Jun 1, 2010

Busy Day

Can't "chat" right now - busy day ahead!

Jane's got her 12 month vaccines today (even though her birthday isn't until Saturday), plus Dan's getting a physical cause he's "always tired" (which has almost gotten him murdered on several occasions :p) and I am hoping to get back on "the pill". I avoided the pill until now because it can affect your b-milk production but, at this point, my little ta-tas aren't required for much besides filling out half of my previously over-flowing nursing bras.

So, I have to drive Dan to work which takes up an hour of my morning - ah, the joys of one car. And, because Jane's starting daycare next week, I have to buy doubles to leave at the centre (for my darling US gals, yes, in Canada we spell it "centre"... we're special) - bottles, soothers, diapers, wipes, formula, etc. Next week should be an interesting week for posts as you'll get to see first hand the intro to daycare from Mommy's perspective.

K, gotta go - baby hanging off my leg because her fav toy that she's not allowed to play with is, of course, my laptop!

Happy Tuesday to ya!

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