Jun 18, 2010

Will It Ever End?

Oh my goodness, will the teething ever end? Seriously. Jane's miserable. She's got a top and bottom molar coming in and, as a result, she's a child I've never met before - cranky, whiny, fussy... it's awesome. It's not really annoying or anything, it just makes me feel so bad for her. And I hate giving her drugs so I avoid doing it during the day and try to only give her something before bed if necessary. But, she's got this cold/flu thing going on too and had a fever again this morning so she's home again today. God love her, she's a mess! :p

Took her to the docs yesterday after the morning fever and apparently it's nothing serious - lots of clear fluids (water is best), saline nose spray (hell on earth), humidifier at bedtime, inclined crib mattress, etc. Basically everything I've been doing which sucks because I've been doing all of that for two weeks and she's not getting any better. Not to mention the actual docs appt was hell because Jane just had her vaccines so soon as the doc came near her with the ear thermometer, Jane freaked out and the remainder of the appt was a wrestling/screeching match that made me feel like the best mom ever. Don't even get me started on the nasal mist... 

Thankfully, my sis is staying with us next week until her new house is finished so I'm less stressed about the whole daycare thing as she may be able to help out and keep an eye on Jane if she needs a little longer to transition (hah, Nanc, this is me letting you know you might have to do that, k? ha ha ha). Who knew it would take three weeks to transition to daycare?!?! And it's completely unrelated to actual daycare - but combine teething plus a cold AND daycare and it equals disaster.

Jane was miserable this morning but then, after I gave her a bottle, she started to smile and chipper up again. So, we thought, ok lets bring her in to daycare and tell them to call me if she has a meltdown and I'll come get her. But, as we drove Dan into work, I kept looking at her in the mirror and couldn't do it. It would be completely selfish - what's best for us vs. what's best for her. Plus the daycare gals would likely less-than-love me for dropping a cranky, sick, miserable child off and saying "see ya later". I brought her up to her crib as soon as we got home, she tucked her legs up under her little belly and passed out. So cute.

Hey! I forgot to share! I was trying on all my work clothes last week to see what I needed to buy - thinking basically all pants because none of them fit the last time I tried. HALLELUJAH! All of a sudden all my work clothes fits! WTH!! I have a whole new wardrobe! Contrary to what I thought, I need tons of tops and no pants! YIPEE!

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Raising Cains~ said...

oh how I feel your pain! Quincy is almost 11 months old and JUST got his first tooth through today, the other one is SO close, i'm praying it comes through overnight. Then we move onto his bottom bumps. There are atleast 3 of those. Add ontop of it all he has a cold AND is in the process of dropping his afternoon nap. To tired to be happy and awake, but not tired enough to not fight it and scream bloody murder when put down...It's been a long week and I feel for the poor guy. I can' remember my wisdom teeth comming through and I know what kind of pain he must be in :(

**** April **** said...

Oh my GOSH I think I may have to fly to where you are and smack you for posting that! LOL. I'm like... seriously 3 months post pardum (sp?) and had to buy transition clothes. I'm exclusively breast feeding AND I"m not one of THOSE MOMS that just drops the weight like ... "that" (did you see me snap my fingers?)

I wish I were. I had JUST lost all my weight and got to where I WANTED to be and bam... get pregnant and pack it right back on.

Sigh... oh well... give me a few months and I'll get back to walking/jogging (I hope).