment.
  6. "You're as big as a house" - I had to laugh when he said this because it's true!
  7. "Babe... that doesn't fit anymore" - as if I don't realize that my jacket can no longer zip up!
  8. "I'm allowed to, I'm a man!" - TMI alert... said while discussing why it's OK for him to fart (with pride) but unappealing when it happens to me because I have 30lbs of baby stuff pushing on my intestine!
  9. "You're belly isn't popping anymore, you're just growing horizontally" - ha ha ha, priceless. Apparently, he meant my belly itself is getting wider, not me, but it didn't go over well!
  10. "I just don't get that excited about clothes" OR "Are they all pink?" - as I'm showing off all the sweet onesies and sleepers I just spent all day shopping for.
Hope that gave you a good chuckle... it still makes me laugh! Have my weekly docs appt tomorrow so I'm excited to see if there's any change in baby's willingness to join us sometime soon!

Jen :)

PS - MOmMy bRaIn is #9 on today! This has helped me reach a "bunch" of other Mommies so I really appreciate it! Keep voting!

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May 26, 2009

Preparing for Baby #4 - Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

Most hospitals offer prenatal classes for parents-to-be so you know what to expect during your labour/delivery and to prepare you for taking baby home.

I recommend registering early in your first trimester (click for IWK info). Our class had two parts: Labour/Delivery and Caring for Baby. Dan and I found the labour/delivery class useless as, at 34 weeks, we had already done our research and were up-to-scratch. However, if you prefer classroom learning, it would be beneficial. We found the Caring for Baby class really helpful. Breastfeeding was discussed in depth - the mommas-to-be (including myself) agreed this was a main concern. We also discussed feeding, bathing, diapering, sleep habits, etc.

Our hospital offers a Birth Pre-admission Clinic that I highly recommend (register @ 32 weeks). It covers everything you should know about a hospital delivery - where to park, where to go, what to bring, birth plans, and a tour of the birthing suites and recovery room. Dan really appreciated it as it gave us both peace of mind to know where to go and what to do once we arrive at the hospital... after that point, nobody has a clue how things will unfold! :)

In the next Baby Prep post, I'll list what I've packed in my labour bags. My list is pretty inclusive and should satisfy your needs. Stay tuned...

Jen :)

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May 25, 2009

Lady in Waiting...

Still preggers, as expected, no signs of anything different. Woke up this morning with a cramp and immediately thought "THIS IS IT"! Then, I rolled over and it went away. Ha ha ha :p Every day is so exciting knowing this little one could decide to join us at any time!

Took my pup for a walk as usual and hit the hills hard hoping to stimulate something, but no luck. God love my dog. I'm not sure when, but during my pregnancy she has transitioned from my "baby" to my dog. I used to do anything to make sure little Molly was comfy and content... now I realize I've created a monster! She follows me around all day, is completely disoriented when she can't lay on my lap, trips me up when I'm cooking, etc. Same thing with the cat (a.k.a. little bastard) - who I threaten to kill daily! He's part Siamese and literally barks at me all friggin' day! Not meows, barks! For NO REASON! Chasing him upstairs has become part of my daily workout routine. Truthfully, I love them to death and they are great company but I'm worried about the adjustment once baby arrives and they are knocked further down the totem pole...

Off to do laundry and clean the house for the bazillionth time (nesting). :p


PS - Mommy Brain is #12 on today, YIPEE!

PPS - This week's Baby Prep Posts will include Prenatal Classes and Packing your Labour and Hospital Bag! Check back often - I update daily!

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May 24, 2009

Preparing for Baby #3 - Baby Shower

The Baby Shower

Thank God, someone else hosts our baby shower! At 30+ weeks, you don't have the patience or energy to organize a party where you're the center of attention to a bazillion people you haven't seen since you were skinny!

Here are a few ideas, tips and tricks that can help make your shower special.


Martha Stewart for themes and pictures to give you ideas. Dollarstore is a great place to find your decor items (table clothes, napkins, balloons, etc.) including tissue paper to make these pom-poms! Save money on flowers by making your own simple arrangements (see below) vs. buying large pre-made bouquets. A photo slideshow adds a unique touch. Most computers allow you to burn a slideshow dvd to play on your tv with your dvd player. Include baby bump pictures of yourself, pregnant guests and pictures of your guest's children. The slideshow was a hit at my shower!

Too many games and you'll run out of time! We had two games and one "project". Price is Right - Baby Edition and Baby Word Scramble were simple and fun! As a project, we had each guest paint a letter and something that started with that letter on a large canvas. We ended up with a beautiful painting for Jane's nursery (see below). At my sister's shower, guests wrote a note to baby that was put into a time capsule for her to open when she is older. Another unique idea! Gift-cards for Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Shoppers Drug Mart or a few Scratch-and-win tickets make great prizes.

Food & Drink:
Showers are typically mid-afternoon, so fresh sammies, fruit/veggie trays, chips-n-dip, etc. should be enough. I also made a few sweets (mostly because I wanted to eat them myself)! My Mom's lemon cupcakes are to die for! I used a ducky-shaped cookie cutter to make Sugar Cookies and also made Chocolate-covered Strawberries w/ white chocolate drizzle - heavenly. Red food colouring tinted the icings/drizzle pink and looked awesome. The recipes are fairly easy. The sugar cookies can be tricky... use a lot of flour to roll out and cut the dough. For drinks, stick with the basics - pop, wine, coffee/tea...our "Fetus-Friendly" Punch disappeared quickly! :)

We filled plastic icing bags with pink jelly beans as favours. They were cute, inexpensive and tasty!
I also love the idea of paper bags filled with different types of candy from your childhood (oh, I miss the 80's) - garbage can candy, popeye cigarettes, big league chew, nerds, etc. Finish off with small "thank you" labels printed on coloured paper. I'm sure guests would love these!

Try your best to stay on time! I recommend opening gifts an hour before you plan on ending the shower. It's better to have guests stay around after to chat than to force everyone to stay late... they are very likely sick of hearing about how "huge" you are, your acid reflux and your other "sexy" pregnancy symptoms! ;)

Lastly, schedule some post-shower relax time... the only day I had swollen feet during pregnancy was the day after my shower. I was completely exhausted!

Jen :)

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May 23, 2009

39 Week Update

Hi Everyone,

Here is my update for 39 weeks. YIPEE, I'm still pregnant!!! That's 200% sarcasm in case it's not obvious.

Yesterday was a beautiful, hot, spring day here and it was brutal! Thank god I don't have to be pregnant through the summer! Sorry for those of you who have to be as yesterday sucked! I was hot, cranky, uncomfortable, swollen, etc. I'm also thinking the whole "membrane sweep" was a bad idea as far as my attitude goes... it definitely got my hopes up that I'd go into labour earlier and now I'm slightly agitated that I don't feel any different and, therefore, am unlikely to pop this baby out today! :p ha ha ha.

Even my Baby Centre update says "if you're reading this email, you probably haven't given birth yet"... rubbing it in. It also says that 75% of babies come after their due date... the truth is best left unsaid in this case! I just want to see/hold this baby already and be able to tie my shoes, and bend over, and get off the couch on my own! And I don't want to waddle anymore! I want my cute, womanly walk back! And I want to use all this darn baby stuff that's all over my house already! :p

I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. I think my braxton-hicks are waking me up as they are definitely longer and stronger lately and it becomes quite difficult to remain comfortable. Baby continues to "lighten" (move down) and as she does my belly points further out. I actually lost weight this week but feel twice as big, go figure!

Daddy-to-be Dan is playing in an ultimate frisbee tourney this weekend in the valley (an hour away). He's got his cell and has basically sworn to check every 5 seconds to see if I've called...he's already called 3 times and he's only been gone for 3 hours - "checking his reception" he says, too cute! He's so excited!

Well that's it for this week. Obviously I will keep everyone posted if anything changes. I pre-apologize for next week's pregnancy update because if there is a PREGNANCY update next week, I likely won't be able to joke about it all as much as I have today! ha ha ha. As my friend Kristie has said, "pray for the rupture". ha ha ha.

Jen :)

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May 22, 2009

Preparing for Baby #2 - Nursery

So far, the "sweep-n-sex" have not worked... keep ya posted ;)

Installment #2 of baby prep - The SO MUCH FUN project of decorating your nursery, I mean baby's nursery ;) tee hee hee... let's face it, it's really for us. It's unlikely baby's coming out Nate Berkus!

Nursery Prep

When we set out to do our nursery, I used several websites for inspiration.
Although a little expensive, and shipping to Canada is $$$, these two were my favs for themes and designs:
Picking furniture sounds like fun but can be a challenge! For us, it came down to Sears, Costco or Walmart and here is the issue: Walmart's prices are the best but shipping costs so much that it's actually cheaper to buy from Sears where the furniture is generally $50-$75 more! At Sears, you can pick it up in-store vs. shipping so shipping is free. Check Flyerland (Cdn) or the Sears website for weekly flyers. They often have $-off sales on baby furniture. Costco online has beautiful dark wood baby furniture and shipping is typically inc. in the price... unfortunately for us, we were looking for white furniture. Babies-R-Us was more expensive and mostly has dark furniture again so it didn't work for us.

On Kijiji (like Craigslist), we found a carpenter who custom-built a bookcase and side table for our nursery that are beautiful and were an awesome price ($95 and $50). I'm sure you can find a similar handyman in your area. These sites also have used furniture that is worth a look if you want to save some dough.

I saved a lot of money creating some of the decor myself. I printed off two prayers (Serenity Prayer and the Bedtime prayer) on pink paper, bordered it with coloured cardstock, and framed them. Cost me $20 and they look great! I found a painting I liked at Pottery Barn (
click here) that would have cost $200+... instead I bought canvases and paint at the Dollarstore, and did my own version for $15 (see below). Turned out great! Also, I made blocks spelling out baby's name for over her crib. Cost me $7 (Dollarstore) and is more unique then the wall letters you buy for $7 each! These little projects saved us tons of money and were also fun to do!

If you have any questions about anything, ask! I am no Martha Stewart. You can do similar projects yourself, trust me!

Jen :)

PS - #22 on this morning, thanks everyone! Keep voting! I'm moving on up ;)

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May 21, 2009

Docs Appt Update

Hi Everyone,

Had my weekly docs appointment today, which I love! My doctor is great!

Anyways, thankfully, after the "scare" last week, everything was perfect today. They checked baby's heart rate while I was on my back and it was back to the 130 range - PHEW!!

Also, I am a little excited as the Doc asked me if I wanted a physical to see "where I was at" and I was ALL OVER that! Then, she asked me if I wanted a "membrane sweep"...which coincidentally I just read about on Baby Centre last night. OF COURSE, I said yes! I have no expectations, but the doc said that in some women this stimulation of the cervix can help move labour along and, if nothing else, helps decrease the chances that you will be overdue. She also mentioned she's on call this weekend which made me giddy with the thought of going into labour this weekend! YIPEE! Ok, like I said, no expectations, but a girls gotta dream! :p

I'm on my way out the door to go for a walk now. I've been walking in my subdivision every morning and it's just full of large hills...I find when I walk downhill, I feel a lot of pressure in my lower belly so I'm hoping this may help "speed things along". Also, and I warned him, I'm "forcing" my hubby to have sex tonight as I read at the docs office that there is a little truth to that myth...apparently there are prostaglandins (hormones) in male sperm that can help "ripen" the cervix. So, I'm hitting the baby with a one-two punch today and we'll see if it works!!

Keep ya posted!

Jen :)

PS - I'm now 34th on (see icon below) - Keep voting for me! I'm on page 1, yipee!

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May 20, 2009

Preparing for Baby #1 - Books

I'm a huge "over-preparer". That's how I stay stress-free, worry-free, cool and calm.

Here are a few things I did to prepare for Baby...I've broken them each up into separate posts, so check back often!

Pregnancy & Baby Books:

I'm not a HUGE fan of reading the books by the "experts" that tell you what to expect and what to do in this situation, that situation, etc. BUT, I did find a series of books that I fell in love with during my pregnancy. Ann Douglas has a series of books, "The Mother of all...", that are AWESOME! They are written for Canadian women which makes a huge difference as you don't end up wasting time reading about American issues such as no maternity-leave but, instead, you learn all about applying for EI, Canadian tax credits, etc. They are quite thick but I literally read both the pregnancy and baby versions within two days.

I would recommend getting the pregnancy version, The Mother of all Pregnancy Books, early in your pregnancy if not before conception. It's got a great section in there on whether your ready for baby, how to get pregnant, etc. If you're already preggers, it would still be a good resource as there's great info on symptoms, possible complications, etc. The reason I enjoyed both these books so much is that they were straight forward, and basically didn't tell you what to do or not to do...they were just filled with useful info that could help you make your own decisions (imagine!!) :) .

Personally, I would buy the baby version, The Mother of all Baby Books, later in your third trimester. Mine is FULL of flags so I can refresh myself on the important "stuff" once baby, there is a great section on baby first aid and common illnesses that I'm sure will ease my mind once baby arrives, gets a cold, and I'm convinced she's got pneumonia or some deadly birth defect! There's also a fabulous chapter on breastfeeding, which is such a priority to me and also one of my biggest concerns. I hear a lot about women having trouble with proper latching, milk supply, when to pump, nipple confusion, etc. So I'm really focused on learning as much as I can about doing the best you can to make it successful. I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes for me and what worked for me.

I've included a "widget" on the right hand side of the page that directly links you to to have a look at both of these books. I looked at a few others, including the "what to expect..." series, "Babies for Dummies", "The Baby Whisperer", etc. but didn't find them as interesting and useful as the Ann Douglas books.

Jen :)

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May 19, 2009

Mommy Brain

What cracks me up about this post is the irony of it....technically, this should have been the first post. And had Jenny from 10 months ago started this blog (pre-preggers), I would have completely organized it all beforehand. But as a perfect lead-in to why I created this blog and why I called it Mommy Brain, I experienced "mommy brain" and screwed it up! :p ha ha ha.

For anyone who is pregnant or has been pregnant, you totally get what I'm talking about...almost immediately after I got pregnant, I lost the ability to use my brain properly. I can't remember words, I can't remember appointments, I forget my to-do list items (which I never used to have to actually write down!)...everything. At one point, during an exam for a course I was taking, I literally sat there for 5 minutes trying to figure out the "c" word that I needed to complete my sentence...finally, it came to me - CONVERT!!! I swear I've turned into a completely different person :p Actually Dan tells me I've just turned into him...a man. ha ha ha. And suddenly I find myself being a lot more understanding and compassionate when he forgets it's garbage day or doesn't remember to pick up the milk! We won't talk about the other ways in which I feel I've become a man...gas, acid reflux, beer belly ;) ha ha ha.

Anyways - I've spent the last 38 weeks sending weekly updates on my pregnancy to my friends and family via email. I've also put up belly pics on Facebook every week. And what I've discovered is people love this stuff! So, I thought doing this blog would allow me to vent about what's driving me nuts, share the enjoyable experiences and to get advice on the things that are scaring the "you know what" outta me! I hope everyone will comment and share their own experiences as well.

For example, right now, my biggest worry is that baby Jane will be healthy...after the little "scare" last week, that really turned out to be ok, I realized how much I'm already soooo in love with this baby and how heartbroken I would be if something happened to her. So I'm trying to work my way back to my usual positive-thinking Jenny attitude so I stay cool and calm in the next few weeks.


PS - Let me just say up front, if there are spelling/grammar/etc. mistakes in any of these posts...once again, mommy brain. :p

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May 18, 2009

38 Weeks Preggers Update

Hi Everyone,

Almost there! Here's your update for this I'm saying this, in the corner of my eye, I'm seeing my right side do leaps and bounds as baby kicks the heck outta me! She's definitely NOT doing the whole "less movement because I have no room in here anymore" thing that everyone keeps warning me about.

Baby and I had an "interesting" visit to the docs this week (during my regular weekly appt) that resulted in me being hooked up to the fetal monitor for 30 mins...when they laid me on my back to check baby's heart rate it was quite low - around 104 bpm. So they had me lie on my side and re-took the heart rate a few mins later and it was on the low side of normal, around 120 bpm. SO, just to be careful my doc sent me up to the "early labour" room (which was slightly exciting) to get monitored to make sure all was well...I love my doctor for being super cautious and taking good care of me. Soon as the nurse hooked me up to the monitor, she started watching the heart rate and saying that it was "textbook" and everything looked fine...that baby may just have a lower baseline at this point and may be more sensitive to me lying on my back...which makes me feel justified for forcing myself to sleep on my side every night since my first trimester! I watched the monitor the whole time and her heart rate ranged between 115ish - 147ish - I could see it skyrocket when I felt her kicking and moving around in my belly, kind of cute! Majority of the time though it was in the mid-high 120s so I knew that everything was ok. Thankfully she actually kicked the docs hand a few times during my checkup so everybody was very calm about the whole thing and, as a result, I didn't get nervous or stressed. Honestly, I think I'm more nervous now, after the fact, and suddenly paying closer attention than usual to make sure she continues to move a lot. I figure if this is the only "hiccup" I have with this pregnancy, it's a blessing! Anyways...that was this week's "fun" ha ha ha. Can't imagine what next week could bring ;) Sooooo thankful everything was ok. Of course, Mom and Dan are now further convinced this is just another sign I'm going to have this baby before my due date...both now convinced it's happening next week! I hope they're right but I refuse to buy into it :)

As for everything else, as the update says - "you may be feeling huge" - I'm not FEELING huge people, I am HUGE!! ha ha ha. Apparently I'm measuring right on and my weight is good, but seriously, I'm a giant person! Most days I'm really not uncomfortable. I found that, during my second trimester, a lot of my mom-friends were telling me how horrible the third trimester is and how you are sick of being pregnant, so uncomfortable and blah blah blah...I've felt like that on occasion because of a little discomfort, but honestly, it isn't that bad! Don't tell anyone I said this but I think sometimes, only sometimes, us women exaggerate to get a little extra sympathy, a few extra foot rubs, etc. ;) ha ha ha. I've been telling my pregnant girlfriends who are just in their first or second trimester that it's really not bad and they are appreciating the more positive view as, like I said, everyone seems to be telling them that's it's awful! On the other side of it though, I am completely ready and excited to meet this baby! YIPEE! It's so close...every day now I'm wondering if today's the day!?!?! I could have a sweet little baby this time next week!

We've officially got two weeks left now until my due date! Can't believe how quickly the time has gone by...I sat in the nursery today just thinking about how much time has passed since we found out we were pregnant in September and how far away it all seemed to be at that point. Now it's here!

If I am so blessed to have this baby next week...then considered yourselves notified that next week's update will be nothing except gushing... "i love this and i love that and she's so cute and she's so special and i love her so much and i can't believe how beautiful she is and did I mention how cute she was?...." ha ha ha.


May 17, 2009

Giveaway Policies

MOmMy bRaIn believes in providing honest, reliable product reviews. I assure you that my opinions and recommendations are honest and with the full intention of providing you with information on a product or service that I, personally, support.

As I've often said every child is unique. The products I promote work for me and my family. I cannot promise success for you but I hope that you will find my recommendations helpful! :)

Here are a few guidelines on MOmMy bRaIn Giveaways:
  1. All giveaways require that you to comment on the giveaway post. In order to do so, you do not have to have a google ID. Simply select "Name/URL" to take the easy way out :p
  2. Winners are randomly selected using a random number generator unless otherwise stated.
  3. Once selected, winners will be posted in the right-hand sidebar under "Giveaways". You have seven (7) days to contact me and claim your prize before another winner is selected.
  4. Giveaways are sometimes restricted by country (i.e. Canadian residents only) - restrictions will always be posted at the bottom of a giveaway post.
  5. It is not necessary to provide your email in your giveaway post comment. If you do not visit MOmMy bRaIn regularly, however, I would recommend it to ensure you don't miss your win because it's passed seven (7) days.
Thanks and good luck!

post signature

May 16, 2009

About MB

MOmMy bRaIn started when I was 26 years old and pregnant with my first baby. Writing had always been something I enjoyed but, like many, I had lost my excuse to write once school ended and the "real world" set in. This blog is my excuse to write and also my attempt to desperately grasp on to any remaining brain cells I have left!

My goal for MOmMy bRaIn is to provide honest, straight-up thoughts on my experiences in pregnancy, motherhood and life in general. I hope that you'll find it helpful to hear of my successes and challenges. If nothing else, I hope to make you laugh!

I often will ask for advice as well - so please feel free to share your own experiences and suggestions along the way! As I've learned quickly, every baby is different and everyone has different solutions to the same problems. The more we share, the better!

If you have a question or comment, I'd love to hear it! Contact me by clicking here.

Thanks and enjoy!

Jen :)

May 8, 2009

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