Jun 1, 2009

See no baby, hear no baby, speak no baby...


Well, the only surprise at this point is that I'm not grouchy about being overdue. I expected to be overdue and hoped I wouldn't turn into a grumpy pregnant lady, but who can predict these things?!?!

No changes since the last update on Saturday. Still having a lot of braxton-hicks, sometimes having 2 to 3 in 15 minutes, but they are quite irregular and unpredictable. Apparently, the b-h are strengthening my uterine muscle and preparing my cervix so I'm hoping that this means my labour will be easier... ha ha ha, unlikely! All I can tell you is they make me uncomfortable and make my belly so hard you could bounce a coin off it... which is not something I've ever said or will say again about my belly! :p

Had an exciting moment last night... baby was moving more than ever before, causing a lot of contractions. I started having some painful cramps in my lower pelvis, which I thought was just her head-butting my bladder as usual. But it lasted significantly longer than usual and accompanied a contraction so we thought it might be early labour. We were disappointed 20 minutes later when I hadn't had another contraction. Must sound crazy to wish for painful contractions, I know! I am hoping, at least, that all that movement was her engaging further and increasing the pressure on my cervix. Remaining positive! :)

According to the poll, the majority seem pretty convinced this baby will come in the next 3 days, so fingers crossed! My Mom is flying in tomorrow, so perhaps baby will realize we are all ready for her now and then decide to make her grand entrance!

Will update you again on Wednesday, unless anything changes in the meantime.

Jen :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy coming on the blog and reading your posts...my little one is 6 months old so all of the stuff you are going through is very fresh in my mind. I keep wondering how often you'll update once the baby is here!

One comment about your preparation posts-I wonder if you'll change anything once you have the baby? For example: what to pack in your bags? You definitely may have a different perspective once you've gone through it!

Jen said...

Thanks for the complement! I fully intend on regularly updating the blog once baby is here... at least a few times a week! I already have a bunch of ideas for topics that I think will be fun to discuss. :) As a new mom, do you have anything you'd recommend?

Great minds think alike - I thought doing an updated labour bag list, post baby, would be a smart idea as well! I'm sure there will be things I needed that I didn't have and things that were useless that I did! ha ha ha.

Let me know if you have any ideas!

Jen :)