Feb 17, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

This is my third weigh-in post starting the 30 Day Shred. I'm on level 3 now, which I like a lot better than level 2. With that said, I have a few issues with this 30 day shred business:

(1) It says the average person lose at least 10 lbs on this program. I think it should clarify. If I lost 10 lbs, I'd be 134 lbs - basically a tiny person. I don't think it's possible for me to get down to my wedding-weight (basically) by working out 20 minutes a day when the last time I got to that weight I was working out for a least an hour a day.

(2) I don't find the workouts
that hard. I should be clear - They are difficult, yes. I do sweat a little, yes. I do find it challenging while I'm doing it, yes. BUT, I don't find it so challenging that after 20 minutes "I'm dying" (as Jillian Michaels says I should be) and I definitely don't find it so challenging that I think I'm going to be "shreded" in 30 days. So, without meaning to offend anybody, I think this workout is definitely great for beginners early in their weight-loss program or for those who have never really done muscle strengthening workouts. It would have been wicked for me earlier in my quest to lose the baby weight but I think right now, with only a few more pounds to lose, I might need a bit more than the 20 mins a day to get past this plateau. I think after this is over, next week, I'm going to kick off my own little program of cardio and weight training. I don't think the shred is offering me enough calorie burning potential to make a difference to me at this point.

(3) In level 3, during one of the three minutes of abs you do the entire workout, Jillian says something like "you should be starting to see that 6-pack by now".
Seriously? I don't think it's physically possible to get 6-pack abs in 30 days unless you starve yourself and do an additional 20 mins of abs separately every day in addition to the shred. Just a thought though. And the fact that she says that pisses me off a little because I have been working my buns off during the abs portions of the workout because that's my biggest trouble zone right now and I don't even have a pack, let alone 6 of them! Also, she keeps saying "if you want to look like this" and "if you stick with it you can look like this" referring to her backup dancers (alicia and somebody else)... I realize this is meant to motivate us, but again, seriously?

I sound a little bitter and, truth is, I am just disappointed... I bought into the hype. I expected to be shreded. :p Regardless, I'm going to finish it off... my 30 days. And, I'm looking forward to it being over. Although, it may not have produced the results I, unrealistically, expected in the early days, it has given me back my motivation to workout again and be healthier. Oh, and my butt does look a lot better. I swear that's the only thing I've really noticed a change in... my hamstrings looks nicer and my butt looks better. Definitely not a total loss (I think my husband would agree - not that he had complaints before). :)

On another bright note, I went shopping yesterday morning - trying to waste time in between dropping Dan at work and our swimming lesson - and I bought, and fit into, a pair of size 6 cords. I have attached photos as proof (I left the size tag on for you and everything). :p YIPEE.

Here are my stats for this week:
WIW starting weight: 157 lbs

Current weight: 143 lbs

Pounds lost: 14 lbs

Pounds to lose: 6 lbs (almost 5, which is NOTHING :p)

Stick with it to the rest of the girls out there shreding... if nothing else, we can all stand together and say we did it! And, I'm sure, like me, y'all are motivated again and back on the exercise train. :p

Almost forgot - today's the last day to enter my Green Beaver Giveaway - people, people, people you are nuts not to jump on this one! The products are amazing, the hoops are minimal! :p

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Lindsay said...

I totally agree with your 'points of contention" ... I have fallen off the wagon slightly and taken a break for 5 days (crap! how did that happen?!). I am eager to get back on though and keep working out. But there is no way I will lose 10lbs working out 20 mins a day. Even though I have about 15-20 left to lose. After 12 straight days of working out I noticed no difference ... either on the scale or off. BUT ... I still need to get my butt in gear so I will finish the 30 days (and add a few to compensate for my days off!)

PS: there is NO reason for you to be discouraged lady! You look AWESOME in those photos and I could only WISH to look that good! :)

Jen said...

Thanks Lindsay! Honestly, at this point, I'm happy with my size, I'd just like to be in better shape... oh, yeah, and fit into my freakin' clothes!!! :p

**** April **** said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I don't even know you but YOU GO GIRL! I can't wait to get back in my size 8's, I mean - don't get me wrong, a 6 would be great but I've always had a curvy bootie! While I'd LOVE to shoot for a 6... I still couldn't get into a size 6 at 137 pounds. Proof we're all shaped differently! BUT... as soon as baby #3 gets here... I'm SO on the road to getting back down to my "real" clothes because as comfortable as they are -- maternity clothes SUCK! :) Congratulations on your continued weight loss!!!! Keep up the good work!