May 17, 2012

on sick leave...

In an effort to FORCE myself to take it easy - something that admittedly, I'm horrible at - I'm taking the rest of the week off from the blog.

For a quick update on the eye situation - went from swollen, oozing, bleeding, crusty, red eyes and surrounding skin, to red, crusty, only slightly swollen eyes as of today. I was actually willing to go out in public to drop Jane off at daycare today WITHOUT my sunglasses. I've been pulling a posh spice routine lately and wearing my "sunglasses at night". Seriously. Like wearing them into daycare to drop Jane off - to the point the kids are asking me why I'm wearing my sunglasses still and I'm telling them I'm a super hero and hiding my identity. :p It's cooler than "my face is rotting and I look like I'm dying". I'm not sure how that would go over with a group of near three year olds.

I've been relaxing mostly during the day but sleeping horribly at night... which is so frustrating for me. I'm not good at tossing and turning. My mind starts going and then I start thinking about some nonsense, and for some reason at 2am, said nonsense becomes the most important topic in my life and I obsess over it for three hours before I realize that it's not really THAT essential that I remember to buy granola bars the next day because Jane likes to eat them in the car before school and, sometimes, when she doesn't eat breakfast, it's how I make sure I'm not sending her to school hungry. This is the insanity of insomnia thoughts... mind controlling. ARGH!

I love you all so much for sticking with me through my randomness, uselessness and, sometimes, infrequency - of quality and quantity.

Wishing you a fantastic long weekend, if it applies to you - xoxo

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