Jun 10, 2009

Early Labour - My Experience!

Thought I'd start my first of many post-baby posts with some details about my early labour experience. Labour was completely different from what I had expected. As much as I had "prepared", I quickly learned that there is no way to prepare for labour and delivery

As you read last Thursday, I was so disappointed about having to be induced. I was 100% convinced I had no other choice as I felt no "signs of labour" and didn't anticipate a change before my scheduled induction. Mistake! :) In my Natural Labour Inducers post, I said sex was one of few inducers I thought might work. My girlfriend asked her neighbor (an ob-gyn) what could induce labour and she said sex as well. So, Dan sucked it up (again :p)as he knew how much I wanted to avoid induction. Two hours later, my contractions started. I woke up at midnight not feeling well. My lower back was really aching, I was hot and a little nauseous. I got in the bath, trying to feel better, and noticed menstrual-like cramps that radiated from my lower back. I quickly realized they were accompanied by my contractions and were running about 4 mins apart. After 30 mins, I woke up my hubby and my Mom. I was so scared to get my hopes up that I was in labour that I convinced myself I wasn't for 30 mins!

My contractions started at 4 mins apart, lasting 1 minute, for over an hour - we were told this meant "time to go to the hospital". We waited about 3 hours before leaving however, as I could tell that despite the 4-1-1 contractions, things weren't progressing urgently. Instead we went for a walk and tried to get some rest - impossible btw! :)

Our first and second trips to the hospital both ended with me getting sent home. I was 1cm dilated each time and wasn't in "active" labour... unless I dilated, they would just let me go on having contractions (even for a couple days)! However, by 2pm, my contractions had dramatically increased in intensity to the point that I couldn't talk, walk, move, etc. through a contraction... all I could do was moan and breathe! While sitting, my contractions were 3-4 mins apart but when I walked/stood up, they were 1-2 mins apart. By the time we got to the hospital, I was crying from exhaustion and fear that they would send me home again. Thankfully, I was admitted at 3:30pm at 3cm dilated.

I'm going to stop this post here. I'm going to break my labour story up into a few posts so it's not 40 pages long! Stayed tuned... despite my perfect outcome (she's so cute!), things did not go "perfectly". :)

What every mom-to-be should know about early labour is that you forget about the pain, fear, etc. the minute you see your babe for the first time. Apparently this is the key to survival of our species, ha ha ha. Secondly, listen to your body. You will absolutely know when it's time to head to the hospital, trust me. Lastly, even if you have low tolerance for pain (I'm pretty wimpy), by some miracle, you can handle it. You just do.

Elated to be sitting here with my little girl in my arms,

Jen :)

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Lora said...

Can't wait to hear the whole labour and delivery story! I keep checking back for updates...

I don't know if I would agree with you on the 'forgetting the pain part'..having had my little guy in December I still vividly remember the contractions and I didn't even end up delivering (I had a section). What I would say is once you see them you know it was all worth it...

Billie-Jo said...

Hi Jen - congrats, she is so beautiful!! i have been checking in and looking at your pics for awhile, I will give you a call in a couple of weeks to arrange a visit, can't wait to meet her!

Jen said...

Lora, You may be right... perhaps "forget" was the incorrect term. I will never forget! I guess I just stopped thinking about how painful that stage of labour was as soon as I saw her. In any other circumstance, I'm sure I would still be talking about it constantly (as I said, complete wimp)!

Heather said...

Hi Jen,

Congrats!!! She is beautiful and I am so glad she's healthy. I can't wait to hold her, and I'll visit once things settle down with the new arrival.