Apr 25, 2012


Oh dear Lord, I'm on the verge of becoming a whiny-baby-I'm-so-sick-MAN!

And, all I have is a stuffed nose... and exhaustion. Like eyes burning exhaustion. I had to drive 3 hours for a luncheon today. The drive there was no problem. The drive home was a challenge. I was listening to news radio and bopping my head back and forth like I was listening to music to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Eventually, my BRAIN kicked in and I thought "maybe I should actually listen to music?!?!" GENIUS.

Man I miss coffee. And, by coffee, I mean being able to drink however much I want.

Of course, as a result of this cold, my face has red itchy spots all over it again. WAAAAA, poor me. :p Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... compared to most fatty women, I have it easy. I'm blessed. I know. Whatever. It's human nature to think your minuscule problems are a big deal.

I am SO looking forward to my ob/gyn appt tomorrow - I have no idea why. Just to get an update I guess. And, because, when it was booked a month ago, it seemed to be FOREVER away and now, here I am. YIPEE! Of course, because I am looking forward to it, I'm sure something will get messed up and somehow I'll have screwed up the dates and my appointment was actually today and now I'll have to wait another month or something fabulously crappy.

Anyways - I can't get my brain to realize that instead of singing songs in my head, I should turn on the radio. So, don't go expecting a fantastic, humourous or enlightening post tonight. This is it. And I didn't post yesterday because I suck. SO there. That's the truth and that's how I feel and that's why you tune in... I think. :p


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