Feb 13, 2012

my day...

want to know the truth that I should not, as a dedicated blogger, admit... i forgot to blog today. HA! I forgot I even had a blog to write today. Just didn't even cross my mind. I'm sitting here, watching (what else - I've complained before) Entertainment Tonight (URGH), playing around with a project, and neglecting my blog entirely.

So, in the effort of writing a post so that I don't fail at my goal of writing daily, I'm taking the easy way out and doing a fill in the blank post. I apologize in advance if it is boring as hell....

Outside my window... it's freakin' cold and icy. This winter's been amazing - mild, no snow - but I'm looking into my crystal ball and seeing an end to that in the near future.

I am thinking... that all this coverage of whitney houston's death is as whack as her crack. Not because she wasn't an amazing talent and not because we shouldn't give her respect. But a whole hour of entertainment tonight... the top story on all the news programs... really? My sister and I were talking yesterday (and maybe we're heartless...), when John Ritter (a.k.a. Jack Tripper - Three's Company - best show on TV in 80's) died, we were shocked (I cried on the bike at the gym). When Patrick Swayze died, I was somewhat heartbroken that we never danced together as I was certain in 1987 we were destined. When Michael Jackson died, we called each other immediately. When we heard Whitney died, we did nothing. Unfortunately, I don't think this was surprising news for anybody. AND, I'm having a hard time with all the MOMS these days, who seem to be throwing their lives away selfishly (Demi, I am also talking to you). Her poor daughter. Child is suicidal after her mother passes and her stupid-ass-useless father is doing a concert with NEW EDITION!!! Who the eff even goes to a New Edition concert in 2012???

I am thankful... for everything. always. but on a lesser note, I'm thankful for the granny smith apple and PC blue menu salt and vinegar chips I'm about to chow down on after I finish writing this.

In the kitchen... i dare not look. Technically, my kitchen is one with my family room which is one with jane's play room which means it's one big ass crazy mess all the time. Visit my sister's house yesterday and she says "we tidy, it gets messy, we tidy more and it just gets messy again..." My response. "Why do you tidy?" This is my motto.

I am wearing... my husband's housecoat. Already had my end-of-the-day bath and the housecoat is my lounge-wear of choice. Underneath is nothing... but a chubby belly and expanding hips. You're welcome. Happy Valentines Day.

I am creating... the most boring post ever.

I am going... to get some juice to drink because my chips are making me thirsty. Oh, and, partially crazy because I'm actually watching that stupid Smash show they've been advertising the hell out of and I'm bored and I'm not really even watching it.

I am wondering... nothing. My brain is empty. I literally sat here thinking about what I'm wondering about. So, I'm wondering what I'm wondering about and it's nothing. Which basically, at this very point, makes me a man!

I am reading... cookbooks. I'm bored with my cooking lately. I'm trying new things this week. Made a cheese and veggie stuffed meatloaf today for Jane and Dan (I don't like ground meat) and also substituted 1/3 of the meat for ground veggie stuff (meat alternative). I asked Dan if he really liked it twice before I fessed up to the substitution. Oh, and Jane only ate two bites before asking for macamoni... (KD which apparently has realized that, despite the intense guilt, is used religiously by moms and have come up with multiple options - veggie, whole wheat, etc - to make us feel better about this).

I am hoping... OH CRAP! I forgot. This is not a hoping at all but I just realized that while I was in my pre-housecoat bath, I felt the baby move for the first time - 100%! I thought I might have felt it (?) move earlier this week but wasn't sure but tonight, for sure, I felt the little 'un hippity hop! WOOT WOOT!

I am looking forward to... GOING TO HELL FOR THIS, I'm slightly looking forward to my work trip this week that'll have me out of town for one night. Not to get a break or be away from home. But because I get to go out for dinner. Food dictates my happiness at this point.

I am learning... that pictures have been released of beyonce's baby. WOW! OMG! It looks like a baby.

I am pondering... that this post was supposed to be a quick way out and it's taking me for-freakin-ever.

A favorite quote for today... Me (getting out of the bath): I'm gigantic. Dan (watching me with eyes wide and mouth hanging): Wait until your really big. Thanks hun. Happy Valentines to me.

One of my favorite things... watching movies with jane before bed. She says "I sit on you mommy" and I have to position her off to the side so she doesn't squish her "brodder or sisder" but I just sit there kissing the top of her head and smelling her. Some day she will be a teenager and hate me and this is all I've have to hang on to until she's 20 and she likes me but I annoy her.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work and dinner at a restaurant, by myself!

A peek into my day...


Angelene said...

Even in a bathrobe with chip crumbs all over your belly you crack me up Jen.

Beyonce's baby looks like... a baby... I laughed loud for that one!

Dawn said...

My first ever "Husband, I really want..." was tonight. He's leaving to go buy me salt and vinegar chips, as I type. Don't worry, he doesn't know the craving came from mb ;)

Jen said...

ha ha ha, Dawn. You're welcome.

Natasha Chandler said...

Try the Kettle Brand Baked Salt & Vinegar - they are crunchier than the fried and will give you canker sores they are so vinegary! I AM ADDICTED. Who said salt isn't good for babies? My baby does somersaults every time I eat them!

Pam W said...

Laughed out loud darling!