May 15, 2012

re-reading my own blog

Aside from the fact that the blog is my way to vent and get support from the mommy-hood community... it's also a good resource. For me. :p I'm currently reading about what to pack in my labour bag - I would not have remembered half this crap! How great is it that instead of scouring the internet again, I can just re-read everything I learned three years ago! WOOT WOOT. It's like a how-to-book written just for me, because it was written by me! :p

Speaking of books. That's just what I did. I turned the first phase of MOmMy bRaIn - my first year with Jane - into a book for Jane, using Blurb. Originally, I thought it was a great way to put all of my favourite posts into one place, to showcase on the shelf. A memory. A lot of work. Then, I realized, I would LOVE right now to be able to go back and read about who my mom was when I was born. You change so much throughout your life. I mean, ultimately, your values probably remain the same, but you change, you grow up! I love that Jane will be able to go back, maybe before she becomes a mom herself, and read about my fears, concerns, challenges and successes. If nothing else, she'll read about how much I love her and that's something.

OK, I'm cracking up - I actually took time last pregnancy to make meals ahead of time for the freezer so that when I came home with baby, I wouldn't have to cook. I was a genius and such a keener. See. I've already changed! I'll need to do another book for baby number 2 and he/she and Jane can compare notes. :p Baby number 2 will think I'm a lazy complainer!

Will not be bothering with a birth plan this time. If you're a first time mom-to-be, fill your boots. But, from my one experience, no one read my birth plan anyways, so... waste. of. time. I was actually made to feel embarrassed about it at the hospital which just pissed me off. Maybe I'll make a birth plan this time and just fill it with ridiculous crap like "if a c-section is necessary, I would like my husband to go to McDonald's during the surgery and to feed me french fries while you slice and dice me". Just to see if they actually read it this time. Unlikely.

Ew. Prenatal classes. Spare yourself. Dan and I skipped out halfway through the first day. I'm more of a self-directed learner. I don't have the patience to learn at other people's pace. So I read and research myself. Save yourself the time and pick up this book: The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. Loved it. I'm not much for books but this is not a "how-to" book. It's a resource. I also bought the Baby and Toddler versions because I was such a fan.

Funny reliving all the keen-ess and naivety of pre-first-time-mommyhood.

K, I'm off to relax... hopefully. And, pray for me that my little angel sleeps tonight as no-sleep is not helping my recovery at all!

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Janine Hussey said...

That makes TWO of us re-reading your blog...I was also recently re-reading your labour bag update, because I used YOUR list last time instead of making my own, haha!