Feb 12, 2010

Testing the Ol' Brain

Sorry - today's post is going to be super boring and super short.

I've started applying for jobs again. I dare not complain as I know there are many Moms out there who aren't lucky enough to get 3 months off with their babies, let alone 9 months plus. And, despite my heartbreak over leaving my sweetie pie, I am looking forward to getting back into the "real" world.

So, I've spent the last two days trying to write a cover letter. Honestly, 2 years ago, this would have taken me 30 minutes. Now, it's taking me two days. I'm hoping that my difficulties in completing this task are due to the fact that (1) I want it to be perfect and (2) I haven't done a cover letter in 4 years and NOT the fact that my brain no longer works properly! :p

Unfortunately, my master plan of becoming a bazillionaire over the past 8 months hasn't worked out... I don't know how? I mean I did... didn't even buy a lotto ticket - except when the winnings were over $40 million. To which I now say - what the heck?!?! Is $3 million not enough for me? Apparently, I'm a money snob and $3 million dollars is below me. Regardless, life is pretty fabulous and my family is so blessed and so lucky. So, I'll take my non-bazillionaire status and my taking-48-hours-to-write-a-cover-letter-brain-power with a smile on my face! :)

Ok, officially have to force myself to stop writing now as this could easily become an easy way to procrastinate...

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Mel said...

Your minimal amount for playing the lotto makes me laugh as I often comment about this and that I am the same way! I always think that Nah... after dishing out to our families to give them a big boost I wouldn't have anything left over if I had 3 million.. Despite the fact that at the most we have a couple grand in the bank at any given moment LOL! IF WE ARE LUCKY! But no thanks to possibly having 10's of thousands if I were to win.. :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

I just found the 'Jennifer' group over at MBC, Joining you over here as a fellow Jennifer and fellow Canadian as well! you can find me at http://momvstheboys.blogspot.com/ if you have the time!

Kate said...

Are you not going back to your old job? Looking for something new?

Sherry said...

Oh yes, the mommy brain...I still have it off and on, and my youngest turned 7 last week.