May 27, 2009

Top 10 To Make You Laugh :)


Today is my pick for baby's birthday and, so far, I'm losing. Instead of being grouchy and writing a whiny post, I thought I'd provide you with a little entertainment... I've been keeping track of things my hubby has said that have gotten him in serious trouble during my pregnancy. God love him, he's truly a sweetheart and would never intentionally hurt my feelings but sometimes he's clueless... he is male after all! Check it out...

Ten Things Your Hubby May Say That Are Justifiable Cause For Murder:
  1. "Maybe it's because you're eating so much" - when I'm freaking out about my newly acquired "muffin top" during my first trimester.
  2. "I'm glad you're getting bigger! Otherwise, I wouldn't even know you're pregnant" - during first trimester, when I had 3-5lbs on!
  3. "God, you're hormonal" OR "I guess this is you NOT being hormonal again" - during an argument, while he's laughing.
  4. "I can't feel anything" - when you're so excited because you're finally feeling baby move. Men need to learn when to lie to us and say "Oh my god honey, that's amazing".
  5. "You're huge! But only in the belly!" - He actually thought this was a compliment.
  6. "You're as big as a house" - I had to laugh when he said this because it's true!
  7. "Babe... that doesn't fit anymore" - as if I don't realize that my jacket can no longer zip up!
  8. "I'm allowed to, I'm a man!" - TMI alert... said while discussing why it's OK for him to fart (with pride) but unappealing when it happens to me because I have 30lbs of baby stuff pushing on my intestine!
  9. "You're belly isn't popping anymore, you're just growing horizontally" - ha ha ha, priceless. Apparently, he meant my belly itself is getting wider, not me, but it didn't go over well!
  10. "I just don't get that excited about clothes" OR "Are they all pink?" - as I'm showing off all the sweet onesies and sleepers I just spent all day shopping for.
Hope that gave you a good chuckle... it still makes me laugh! Have my weekly docs appt tomorrow so I'm excited to see if there's any change in baby's willingness to join us sometime soon!

Jen :)

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