Jul 5, 2012

Post-doc update

Here's the latest...

After a med stupid (ha, literally a slip of the fingers, I didn't intend to write "stupid") STUDENT took ten minutes to get my bp - which he originally informed me was 100 over 35 (!!!)... which pretty much gave me a heart attack because I assumed I was dead, I finally saw my doc today.

Here's the plan of action and why I'm still stressed to the max about all this nonsense. In case it's not obvious, I'm not a really anxious, stressed-out person. I kind of take everything in stride until it's way out of my control and then I ask for help. But I don't stress easily. So the fact that I'm awake at night worrying about all the dynamics of this labour, is killing me.

Doc sent me for bloodwork immediately after my appointment today and here's the two scenarios:

(1) Platelets drop again - she will call me by tomorrow and have me come in to chat with her tomorrow so that we can "go from there". Now. My doc is used to no-balls-me who would just smile and giggle and say "OK!" But, grumpy, stressed me replies "what does that mean?" and she tells me we'd be planning to induce. Thank God. Again, this is typically where I'd make a joke or say something funny or literally stand up, look up and jokingly say "hallelujah". The grumpy, stressed me, however, says "when?" Because, here's the thing. Pretty much my entire family is heading to Newfoundland for vacation on Saturday until Wednesday. So, I need to know does she mean induce next week, induce in a couple weeks or induce immediately. She tells me, if they dropped again, we'd induce like the next day. OK. Mild panic attack as I am realizing that I may be induced with my entire family - whom are supposed to look after my sweet Jane - will be out of town via airplane only. On the other hand, the idea of having baby in two days is DREAMLIKE and I am secretly praying my numbers slip a little - not secretly at all, I want them to drop NOW! :p

(2) Platelets stabilize or go up again. This option has me stressed. Not because I want to be induced but because my doc is heading on vacay next week and I'm going to be seen by another ob/gyn. SO, if they happen to drop after my appointment with new-doc next week, I am concerned new-doc will be hesitant to induce me for some reason without my reg doc there or just because some docs are effin' crazy and all "lets wait and see" and that's not me at all! I've waited and saw. And I've seen the numbers go DOWN and my chances for natural delivery go UP. :p So, in my grumpy, stressed state, I express this concern to my doc who begins writing in my file our plan of action. Dare new-doc cross me next week, she may get the full-wrath of grumpy, stressed Jenny!

Of course, the above two scenarios are all pending my bloodwork... which is the other factor stressing me out. The hospital lost power yesterday for 6 hours, back-screwing everything. Thankfully, I took the time while having my blood taken to ask the girl if the blood clinic had stayed open and the good news was NO. As, had they, I'm sure they'd have a backlog of bloodwork they couldn't do yesterday that would put my bloodwork results off for god knows how long. And, in order for me NOT to have a panic attack by end of day tomorrow, I need to hear from my doc with either good news or bad - you figure out which is which. :p And in order for that to happen, my doc needs to get the bloodwork results in plenty of time. SO, now my stress is that she won't get it, she won't remember to get it, she won't remember to call me, I'll be freakin all weekend because then I'm stuck dealing with new-doc on Monday. ARGH!

On the plus, I updated my wonderful family on the scenarios and everyone was pleasantly happy at the risk of calling off their vacations to stick around if baby may make it's appearance this weekend.

Here's something I realized today, however... I am so anxious to be done with this pregnancy. But, no different than pregnancy number one, I'm not fully aware (you know what I mean, like I'm not realizing) that when this pregnancy is over, I'll have another baby! Holy crap!

I have my appointment with anesthesiology tomorrow at lunch time at the hospital. What I'm thinking I'll do is pop into the prenatal clinic after my appt (if I haven't heard from my doc by then) and ask the staff if my blood work (1) came in and (2) if I can see the results. If they let me see the results, and things have dropped, then look out doc... cause I'm gonna find your ass. :p I should pre-apologize now to the woman who's labour I may interrupt to discuss, what's obviously everyone's priority, me. :p

Keep ya posted!

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