Jul 4, 2012

the art of seduction induction

My doc called on Tuesday AM to check-in with me about my bloodwork from last week... here's the good news and bad. My platelets dropped AGAIN! We're below 100 folks. We're at 94.

Honestly, at this point, I was happy to hear that they'd dropped. I'm SICK of this stress and having to worry about it and having to worry if I can have an epidural and having to worry that they are going to drop to dangerous levels and having the itchiest skin in the entire planet. ARGH! STICK A FORK IN ME!!! I'M DONE!

Unfortunately, I wasn't home and she had to leave me a VM which sucks as I would have told her how I was feeling. She did mention the word that, at this point, is music to my ears... INDUCTION. HALLELUJAH!

OK, prior to about a week ago, I was half-joking about wanting to be induced. I mean, the thought of having this baby sooner rather than later is fantastic. BUT, the thought of forcing this baby out "unnaturally" before he/she is ready, was not fantastic. I'm not an all "let nature take it's course" type of chick by any means, but I'm not a "lets jump the gun and do something risky for no reason" type of gal either.

At this point, the numbers are dropping though and, apparently, if I go below 80, no drugs. As I've said before, it's not that I'm SO concerned I can't handle the pain (effin right that's what I'm worried about) it's that I don't want to imagine how physically exhausting a natural labour could potentially be. In addition to that, at this point, hematology (the blood docs for those suffering from MB as well) have stepped back temporarily to let us track things ourselves - my doc and me. But, if my numbers go much lower, they will want me to take all these other drugs which I'm not super excited about to get my blood to (big word alert) coagulate. :p

Here's the other great news. I'm GBS positive. If you're not pregnant, don't run from your computer as if you are about to get infected with skin eating disease. Your science lesson of the day - GBS (group B Strep) is a bacteria found in 1 in 4 women's va-jay-jays. I just happen to be lucky number 1 this time around. When you're not pregnant, it means nothing. When you're pregnant, it means some potentially scary crap if you don't get antibiotics on board pre-delivery (they say for about four hours prior). THEREFORE, when you combine this little tidbit of information with the fact that my platelets are dropping again, I WANT TO BE INDUCED NOW!

It's not so much that I want the baby out now. It's that I want there to be some control (as much as you can control anything labour-related) over these stressful factors. And, in my mind, the best way for this all to go down is to be like "we're going to admit you on this day, at this time, give you antibiotics at this time, check your platelets at this time and administer epidural at this time..." Obviously, I'm not delusional enough to think that it will all go as planned but a girl can dream, can't she?

So, I have my appointment with my doc tomorrow AM and I am really going to push, pray, beg, etc. that she's on the same page and is just waiting for the true "go-ahead" from me to say "lets do it" and schedule the induction for next week. Unfortunately, it's crappy scheduling, but my appt with anesthesiology isn't until Friday which sucks as it would have been nice to have their input before tomorrow so we could really set a final plan. Regardless, I'm going to TRY MY HARDEST to be a little "pushy" about wanting an induction... at this point, I feel like the benefits really do outweigh the risks, and THAT is the type of girl I AM! :)

Additionally, she will not have to look hard to see that I'm miserable as, due to the heat this week, my face looks like it's burnt to a crisp with eczema or some-itchy-burny skin crap on both cheekbones. A lady at the grocery store looked at me today and said "man! your eyes look sore!" Honestly. Some people might have been offended. I was like "THANK YOU" for the recognition because they are freakin' sore and it does freakin' suck! I've basically had the chicken pocks on my face, hands and lips (not by look, by itch) for the past 20 weeks and I'm about ready to start peeling my skin off altogether so I don't have to worry about it anymore. Wah, wah, wah. Poor me.

Will keep ya posted on what the doc has to say and if I have the b-a-l-l-s to actually be as pushy as I'd like to be (in my dreams) tomorrow at my appt.



Sarah Parker said...

Sounds a lot like my situation, minus the group B strep! My platelettes went down to 93.. then jumped back up again. I had a meeting with the antithesis, which I found rather useless. We kind of just sat there while he tried to rummage through my file to see what my platelettes were like last pregnancy, and asked me about 4 times if I had any questions. They did talk about scheduling me for a section a week before I was due, but thats all I could get..When are you due?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read the update, hope they can accommodate you as much as possible, i'm GBS positive as well, pretty common.Good luck, just wanted to add you have an amazing attitude and a great sense of humor, your blog has helped me relax and prepare during a rough third trimester:)
marina (mtl,qc) 35 weeks 2 days