May 23, 2012

3 years ago today...

Out of curiosity, after looking at the date, I realized that three years ago I was much fatter and, perhaps, much grumpier than I am today. Perhaps.

Then, I realized, HEY, I have a blog... did I write about how I was feeling three years ago today. YUP! Gosh, I used to be so much more reliable as a blogger. Maybe it's because (1) I had no job (and now I have two) (2) I had no three year old (and now I have a three year old and a 5 year old - husband).

Here's my post from May 23, 2009... my 39 Weeks Pregnant Update with baby number one.

I have my docs appointment tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT. I have three things on my list of things to complain about:

(1) I'm tired. All the time. I get 8 hours sleep - mostly solid, most nights - and I wake up, have energy for 2-3 hours and then am SERIOUSLY ready for full sleep again. I find this particularly hard as I'm typically an energetic person and I burn it around town, smiling and working happily. Now, I'm draggin' ass.

(2) My face. OH MY GOD. My face. It's like having chicken pocks on my face that won't go away and won't be relieved by anything. I put the cream on the doc Rx'd and it itches. I put benadryl cream on when I can't tolerate it anymore and it stings. It burns. It stings. It itches so bad. ARGH! At this point, I just want them to peel my skin off. I'm ok with that.

(3) Crap. I forget the last one. ha. See. This is why I need a list. Oh yeah. My platelets. Last appt, my doc was off because of a family thing so she wasn't there when they told me my platelets are low. I want to mention this because OH MY GOD, I finally just took the time to look it up and, it's no big deal it seems, but it did say, if my platelets continue to drop, I might not be able to get an epidural. Dear Lord, I can't handle an itchy face do you think I can handle natural child birth. Me thinks not!

OH FYI. My husbands finally home. You're probably thinking WHAT is she talking about. Well, because I'm a freak and y'all know this, I neglected to mention that my husband's basically been MIA for the past 6-8 weeks. He was out of town during the week, home on the weekends only and usually working one, if not both days. Single mommas. Dear Lord single mommas. How do you survive? I have to say, if I wasn't exhausted and pregnant, it would have been much easier. But when combined with those two patience-reducing factors, it was - no other more clear word for it - HARD. The hardest part was supporting my hubby and being proud of him, while hating him at the same time. The second hardest part was that, at points, I wasn't being the mom I like to be. I was tired and either not being as present as I like to be OR not having the patience I like to have. And that just made it harder.

Anyways, he's home now and that's great as the last thing I wanted, before baby number two arrived, was to further the mommy's girl I already have. Do I love that she's a mommy's girl. Yup. Is it going to be hard when baby number two arrives. Who knows? But I know that the fact that, right now, she wants ME to do everything, is not sustainable. So, it's transition time. I hate transition times. ARGH. I don't have the energy or patience for transition time.

Help. :p

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