Apr 18, 2012

and the winner is...

Sorry for the delay... Jane has been testing my every last bit of patience today and, right before bed, decided she was "STARVING" and wanted a bagel. Well, usually, I would not fall for this but we had 15 minutes so I thought I'd give in this time. She ate the bagel. It just took her FOR FREAKIN' EVER. I know, I'm a sucker. Anyways, she's finally asleep - knock on wood, curse me, now I'm screwed because it doesn't matter if I delete that comment, it's already out there. Crap. So, I went to www.random.org which is the random number generator I've always used for giveaways - in case you're crazy and are going to start legal action against me about this giveaway... I mean. It is... just. that. great. :p

Before I announce the winner of the SURFACE INSPIRED BEST GIVEAWAY EVER - I want everyone to KNOW THIS:

SURFACE INSPIRED is so fantastically fantastical that they are offering all MOmMy bRaIN readers 20% off their orders - WOOT WOOT! Just enter coupon code: mommybrain at checkout. So, for you LOSERS you are still WINNERS! Seriously. Did I not sell this product enough in my post? If, for example, you are one of the people who tweeted daily because you wanted this so badly, you might want to just do yourself a favour and treat yourself - you're pregnant, OR, you're a Mom. You deserve it!

Here it is.

The big winner.



This Momma has THREE kids. Um. Anyone who has more than TWO kids is my hero at this point and I don't even know how hard it is to have two yet...

Here's what she said about what decal she'd like to win...

Contact me at jen [at] mommybraindesigns.ca as soon as you find out you won and I'll put you into contact with the FABULOUS Thomas at Surface Inspired.

Thanks again to everyone for participating.

I'm by no means a giveaway blog - it ain't my thang as you know. But, I will continue to share products I love with y'all whether I can give them to you for free or not. That way, you'll always know that you can trust that it is truly something I support vs. something I've been paid to promote...

Have a great night. Congrats again and thanks again.

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Jeanette said...

Congrats MOMMY AKA MOM!! Thanks so much Jen for this Giveaway contest and the 20% off. I'm going to order soon for sure. Does the coupon code have a validity date?