May 25, 2009

Lady in Waiting...

Still preggers, as expected, no signs of anything different. Woke up this morning with a cramp and immediately thought "THIS IS IT"! Then, I rolled over and it went away. Ha ha ha :p Every day is so exciting knowing this little one could decide to join us at any time!

Took my pup for a walk as usual and hit the hills hard hoping to stimulate something, but no luck. God love my dog. I'm not sure when, but during my pregnancy she has transitioned from my "baby" to my dog. I used to do anything to make sure little Molly was comfy and content... now I realize I've created a monster! She follows me around all day, is completely disoriented when she can't lay on my lap, trips me up when I'm cooking, etc. Same thing with the cat (a.k.a. little bastard) - who I threaten to kill daily! He's part Siamese and literally barks at me all friggin' day! Not meows, barks! For NO REASON! Chasing him upstairs has become part of my daily workout routine. Truthfully, I love them to death and they are great company but I'm worried about the adjustment once baby arrives and they are knocked further down the totem pole...

Off to do laundry and clean the house for the bazillionth time (nesting). :p


PS - Mommy Brain is #12 on today, YIPEE!

PPS - This week's Baby Prep Posts will include Prenatal Classes and Packing your Labour and Hospital Bag! Check back often - I update daily!

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Anonymous said...

My dog is still my baby - I am only 18 weeks though. But I too have created a monster, a needy monster who wants cuddles constantly!!!

Jen said...

Ha ha ha...yeah, truthfully my dog's still spoiled rotten too. I think I just have less patience, especially over the past month! :)