Jun 2, 2010

Two Cakes Down...

Two cakes down, only cupcakes to go... I'm getting in touch with my inner baking-diva today, preparing for Jane's birthday party on Saturday. My kitchen is a complete disaster... and not just from me baking, from Jane playing. She gets into the cupboards and keeps herself occupied while I bake. Obviously, I have the dangerous cupboards locked up but the worst she'll do in the remaining cupboards is get flour all over the place (yes, I will be eating my "the worst" words when this actually happens and I have to clean it up)... regardless, will make for that classic "face full of flour" picture that most of us have of ourselves when we were toddlers after doing the same thing.

I realize it's four days pre-party and you're probably thinking... hmmm, cake's not going to be too fresh Jen. Well, here's what I do that works for me. Instead of baking two cakes and 48 cupcakes all on Saturday - when I'll likely have a bazillion other things to do - I bake in advance and freeze, un-iced, until Saturday morning. Not only does this keep everything fresh but it makes it SUPER easy to cut and ice when it's cold (vs. room temperature or warm post-baking).

I'm curious as to how the cakes have turned out actually because both recipes are not ones I'm used to using. Actually, I never bake anything but cupcakes so the whole "cake" thing is intimidating.

Life just seems to be getting more and more insane. Although, next week, I will definitely have some more free time to, hopefully, "pound out" some great posts. As mentioned before, Jane starts her transition week to daycare next week so post-Monday, I'll have a few hours a day with "nothing" to do. I say "nothing" because I always have something to do - such is life for a Mom and a woman - but I'm pretty sure all the things I need to get done will be done in super-speedy time because I don't have a little rug-rat hanging off my leg... which, honestly, breaks my heart a little! :(

I'm still looking for work. There's an opportunity I am very excited about but waiting to hear back on... so fingers crossed for me as I'm pretty confident it would be a great experience! If it turns out that opportunity is not the right one for me, I've kind of got an interesting situation as Jane will be transitioned to daycare but not needing to go. I don't want to spend the time transitioning her and then not send her there ever because then she'd have to transition again once I find a job. Plus, it'll be one less "to-do" on us both once I start working if she's already comfortable with daycare. So, I'm thinking that, regardless, I will let her go to daycare 2-3 days a week so she stays comfortable with it. Sucks a little as we will still be paying full-time fees even though she's not staying full-time. Daycare for infants until 18 months is so hard to find here that you have to sign up during pregnancy and have to commit to full-time or they can find someone else to fill your spot in a second. I don't want to lose our spot at our daycare either because it's supposed to be great and it's in Dan's office building so if Jane ever got sick or hurt, he's right there which gives this Momma a heck of a lot of peace of mind.

K, must go - cake beeping at me. Happy Hump Day... did y'all see Glee last night. Hump day. Funny. Glee's been fab lately. Jane and I have taken to playing the "soundtracks" over and over while singing and dancing like we know how.

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Amanda said...


My own little girl turns one at the beginning of July, so I'm looking forward to hearing all about Jane's party!

SayK said...

FYI: I also used the giant cupcake pan for my daughter's first birthday - and had to re-do the cake at least once because it turned out to be hard as a rock!

Here is my tip for you: put the batter in the "bottom half" of the pan and bake it for 15-20 mins before adding batter to the "cupcake top". Otherwise, I found the bottom took so much longer to cook so the top overbaked completely.
Hope this advice is not too late!
Or, maybe your will turn out just fine the first time.
Good luck!

Jen said...

It was too late for me when you sent this message but much appreciated and lesson learned. I had to do cake number two this morning and it all turned out fine this time! :)

Jen :)