Feb 10, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

I've been doing "the shred" for two weeks and two days now... I can't lie. I've missed two days which, in my opinion, ain't half bad. Two days out of 16 straight is a record for me by far. I've never worked out every day in my life! At the most 5 days a week and that was pre-wedding. Regardless, sticking to it and enjoying it (my lip curled a bit when I said this). I hate having to do it but when I'm doing it and afterward, I am enjoying it. I'm still on level 2 and think I will move up to level 3 next Monday. I actually find level 2 easier than level 1 but there's a lot of plank-ish stuff that I find hard because my arms suck. Honestly, maybe that's why I've had two days off on level 2, because there's a lot of arm stuff. I don't give a dang about my arms.... abs yes, legs yes, buns yes, arms bleh. As long as they aren't severe Oprah-arms, I don't really care. :p

Eating is going a lot better since I started working out, aside from the odd day where I eat a treat or two. This last week was a little challenging - Dan's birthday with the whole ice-cream cake, Superbowl Sunday where I tried to not get a treat but ended up eating a cupcake, bag of chips and a nanaimo bar :p (FAIL) and then Monday, where for whatever reason (my 8 month old daughter - not pointing fingers though :p) I was exhausted and ate about 3 more pita than I should have. Not a big folly but enough to make it a weight-neutral day vs. a weight-loss day. Who pigs out on pita? I love pita. Pita and cheese. Pita and peanut butter. Plain pita. Everything pita. Then Dan has the nerve to say, after I confessed about my excessive pita eating, "well, there's a lot of carbs in pita - maybe you shouldn't eat as many" - to be clear, my hubby doesn't want me to lose weight, he just tries to be helpful and instead ends up getting himself in deep **** because of the less-than-smart things he says (stupid is not a nice word :p). Remember my top 10 list from pregnancy... priceless.

So, here's the deal. I'm down a pound this week. After last week's disappointing results, this makes me half-smile. Not quite the excessive weight loss I was hoping for. With that said, I put on my pre-pregnancy jeans on Sunday morning, buttoned them up and wore them around the house for 30 minutes. As long as I'm standing, we're good! Soon as I sit I risk a major button blow out or severe internal injuries from excessive pressure applied to the abdomen. :p Oh yeah, and they are so tight in the legs they look like they were painted on. Big whoop. They were on, I was wearing them and that it's the point!!! Unlike previous weeks, I didn't have any muffin top after they were buttoned, so that's a change and change is good.

Here are the specifics for those who care:
WIW starting weight: 157 lbs
Current weight: 144 lbs
Pounds lost: 13 lbs
Pounds to lose: 7 lbs

If you don't have the $$ for Jillian's 30 Day Shred, try the workout video below (tip: don't lift from your back, lift from your thigh-roid) :p

In the fabulous words of Meryl Streep, Devil Wears Prada (best movie ever)... That's all.

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Lindsay said...

LOL, my pre-preg jeans fit as long as I stay standing too! (though I still have the darn muffin top). I weighed myself this morning and have lost 3lbs since last Thurs (nothing much to cheer about since I gained 2 last week). I just bumped to level 2 yesterday and liked it!

Emily said...

Hey, good for you babe! You're probably also gaining muscle mass by now as well ... right? Yeah, that's it for sure! ;) But seriously.