Jun 3, 2009

Operation: Get Bun Out of Oven

Seeing as I've basically tried all of these - all at once, upside down and backwards - I thought I'd give my opinion on natural labour inducers:
  • Nipple stimulation - Refuse to give this a try despite hubby thinking it's a great idea (surprise, surprise)! Nipple stimulation releases oxytocin which may cause contractions. Problem is, you need to play with your nipples for an hour, 3x a day. PASS!
  • Castor Oil - OK I lied. I haven't, nor will I, try all of these. The laxative effects of castor oil may stimulate the uterus. No thanks! Plus, that would dehydrate you - not good pre-labour.
  • Sex - Gave this a shot but we were pre-emptive in our strike. Persuading hubby at this point is impossible... too uncomfortable with the baby being "right there". Why it may work - prostaglandins in sperm can ripen the cervix and orgasm releases oxytocin, the contraction hormone . Worth a try!
  • Spicy Food - Complete nonsense unless the above theory re: castor oil proves true. Did nothing but give me heartburn.
  • Walking - If this was true, I'd have given birth 20 weeks ago. I walk every friggin' day trying to get this baby to engage and stimulate my cervix... ZILCH!
  • Exercise Ball - My hubby watches the ball with concern every time I bounce on it... as if it's going to pop and take down the house! :p Bouncing supposedly helps get baby into the right position. Personally, it just makes my back feel better.
  • Membrane Sweep - I've had two sweeps so far and nodda. It's apparently effective if you're cervix is already preparing - can stimulate labour within 48 hours and decreases your chance of going overdue. They can be painful but mine have been OK so far. Having a 3rd tomorrow at docs appt. Pray for success! This is the only natural inducer I'd put my money on.
There are tons more about teas, curries, pineapple (WHAT?), etc. but, personally, I think a lot can be written off as coincidence. Fact is, we try these wives tales around our due dates when our body is already set for labour. Naturally, whatever we did just before our first contraction, we will credit with "stimulating" labour. With that said, if I go into labour today, I'm writing a paper on how blogging about labour inducers induces labour... I'll be rich and famous!

Jen :)

PS - New poll started yesterday on your biggest newborn concerns - check it out!

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