Jul 17, 2012

yup, i'm still pregnant

So please don't call me to check...

Don't you just love this time during your pregnancy where (1) you can't call any member of your family because they answer the phone with an insanely excited "HI!" because they are 100% convinced you're calling to say your water broke... when in fact, you're calling to bitch about the fact that your water hasn't broken or (2) your family and friends are calling you and the first thing you hear after you say "hello" is "no baby yet?"... um. You're my sister. I'm pretty sure, being that you're the one who will be taking care of Jane while I'm in labour, that you might be one of the first to know if I HAD THE BABY! :p

I went for a "run" in my neighbourhood yesterday. I haven't exercised (really, if we're being honest) in like 3 years, since I was pregnant with Jane. So, my theory is... I was a week late with Jane because, lets face it, I had no children so I spent my time lazing around on the couch and doing nothing leading up to labour. Of course now, with a three year old, that life doesn't exist anymore. Added to the fact that I'm nesting like an MF and am cleaning ridiculous things in my house fifteen times a day. I'm thinking, if I keep myself busy and active - i.e. cleaning and walking - then, MAYBE I won't be late. MAYBE. :) So, I went out for a walk yesterday. I will admit... and I hate to admit this. It did feel good to exercise. ARGH. I can't believe I said that out loud.

I will say straight out that there was NO RUNNING in front of the public... as if anyone needs to witness that. Envision Jurassic Park - T-Rex in rearview mirror scene. But there's a great wooded path near my house and I ran start to finish. And by run, I mean I planted my feet hard and probably was going the speed of a normal walking, non-pregnant, individual. When I got out of the woods, I felt so much pressure I was sure my water was going to break. So, when it didn't, I ran the path again... :p ha ha ha. I was convinced I was going to go into labour last night. Nothing. Obviously.

And today, I opted for a nap instead of a run... cause I was zonkered. And it was awesome. And I feel no different then I felt 10 weeks ago. Except the baby has dropped big time in the past week or two. We took Jane to the playground Saturday night after dinner and, for the first time in my life, I understood how bad it would suck to be an obese parent... I could not do anything. I sat on the bench and smiled and laughed and urged Jane on... but I could not move. So uncomfortable.

Did I mention that I'm only having two kids. 100%. As much as it is truly worth it, I will never do this to myself or my body again. Plus, so far (curse the world if I wake up tomorrow morning with a different case), but I've escaped two pregnancies without a stretch mark - which is essentially one of the only long-lasting horrible effects of pregnancy - if you completely ignore your mangled vajajay and saggy boobs.

Called for my bloodwork results today and my platelets dropped a little again. We're at 96 folks. And, now this kinda sucks. Because, I'm so "close" now (I think, hope, pray) that I'm not really interested in being induced. But, then the other part of me is like - argh, what happens if I wait and it does drop? OR, what if I end up going two weeks overdue (death to everyone). But none of that matters because I'm not seeing my own, love-of-my-life doc this week again because she's still on vacay. And, I've seen the doc I'm seeing this week already once and can tell that (1) she is not going to give me a membrane sweep (which will piss me off horribly) and (2) she will not induce me (which is probably the right thing, I think, at this point).

Will keep you posted. Remember when I was all like "oh, I can't wait until I'm 38 weeks pregnant and everyday will be so exciting because of the anticipating of thinking 'will today be the day?'" Um. F. That.


Kerianne said...

Sooo close now! When is your exact due date? Maybe you will have baby on my birthday-the 21st :) I thought I would go early the second time too, with preterm contractions and being busy with Will but I was induced too! We can never predict when or how these little ones will decide to make their appearance. Best of luck!

Jen said...

Due next Wednesday, the 25th... and, agreed - the hardest part is not knowing and remembering that with Jane, I really had NO LEAD UP whatsoever that would have indicated "she's coming tonight". And, even if I did, wouldn't matter because no pregnancy is the same! :) xoxo thanks!