Jun 21, 2010

Murderous Molars

I'm exhausted. Jane has three molars coming in and I want my child back (my pre-teething, super sweet, always happy, no trouble child). Instead, the last few nights I've gotten, probably, less than 3 straight hours sleep with 5 hours of waking up pretty much every 15 minutes because Jane's screeching in her crib. I don't want to curse it (but I'm apparently going to anyways), but she seemed to have an easier time going to sleep tonight so PRAY for me. Otherwise, I might as well just write off life and lie on the couch in a zombie-like state. :p ha ha ha. Turning on "professional Jen" was easier than expected today even though a few minutes prior to that, in a conversation with a girlfriend, I was trying to say "specific" and I said "parcific". :p Fabulous.

On a brighter note, Jane did much better at daycare today. The "gals" and I pretty much decided this week is hard core transition. No choice but to get her on board. And, maybe she over-heard us ;) but she did so much better. First of all, she took the bottle from one of the gals prior to her AM and PM naps (success) and she didn't cry all day. She did, however, wake up from her afternoon nap crying and they couldn't get her to go back to sleep but I'm pretty sure I know why. There are 8 kids in the infant room at daycare (well, there's supposed to be but on any day there is usually on 5-6 actually there). There are two sleeping rooms with 4 cribs each. So, I'm pretty sure Jane woke up and started yelling but only wanted her nummy so she could go back to sleep... but because they didn't want her to wake the other babes up, they may have taken her out of the crib and room and that wouldn't have gone over well. Even if I do that to Jane - take her out of the crib when she's still tired - I get a pretty good cry fit thrown at me!

So, I wanted to write to let you know that I will continue to write as much as I can. I have to admit, since that little "research" I did asking y'all what you liked best about the blog and you said you like my ramblings best, it has been a lot easier - vs. regular giveaway posts, etc.

Seriously. Pray for me for a good night's sleep. Otherwise, avoid me tomorrow! :p  And, I pre-apologize to my city for the hideous state of appearence that will likely ensue if your prayers aren't answered.

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**** April **** said...

Man, I do NOT look forward to teething! It really does rob your little ones of their peacefulness. I can't imagine the pain and discomfort. I will say I was one of "those moms" that did let the Tylenol flow during that because I wanted to take the pain away. :(

Good luck...sounds like the transition IS working!