May 28, 2009

Docs Appt Update

Back from my docs appointment and all is well. Baby's heart rate was good again which is a relief. I'm constantly worried about her since our little scare two weeks ago.

Had another physical and I'm still only 1cm dilated. All these braxton-hicks for nothing! :p She did a membrane sweep again too so hopefully it will get things going in the next few days. I'm not getting my hopes up this week though as last week it did nothing but make me grouchy! FYI... for the other moms-to-be, neither sweep caused me any discomfort. Doc also said that they will let me go another week and then schedule an induction... so, worst case, I will have baby Jane next weekend! YIPEE! Can't wait to see her and, hopefully, see that she is a healthy baby girl.

Now, I wait... sleep has been more difficult the last few nights with a lot of pressure in my "lowers" and the whole peeing 45 times a night issue so I'm going to try and nap, relax, etc. for the next few days in preparation for the upcoming "marathon".

Will keep you posted on ANY changes. I'm interested in hearing all the labour stories I can as I have no idea what to expect! If you're willing to share, leave your story in the "comments" section.

Jen :)

PS - This cartoon made my day... it's so true it's not funny!

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Unknown said...

great cartoon! its exactly what I am doing right now with every phone call, email, msn message. I am still waiting (day six) but get my sweep again tonight. so we'll see. maybe this weekend. hoping that you have some baby action soon too.

Emily said...

This cartoon is hilarious!