Jul 28, 2010

Shoes Please

I'm serious - I have been looking for white dress shoes for Jane for like a month and a half now! I can't find them anywhere. We have a wedding to be in in a week - no shoes. Although it is a summer wedding, me thinks that barefoot is not church-appropriate, non? :p

I can find tons of black, patent leather shoes for infants but NO WHITE!!! What the heck?!?! What little girl wears a black dress and, therefore, would require black dress shoes? Perhaps, this is why I can't find any white ones. Here's dilema (how the heck do you spell delema? delimna? dilema? dilemma? ahhh there it is - no red line under that one). Mommy brain still in full swing as you can see - although I'm not 100% sure I knew how to spell that pre-baby either! :p Stupid me. Oh, as I was saying (great previous sentence eh? - I almost left it at that without talking about dilemma number two) - delimma number (seriously - I just spelled that wrong again!!! DILEMMA number two is that I don't want to spend $50 on stupid shoes Jane is only going to wear once before she outgrows them! GRRRRRR. Is there a white shoe shortage?

Help. I need options. Quick. My sister needs shoes too or both Jane and "Luce" (Lucy) are going barefoot and beautiful - which, of course, we would think was cute while everyone else would be wondering what kind of mother would send their child out without shoes.

On that note. Only other mother's get that. Sometimes, I hit up the grocery store with Jane and no shoes. Non-moms look at you like your the mother from hell (That mom is so lazy she couldn't even put shoes on her child! HORRIBLE!). Other moms get it. Shoes are a pain in the A** sometimes. First of all, by the time I get to the store, both shoes are off and have likely been thrown at my head while driving. Secondly, if we make it into the store with the shoes we, never fail, end up backtracking through Sobeys looking for the $50 shoe that got dropped on the floor between the meat dept and the frozen food aisle (basically the entirety of the store of course). Thankfully, usually, I end up finding said shoe at customer service as someone was nice enough to see a tiny shoe and think I might need it... thank God for other Moms! Only another Mom would see a baby shoe on the floor and realize what would have happened.

Similar to that "note" is the fact that sometimes, and by sometimes I mean almost daily, I go out in public without realizing that my child's face is full of food. Non-moms look at you with disgust - That mom doesn't even care enough to clean their child! HORRIBLE! Moms get it - not only is my child's face full of food but it's likely that my own face, teeth and hair haven't been cleaned either. This morning, for example, I dropped Dan and Jane off to "work" (obviously Jane was going to daycare). I took her out of the car seat and handed her to Dan, then went to kiss her goodbye and realized breakfast was all over her face. Awesome. So, I did what any self-respecting mother would do and washed her face with my thumb and spit... ha ha ha, special. At least until Dan said "enough hun, she looks fine" and cut me off. I've literally gone to the playground before with an entire container of yogurt on Jane's face without even noticing... and it's only for the fact that it's other Moms there that I don't even bother explaining myself because I know they get it... it's only when I get down there and realize that she's got lunch on her face and no shoes on that I feel the need to explain myself. ha ha ha.

Alrighty, time for TMZ and tea. :)

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Angela said...

As I'm pretty sure you don't live too far from this place (http://www.spoilmerottenmaternity.com) I thought you might be interested. They not only have white sandals they have white Robeez-esque slippers that look like sandals for about $14. Hopefully it works out! Sorry if it's too far away...not sure how quick they can ship.

~*Cee*~ said...

Do you have Payless shoes out where you live?? They have an online store too. I got E some white patent leather shoes there (by TinyToes) last year.

Jen said...

Hey Ang and Cee - not sure if the first option will work as Berwick is like two hours away (thanks though - definitely a new option for next time) and I don't think they could ship in time.
Cee - didn't know payless had babes shoes. Hitting it up for sure.
Thanks gals!

Holly said...

Love this post! And I still keep extra baby wipes for the daily trips that I don't see Sam has squash or yogurt on his face until we get where we are going! He never has shoes on when we go to the store for those same reasons, it doesn't really matter at this point because I still put him in the shopping cart.

Unknown said...

Dillards. I found gorgeous white baby shoes there for about $15 a few months ago.

**** April **** said...

why not get black and paint them white? Desparate times calls for desparate measures! Good luck