Mar 15, 2012

21 weeks pregnant

We had our ultrasound today! WOOT WOOT! When I booked it weeks ago it, March 15th seemed like FOREVER. And here we are. I have a feeling that's how the entire pregnancy will go... except the last few weeks of course when I'm impatient and being insane because I should be enjoying my last few weeks of "normalcy".

Anyways. We had probably the longest ultrasound in the history - went in at around 2:45pm and didn't finish until 4:45pm. But, those rooms, it's like the freakin' spa. It was all Dan and I could do not to fall asleep - the lighting is low, it's quiet, it's warm. Ahhhh. I could have stayed there all afternoon. We were, I will say, lucky enough to have a radiology resident do the majority of our ultrasound. She was super sweet and kept saying things like "look at that beautiful hand" and "that's gorgeous" and so on. So, we had some relief right off the bat. To see these sweet hands spread out and grabbing at her toes, sucking her thumb, posing with her hands behind her head... to cute. So, if you caught on there, I'm saying "her". Don't pull out your pink onesies yet folks....

Here's the thing. They won't tell you during the ultrasound what the sex is. I probably could have tried to ask but we all know when I get into these situations I go from outspoken, loud-mouthed, bi*** to quiet, people-pleasing, don't want to bother anyone, Jen. With all that said, because the resident was doing an incredibly thorough exam because she was wanting to learn and taking pictures of things that aren't "standard" just because she wants to improve and figure out how to identify things, we saw our babe's bum about a bazillion times... and, there was nothing resembling a penis there. At one point, I said to Dan "hunny, I don't want to burst your bubble, but there ain't no bones sticking out between though two femers (thigh bones)". So, by no means would I head to cosco to stock up on pink carters outfits, but I'm pretty darn sure we're not going to be getting rid of the two hundred tuperware bins full of Jane's old clothes in the basement. And, you know what, the more it sinks in, the more I realize how truly excited I would be to have another girl. I mean, we were fairly indifferent. Obviously, Dan's a man, so it's like a thing... they always think it's a boy and they always secretly want a boy. So, it's only now, that we come to the probable understanding that we're having another girl that I'm really putting any thought into it. And, I kind of love it. :)

We got a really good explanation of EVERYTHING, from head, to spine, to diaphragm, to heart, to stomach, to kidneys, legs, arms, fingers, toes... I've never seen so much and learned so much. And both the resident and sonographer, who joined us for the last half hour, only had things like "beautiful" and "gorgeous" to say. And, in truth, looking at the "photos" and from a fairly decent knowledge of biology and anatomy, things looked good. PLUS, we'd been told that if there were any serious concerns that the radiologist would join you to get a better look, whereas, we got the all clear to head after the photos were taken. PHEW! So far, so good.

Even with all the movement and having had a baby before, it's still completely unreal that there's a little growing bug in my belly. I will say, the second time around, the ultrasound was more special - if that makes any sense. Knowing that the little alien-looking creature in there was going to be another love-of-my-life like Jane, just gave me such peace. I could have stared at those images all day and all night. I can understand why crazy Tom Cruise (who I still secretly love due to Top Gun) bought Katie the ultrasound machine for home. I'd be hooked up to that baby all day long - pun intended. :p

We were told that the report would be at our docs by tomorrow afternoon, so I'll call the docs office tomorrow and ask if they can let me know when the reports come in - in case there's time for Dr. P to give me a shout at the end of the day with "the news". Otherwise, I suspect it'll be early next week before we can confidently say "it's a _____"!

Honestly, I told Dan... assuming it's a girl, we just saved a TON of money. Cause had I seen a little boner between those two thigh bones, I would already be on old navy buying as much blue stuff as I could find. :) Now, I get to do something I truly love almost as much as shopping, (Monica alert), organizing! I am excited to go through all Jane's old stuff - ah, the memories - and start finishing up the nursery that currently looks like the aftermath of a serious hurricane.

Okily dokes. I'm off to bed for the night. xoxo.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY - the best there ever was! xoxoxoxo


Lisa said...

Pete was 100% convinced that Katherine was a boy. He saw boy parts in every one of our many ultrasounds... needless to say he was wrong. You can look up what the body parts look like on ultrasound... I think a girl is a hamburger and I can't remember what a boy is... or maybe it's the other way around.

Either way, Congratulations! Glad things all looked good.

Jen said...

I know - I think as soon as you're pregnant the boys are like "dats my boy in there!" It must be a testosterone thing. :p

I don't think Dan will believe it's a girl until we have 100% confirmation...