May 6, 2012

out of the office

Sorry I've been the worst blogger of the year this week - I've had a busy work week + a sick day due to exhaustion combined with everlasting cold + now I'm off to T.O. for two days for work... so, I'll be back on Wednesday!

I've got another docs appt this week so WHOPPEEE (I secretly love them now that I'm with my ob/gyn) but I got a call last week after my diabetes blood work from my GPs office saying my doc wanted to "follow up with me on the blood work" which, well, we all know isn't the best outcome... no news is good news when it comes to docs. So, after being freaked for a day (conveniently the day I took off to relax and recuperate :p), and thanks to some fantastic facebook friends, I'm feeling like it's likely that I may have to be re-tested after fasting or something super great like that... fingers crossed that's it!

Okee dokes. Happy Monday and Tuesday! Here's a few pics of my girl and I from our weekend at the zoo and FINALLY her first pony ride! YIPEE!!

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