Feb 10, 2012

whats-in-the-news wednesday on FRIDAY!

I wasn't going to do the whats-in-the-news post this week because, well, I wasn't sure if anyone wanted me too. Then I run into one of my fav daycare teachers on Wednesday who proceeds to tell me she's been looking forward to it all week and here I went and blabbed about my stupid skinny jeans!! OOPS!

So, in the interest of keeping the people happy... here she goes.

"baby's better off feeding himself" - I bet this was based on a study. FANTASTIC. My baby will be better off feeding himself! Woot WOOT! No more waking up through the night with a newborn. All I have to do is leave one of my boobs in the crib and say "deal, bitch!" and go to sleep.

"spanking your kid: does it help or hurt?" - Oh my nerves, I was listening to one of these guys talk the crap outta this on news radio today... talking about how kids who are spanked are like devil people when they grow up or something. Remember when they said that about all of us because we watched too much TV? I think somewhere along the line, spanking and child abuse became synonymous. Here's my thing - do what YOU feel is necessary to be loving, supportive and guiding parents. If YOU feel that a little tap-tap on the bum is necessary in extreme conditions to be used as a last resort, that's your decision. GOOD parents KNOW the difference between discipline and abuse. If you don't know where the line is or want to ask me what I think the line is, then you shouldn't spank your kids. I, personally, do not spank Jane and do not plan to. With that said, I have definitely given her a tap on the leg or something, almost instinctual without thought, a few times when she did something that was dangerous. Was I spanked myself, no. But my Mom had a wooden spoon. And, oh my dear Lord, if the wooden spoon came out we sobbed from fear... and my mom would take that wooden spoon and barely touch it to the top of our hands - like, literally, barely touch. And, holy moly, we would screech. My Mom always said, raising kids is a healthy mix of love and a little bit of fear.

"how to put out the fire when hatred flares up between siblings" - I laughed when I read this. My sister and I are 18 months apart. We're a lot alike and a lot different. We used to fight over everything. When we fought and wouldn't work it out, my Mom would lock us in the bathroom and we had to stay in there until we told each other one reason why we loved the other. It's hilarious when I think of it. We'd stand in there huffing and puffing for several minutes, whining at Mom and shooting death stares at each other. Eventually, we'd come up with something like "I love Nancy because she lets me use her hair brush" and that sufficed. One of two things happened - we came out laughing or we came out grouchy with Mom instead of each other. Mission accomplished.

"10 signs your spouse may be planning to divorce you" - I'll save you a TON of time. If you feel like you need to read this article because you want to know the signs, you're probably in for a divorce in the future.

"Sex and the Web" - What your search history says about your desires" - Um, online shopping turns me on?

"Four reasons Madonna rocked the Super Bowl" - I'm sorry. I'm not hating on Madonna, she's Madonna. But Madonna rocks a concert. Madonna rocks the grammys. Madonna rocks a face lift like no one else. Madonna does not rock the SUPERBOWL. Bon Jovi rocks the superbowl. Rolling Stones rock the superbowl. Bruce Springstein rocks the superbowl. Notice the lack of "Black Eyed Peas rock the superbowl" - who the F is making these decisions?? Do women like football yes. I love it. But, anyone who says the superbowl is not "made for the boys" is insane. I am cool with this. Give the boys something. Women own the rest of the world, give the men their superbowl. Do you really think your husband thought Madonna rocked the superbowl? Um. No. Did I sing along with Like a Prayer. Hell yes. Did my husband leave the room to have a pee and get some more chips? Guaranteed. Next year, maybe they'll have Il Divo, or Backstreet Boys OR better yet BSB and NKOTB!! :p

"Please your partner (and yourself) with a spousal RRSP" - See above re: signs your spouse is planning to divorce your ass. If THIS is your idea of how to please your partner, your partner is planning to divorce you. She's probably just waiting until you put all that money in her name before she hits the road.

The end. Happy Friday! :)


Krys said...

Thank you! Love ya :)

Heather said...

Ahhhhhh.... I'm so glad you're blogging again!!!! This made me LOL. For real. :)