Feb 14, 2012

happy valentines day

I just polished off like half a pizza hut pizza - well, Jane and I polished it off, and we all know how much of the half-pizza a two year old ate... Some want chocolate. Some want flowers. Some want a romantic night out. Or, in, if you have kids. I'm happy with pizza hut. In fact, many people must be happy with pizza hut cause the pick-up line-up was craziness.

And, I'm thankful, because for the first time in a long time my hubby actually listened to me and didn't roll out the red carpet. That might sound strange but, in some ways, my husband is the woman in my relationship. He plans the sweet surprises, the romantic getaways, the grand gestures. I forget birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much every other romantic occasion that occurs throughout the year. I actually bragged about remembering to make dinner and babysitter reservations for his bday this year. I was so proud of myself... and, if I'm being 100% truthful, I'm pretty sure that the only reason I remembered was because I'm pregnant and I was looking for an excuse to go to a certain restaurant (going to hell). For our anniversary this year he surprised me with a private horseback ride (which is my love), followed by a massage, followed by dinner. And, I... didn't do anything. :p Oopsy daisies!

So this year, when he asked me "are we doing anything for v-day" and I clearly said "I got you a card, I'll get something for dessert, that's it" he took my word for it. I'm not one of those chicks that says "don't get me anything" and cries when he shows up empty handed. If I want something, I ask, or I get it myself. :p And, I'm a little Bones-logical (see Fox television series) in that, I'm out of town the next few days so I'm thinking, yeah, flowers would be great but I'm out of town for two days and won't be able to enjoy them and that's a waste of money. Also, I couldn't think of any treats or chocolates that I am even interested in eating right now so, long story short, we got pizza hut. And, it was deliciously goody goodness. Now I'm craving grapes. It's valentines and I'm craving grapes. WTF.

Oh, and guess what? My face is basically decaying or something. It started off as this itchy spot under my lip that won't go away and starts to peel and then I pick at it and so if you run into me and I'm picking at my lip like a crack-addict rubbing his nose, this is my issue. Then, I got a little spot on my forehead. Then, on my left eyelid. Then under my right eye. So I wake up this morning and here's what I see in the mirror - cindy crawford (yup, she's still here), and this red shiner under my right eye from the newest itchy spot on the block. Like it looks like I got whacked. So I cover it with layers of concealer so I now I've got that scaly, caked-on makeup look under one eye. And, I'm pretty sure people are looking at me like "poor chubby belly girl, getting beat at home". Instead it's my pregnancy glow shining bright red and irritated.

Excuse me, while I take a break to scratch my itchy spots...

So, I have no idea what these spots are. I was at the docs this AM to get bloodwork done for my maternal serum screening and I run in to say hi to the docs and they say "how are you feeling?" They probably expected me to say "great, pregnancy is the most wonderful experience." My response: "I'm tired and my face is decaying..." Nice. You should have seen the expressions. Maybe decaying isn't the appropriate word.

Anyways, I'm off-line tomorrow night as, like I mentioned yesterday, I'll be eating whatever I want at a restaurant by myself. And computerless, which is the more valid point when talking about why I won't be blogging tomorrow.

Hope you are getting everything you wanted for your valentines! :)


Laura said...

Seriously pregnancy is so mean to the skin. I broke out and sweat like a teenage boy the 2nd time around. LOL I loved it I really did, maybe...

Jen said...

You made me laugh aloud about your 'face decay'! It's only temporary and you always look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

One word for you - Prevex. Try it on the itchy spots, works like a charm!