Jul 12, 2012

blogger of the year

You know the old adage (which I originally spelled "attage" btw because I've never used that word in written language before) "if you don't have anything nice to say..."

This is only one excuse why I haven't written on the blog in like a week. The rest are just because I'm busy and lazy! :p

On my facebook page, I mentioned the other day, that I keep hearing from people "oh, you're so happy for 38 weeks!" (considering my size, the weather, etc. I assume)... my response?

"You know when you were in university and you pulled an all-nighter before an exam and the next day you had like insane amounts of energy because you were so over-tired. I'm so over-grumpy, I'm smiling."

And I'm pretty sure people should be scared.

I hate the summer time. My face is itching like a hooker's vajajay (wow, that was inappropriate - apologies, but it's out there now and I can't for the life of me think of another metaphor), my belly is growing by the second (not aided by the midnight binge on nachos and mozza sticks last night I'm sure), I'm barely wearing clothing (and the clothing I'm currently wearing is so completely inappropriate I just made Dan answer the door for UPS) and I am pretty much doing anything I can read about online (exc. all this oils and stuff that scare the poop outta me - and you, literally, apparently if you use them) to get this baby out sooner rather than later. I was driving to pick up Dan and Jane today after work and considered nipple stimulation while I was driving... I mean, HEY, it was gonna take me ten minutes, I might as well multi-task! The only thing that stopped me was the fact that people driving next to me might judge... unless they are or have been pregnant, in which case they probably would have given me the thumbs up.

Had my docs appt on Monday with my doc-fill-in and she was great. My platelets are stable, which - as much as I want the baby out - I am happy about. Pain of natural labour is NOT more significant than a few more weeks of discomfort, I assume and I hope I never know the truth of that statement. The nurse couldn't be sure, however, about the position of baby (who's been head down for weeks) so I got to have another ultrasound...

So. I ask. "Do you see a penis in there?" All the while thinking DAN IS GOING TO KILL ME (but, obviously, I didn't care).

The doc admitted she doesn't do many u/s and the ones she does aren't to determine sex, obviously. She had a look but couldn't see anything. Which, again, to me - confirms it's a girl. I mean, two ultrasounds, no bone, no penis... GIRL. :p

So, we're 13 days away from due date. I'm trying to think of what I did last time and to do more - I was a week late with Jane. I DO NOT want to do THAT again. Crippers, I wasn't grumpy at all with pregnancy number one until I was over-due. I can't imagine the exponential increase in FIERCENESS that would occur if I go overdue this time. N.G. :p

So, spicy food, sex every other night, I'll play with my nipples anytime I'm not in sight of the public, I keep wanting to go for walks but it's so freakin' hot out I bail and sit in front of the AC instead. I've stopped taking my daily (sometimes multi-daily) baths as I don't want to relax anything. :p What else have I missed?!?!

Alrighty. I'm off. You will be kept in the loop, I promise. As much as I'm too grouchy to sit with a hot computer on my lap, I'm not too grumpy to yell it to the universe when I actually start having contractions. You'll hear. Trust me. :p xoxo

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