Jul 23, 2010

"Leash" Time

Ok, that title makes this sound crude... but it's not.

Lately, now that Jane is walking as her primary "method of transportation", I've been having these horrible "daydreams" about her getting hit by a car. I know. It's graphic. It's brutal and it ROTS my mind. Obviously, I don't sit around "daydreaming" about this but, it seems, no matter what these days, I'll be lying in bed getting ready to fall asleep and no matter where my mind wanders, somehow, my "day-nightmare" ends up with my precious baby running out onto the road, or running away from me in a parking lot, or.... you get it. My stomach turns.

So, I'm off today to get a kiddie "leash"... I know they aren't leashes and a lot of people don't like that term but I've got a sense of humour, I'm not ashamed of my desire to have my baby within my reach at all times and I don't care what anyone will think when I'm walking through Walmart or down my own street with my sweet baby Jane hooked by my side.

I remember my neighbour had one for her son with a little teddy bear backpack thingy-me-jigger on it and he LOVED it. He used to carry it around with him when he wasn't even hooked into it.

Personally, between the bad drivers, the drivers on cell phones, the (WORSE, and I have no problem saying right now that I don't like you people AT ALL) people who TEXT WHILE DRIVING, and the people who are never paying attention no matter what they are doing, I want to make sure there is never a risk that Jane will dash away from me and into danger. I mean, we were just walking to the mailbox the other day (a five second trip that now takes 45 minutes but is so worth it to see how happy Jane is to be out and independent), and it was like she waited for the exact time the bus was driving by to make a dash for the road... she wasn't even any where near the edge of the sidewalk when I grabbed her but, regardless, my heart stopped!

Obviously, you can't protect them from everything. I mean, Jane's knees are totally skinned from our little jaunts to the mailbox but scratches, cuts, broken bones, colds, flus, etc. I can deal with. Other things, that shall remain nameless, I would obviously like to avoid - DUH - and will do everything I can to do so.

FYI... just looked up the PC term and it's a "child safety harness" not a "leash".

So, I'm off to Walmart this AM to pick up the cutest, tricked-out, backpack, teddy bear leash I can find.

I just realized to add to the list of bad drivers and such, the world is also filled with creepers. How many times have you heard "I turned my back for one second and she was gone"... heart. stopping. Looking forward to my "child safety harness", whatever, my leash, even more now. Actually kind of excited about the peace of mind it will bring me! :)

Here's pictures from last night's supper... apparently Jane's a big fan of lasagna and peekaboo. :p

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Lena! said...

Good for you for keeping Jane's safety in mind. I myself love the concept of a leash, but have to admit I'm too scared of what other people think to actually stick one on my little guy. Perhaps I'll put the big girl panties on and just bite the bullet - who knows? Maybe I'll start a cool new trend here in 'sauga :)

**** April **** said...

I'm so thankful to know that I am NOT the only one that has these ... well, horrible thoughts of injury to my kid. I have a 4 month old and I think about him constantly about being dropped or falling off something on his head... kids dropping things on him. It's horrible and mentally exhausting! Ugh!

And, you are SO very good for thinking of her safety -- regardless of the stigma people associate with leashes. I haven't ever used one but I never had those kids taht just runs away but have known PLENTY who have and some HAVE used those.

I think, too, of this little kiddo who I can't get out of my mind... she's a toddler. Her family started a blog because she's a runner and fell into a canal... now is fighting for her life... a farmer pulled her out downstream and started CPR. She was this vivacious little blonde haired beauty and now is hooked up to tubes and monitors and... if I can prevent that from happening, you bet your a$$ I will. I can't imagine the living hell they are going through right now with their little angel.

Anonymous said...

We blog fans want to see some pics of the wedding Jane was in!!!