Jun 29, 2010

The Sick Situation

My first week working again was definitely challenging but not in the way I expected. I expected to be exhausted, worn out, overwhelmed, etc. Instead, it was just utter chaos! Of course, Jane's basically been sick since she started daycare which is awesome (sarcasm, duh) and I picked her up after work on Friday to find out she had a crazy fever, the "worst cough ever" and diarrhea. Awesome, again. So, I took her to the docs and FINALLY found out what was wrong - Strep Throat. Double awesome. Remember that snotty nose kid I complained about from day one? Yeah, shocker - he was just "getting over" a throat infection... fab.

So, she's been on antibiotics since Saturday and she's doing SO much better now. No more fever, no more miserable looking red eyes with a face that scream exhaustion. God lover her - she was chipper and smiley-faced through the entire ordeal. Of course, I was supposed to work Saturday and Dan was out of town so thankfully I was graciously let "off the hook" for Saturday. My sis and her hubby are getting settled in their new house this week so once they are "up and running" it will be easier to handle these sick situations as my sis is still off work with her little one, Lucy.

What makes me a little grouchy is that we saw a different doc two weeks ago when Jane first had the crazy-ass fever and she told me it was just a cold/virus and to keep doing what I was doing - of course, she didn't check Jane's mouth/throat like the doc on Friday did and VOILA - strep. Makes me grouchy. What are you going to do though? At some point, you kind of have to trust the docs as, last I checked, I'm not a practicing physician and cannot write myself scripts of antibiotics and so on.

So, life is insanely busy and crazy and chaotic. But fabulous too! :) It's definitely not as hard as I would have imagined being back at work. It's not until I get home and see my little monkey that I realize how much I missed her!

She's walking now. Not full-on walking (like no longer crawling) but walking here and there. She just lets go and takes off - it's the funniest thing - and she's getting good too! Of course, this means I had to go out and spend $50 on a new pair of shoes for her. Oh, how I would love to go out and spend money on a new pair of shoes for me!!! :)

K, absolutely have to go - daily showers are no longer a second thought now being back to work - you kind of have to look presentable and clean! :p ha ha ha.

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