Jun 2, 2009

Preparing for Baby #7 - Freezer Meals

Freezer Meals for Post-Baby

Several of my mom-friends recommended making a few meals to freeze for post-baby. Apparently, bringing home a newborn may result in you being too exhausted, sleep-deprived, busy, and pre-occupied to cook - WHO KNEW?!?! :p

As usual, I went a little over board and have 15 meals frozen in my freezer...

Some healthy, tasty, freezer-friendly meals:

Wanna-be Chicken "Potpie"
(2) Chicken Lasagna
(3) Butter Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Chili
Mom's Mac-n-cheese
White Chicken Chili
(8) Whole Wheat-Flax Pizza Dough

I froze my meals in 2-serving portions so I don't have to thaw the entire batch and each batch will last for two or more meals. I don't intend on using all of my pre-made meals within the first week of being home with baby... I'll save them for the nights when I have absolutely no desire or energy to cook (which may end up being my first week home) ha ha ha! :)

Hopefully this gives you more energy to focus on yourself and your sweet baby!

Jen :)

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Sam said...

Yay! I can comment:) You're so prepared! I can't wait for my nesting instinct to kick in (hopefully it does)...my house and my husband will be surely appreciative:) Chicken lasagna looks amazing...will have to try:)

Jen said...

WOOHOO! Glad the comments are working now... obviously they were screwed up for awhile as suddenly I'm getting tons and I love it!

I think I got the nesting bug early, because lets face it - I had nothing else to do without a job! :p

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

I've known a few people who have done this and none have regretted it, so I hope it works out for you too =) Also, I hope you have a reason to eat those meals soon!!

Jen said...

Thanks Sarah...I'm patiently waiting. Trying to keep myself busy so the time passes more quickly! :)