Jun 24, 2010

Back to Work

Seeing as I haven't written since Monday, it's got to be obvious that being back at work means less time (duh) for "me" things. And, technically, today was my first full day so I haven't even gotten into the groove yet! :) I will say, I'm enjoying being on the go and busier and such. I will also say that when I see Jane's beaming face at the end of the day, excited to see her Mommy, I realize how much I missed her during the day.

When I get home, I just don't leave her alone. I want her in my arms and I want to play with her. There's definitely no "fighting" over who "has" to do bedtime routine as I'm all too happy to get those few extra special minutes with my little monkey.

She's apparently doing awesome at daycare now. Dan's been dropping her off since Monday and the girls say she's happy as a lark now which makes me so happy. Still, I feel like it's such a long day for her to be away from us but, I guess, every other child going to daycare in the world is going through the same thing and we all went through the same thing and most of us turned out pretty good! :) Most being the key word. :p

What you may learn quickly though is that your babe has a slightly different personality at daycare vs. at home. For instance, at home, Jane isn't the best eater - she eats everything as far as variety, but isn't a big eater re: quantity. At daycare, however, apparently she is a "great" eater and we're sent home with this fabulous little white sheet of paper that says all the food she ate all day - and typically "all" is selected vs. "some" or "none". I love the "white sheets" - telling me what my girlie did all day (walks, reading, playing, etc.), when she napped, when she pooped (doesn't seem like it would be important, but it is - as a Mom you pay more attention to poop than you ever thought possible), etc.

Ok, this is all you get. I'm busy the next two days but will try my hardest to get back to more frequent posts once this "re-intro to the real world" week is over.

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Louise said...

Glad to hear you are all adjusting to this well. I am in my last month before returning to work and it's a mix of dread and expectation. So I'm enjoying reading how things are going for you.

Amanda said...

I start back to work soon too, and I think your descriptions of what it's like are helping me mentally adjust to the idea of leaving my little girl at daycare.
LOL about the poop - I got the nickname "poop inspector" from my husband because of my, ah... "attention to detail" in that regard!

Angelene said...

Good to hear that you're settling into work and Jane is having fun at daycare. I had to laugh at your comment about kids being different at daycare than at home. It is the same when they get to school. I tell parents "oh, little Jonny is so sweet and helpful at school" and the parents look at me like... are you talking about MY son? It also works the other way too of course... Little Jonny ain't so nice and sweet at school... Oh, no that can't be MY son you're talking about! :P

Have a great day!

**** April **** said...

So glad to hear that things seem to be moving forward in a positive fashion. :)

I remember, too, the white sheets (with my first son who was in daycare).

He's the reason I said I'd never have more kids if I had to put them in daycare. :)
I do miss the camraderie of being around adults more which is why I'm going ot join MOPS again and also a Mom's League near my house.