Feb 11, 2010

Green Beaver Giveaway

Giveaway Number 2 for this week - WOOHOO!

After Jane was born, I quickly became aware of what I was using on her skin as, after a few months of using products whose ingredients I couldn't pronounce, she started to get mild eczema. Doing a little research, I learned that highly fragranced and complex products could be the culprit. So, I started seeking out more natural products for her and myself.

Lucky for me, I was asked to try some products from a Canadian company named Green Beaver. Green Beaver was started by two parents who, after the birth of their son, had the same epiphany as I... too much scary "stuff" in typical household products.

Green Beaver products are 100% natural, biodegradable, vegan and gluten-free.

I use natural not just because of sensitive skin but because, like most babes, EVERYTHING goes in Jane's mouth. I've been calling Jane a "self-dunker" lately as she gets in her bath tub and immediately starts trying to get a mouthful of water by either face diving into the water or splashing it into her mouth. Green Beaver believes that "if an ingredient is not safe for us to swallow, then it should not be applied on our skin". SOLD.

I started using the Green Beaver Jr Bubble Bath and Shampoo, in Boreal Berries scent, two weeks ago. Now, when Jane takes a big gulp of her bubbly water, I don't worry. Because Green Beaver's products are naturally fragranced (with raspberry and carrot oil for example), I didn't worry when giving these a go because I knew that they weren't full of nasty chemicals that would make her skin break out. Jane's had no reaction, except to smell delightful! Smelling like berries is not the be-all-and-end-all but her fragrance-free wash was BOOOOOring. Us girls like to smell pretty! :) Where's the fun in scent-free? Both products will last a while too as just a teeny bit (the size of a nickel) is all I use for super-bubbles or a good hair wash! The shampoo lathers really nicely - as opposed to my sensitive skin shampoo that barely lathers at all.

I've also been using some Green Beaver "big girl" products. Their Winter line is awesome - especially in the frigid temperatures of Eastern Canada! Their Apres Ski Winter Lip Balm sits on my bedside table, where I use it religiously every night. It's awesome - not sticky, not thick, just right. I've also been using their Apres Ski Winter Face Cream every day on my cheeks and eyes to make sure the dry air and cold wind doesn't dry my skin out. It smells kind of herb-y but I like that it's not greasy and keeps my cheeks super soft.

At first, the Winter Cheek Balm scared me a little - It looks like a giant glue stick! With that said, I remembered when we used to go skiing as kids, Mom would CAKE this thick, sticky cream on our faces so we wouldn't get wind burn. The Winter Cheek Balm is about 1000% better than this. It's not greasy (obviously I don't like greasy!) or too thick. Last week, Jane's cheeks were getting a little dry from swimming and the cold. Little light bulb moment - I thought "hmmm, maybe I'll try that cheek balm stuff on her" - I mean it is natural, so even though it's not a "baby" product, it'll probably be fine, right? Grabbed my "glue stick" cheek balm and it wasn't until after I put it on her rosy cheeks that I noticed the following on the label: "our products are safe for the whole family including babies". SOLD. Officially a Green Beaver addict!

They actually have some baby care products (seriously? I'm going to be broke!) including massage butter (with a guide for baby and toddler massage) and nursing balm (lanolin free). I've got both if anyone who lives near me wants to give them a try. Jane's passed that baby massage period... as soon as she's naked she flips onto her belly and wants to mosey around. No time for relaxing anymore!

Pricing is insanely reasonable, especially considering natural products are usually more expensive. For example, Green Beaver Nursing Balm is $10.99 (www.healthtoyou.ca) whereas Lasinoh Lanolin Cream (commonly used) is $12.49 (www.well.ca). If the fact that it's cheaper and natural doesn't sell you, then I give up! Click here to see where you can purchase Green Beaver products online or for a store listing.

Here's the GREAT news! After I became addicted to the Green Beaver Jr products, I emailed my fabulous rep, Brianne, and begged for a Giveaway. I am such a supporter of this company now and a HUGE fan of their products that I really want everyone to give them a try. So....

Here are the details on MB's Green Beaver Jr Giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive a Green Beaver Jr package including the Boreal Berries Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Hand Wash. You would be absolutely crazy not to jump on this one ladies! These products are amazing and the company is definitely one we should be supporting!

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog DirectoryHere are your hoops:
(1) Visit Green Beaver Online and tell me a product you want to try out. Comment about it (not anonymously, as usual).
(2) Vote for MOmMy bRaIn on TopMommyBlogs.com (all you have to do is click the button to the left). This is a little confusing as the site should have a "thank you for voting" message but they don't. Once you click, that's it. Thanks!

If you want extra entries, feel free to:
(1) Tweet about this giveaway
(2) Post it to your Facebook profile (as status)
(3) Blog about it The winner will be posted next week under Giveaways. If the winner doesn't claim her prize within a week, another winner will be selected - so be sure to check back!

Even if you're not a Mom yet or have kids passed the age of Jr products, it's worth entering - these would make a great shower gifts!

*** American girls, stomp your feet again if you want to. Because GB is a Canadian company, this giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. My apologies. If it makes you feel better, you have Target and we don't. There. We're even. :p ***

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PS - Ok, totally fessing up, after I read the quote from the founders about if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin, I got a little curious.... so I taste-tested my Winter Face Cream. Not bad. I wouldn't be smearing it on my chicken anytime but it didn't taste like face cream. Y'all know what I mean. Y'all have accidentally gotten cream or something in your mouth before and it tastes like it's burning your tongue. This by no means tastes like it's bad for you. After that, I tried Jane's bubbles too! :p

PPS - If you're looking for an alternative to your Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (although one of my fav products) or just wanting to support a Canadian company, Green Beaver Lip Shimmer is awesome and only $4.99!


KShiell said...

Yes! Finally a contest on a blog that's open for Canadian Residents only! This makes me very excited!!!

I'd really like to try the Blemish Mousse and their grapefruit & soothing aloe facial cleanser! There are just so many nice looking things, it's hard to just choose a couple.

I just checked their store listings and they have one just down the street from me!!! I'm stopping there on my way home from work tonight!

Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm going to go and tweet and blog about it :)

KShiell said...

I voted for you on TopMommyBlogs.com! If you're up for it you can always vote for me too! :) www.gethealthymomma.blogspot.com

Shulilah said...

This stuff seems awesome! I want to try their facial products, and shimmering lip balm...and of course, all the baby stuff!

Lindsay said...

YOu have the best giveaways girlie! Love it!
I would also love to try their Winter cheek balm ... sounds fabulous for our dry AB winter air!

Sarah said...

I would love to try the baby wash, as my son is also into bath tub diving. I would also like to try their deoderants and lip balms!
I voted for you and I will post this on my facebook!

MorganCain said...

I'm soooooo ordering Green some Beaver Foaming Hand Soap, Jorja is horrid for getting her hands in her mouth when shes washing, this stuff would make me feel much better =)

Allie said...

I'd love to try their natural deodorant - always wanted to try a natural one, as I use anti-perspirant but I'm always hearing about how it's bad for you. Thanks for the info about GreenBeaver, they sound great! :)

suzie said...

I would like to try the unscented natural deodorant

suzie said...

Voted for you Thanks for the info re voting, had me totally confused :0

suzie said...


suzie said...


KShiell said...

I tweeted it earlier today kandice_shiell

KShiell said...

I also blogged about it today as well


suzie said...

posted on Facebook, not sure if this is right ?

Susan Margaret said...

I'd like to try the Star Anise toothpaste - I've heard Star Anise is yummy so it would make brushing fun!

I also voted for you!

charmtime at gmail dot ocm

Angepeets said...

First of all - you're hilarious! I can just picture you eating the products!!

I haven't heard of this company before and I'm excited to try their products. I'd probably start with the baby shampoo because Chloe has had excema for a few weeks. But I'd also love to try the lip shimmers cause I can never have enough!

Angelene said...

Another great looking giveaway! I totally voted for your blog and I think the aluminum free deodorant looks like something I'd try. I've had a hard time finding similar products, but the Adidas deodorant is aluminum free. I've not heard of this company before - good job Jen!

Susan Margaret said...

today's tweet

charmtime at gmail dot com

K said...

I'd love to try the AppleMint Bath and Body Wash!

Susan Margaret said...

today's tweet http://twitter.com/littlecomper/status/9139951011

charmtime at gmail dot com

Susan Margaret said...

today's tweet

charmtime at gmail dot com

FOKXXY said...

I visited Green Beaver and I would like to try out the Grapefruit Bamboo facial scrub. It was a toss up between that and the Green Tea Facial Moisturizer. I like the look and sound of their products. Makes me want some!! :)

Oh.. I also clicked that button to vote for you!


FOKXXY said...

I tweeted



Mimi said...

Thanks for the great contest! I would like to try the Green Tea Facial Moisturizer. Sounds amazing!

hether78 said...

I visited green beaver and would love to try the Green Tea Facial Moisturizer!

And I voted for you!


hether78 said...

I tweeted:


Peter, Jill, and Parker said...

Hey Jen! What a great company. Like you I am concerned for Parker's skin and what goes on it. Seems as though he has inherited his mommy's sensitive skin. I would love to try the Jr's Gentle Shampoo and Foaming Body Wash.

deannejill at yahoo dot com