Feb 24, 2012

18 weeks pregnant

This post got post-poned (I am so cool) to today due to Wednesday night's adventure.

I scheduled my 20 week ultrasound this week - March 14th! I'm nervous and excited and, of course, feeling like March 14th is as far away as cars that fly... For those of you from different areas, if you are considered a "normal" pregnancy, you only get one ultrasound here, at 20 weeks. Here's my issue/concern/problem with this... how do you know if I am having a normal pregnancy if you don't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks? I may not have bleeding, or cramps, or high blood pressure, or family history. But how does family history start? Don't get me going on this.

I have another scheduled doctors appointment next week. I'm dreading it for many reasons. One of which is the fact that at my last appointment, I'd put on 3.5 lbs and the doc tells me "it's a little more than we like to see" (I make a scrunched up, wiener face every time I say that cause it pisses me off). Um. Confession. At my last appointment, I was at 137.5lbs. I got on the scale a few days ago. 143lbs. Uh oh. Eeek. This is what's nuts about pregnancy. Within like a week I went from 139lbs to 143lbs. Like BAM! It may have something to do with the fact that I bought a 24 pack box of sour licorice straws a few weeks ago. Along with the cookies, chips, poptarts, etc. And, now I've written it all off. Thankfully, I've already recruited a friend for my post-baby weigh-in-wednesday program which is generally a failure but fun for you to read about. :p It's mostly me whining about how I'm trying to lose the post-baby weight... meanwhile, I'm sitting in front of the computer eating a king sized chocolate bar while I tell you how frustrating it is to eat healthy and exercise and not lose a pound. tee hee hee.

So, the other reason I'm dreading my docs appointment is that I'm going to request to be referred to an ob/gyn now vs. waiting until 32 weeks. As part of my job, I get to see ob/gyns all the time and they keep telling me to get referred now. Here's why I dread it. I have this weird intimidation, don't want to hurt your feelings, don't want to be a pain in the a** thing with my doctor. I'm worried he's going to ask me why. I'll tell him why. He won't think that's a good enough reason. And, then, as opposed to my normal fight-till-the-end strategy of life, I'll agree with him and not cause a fuss... even though I really want to go to an ob/gyn now! Why do I want to get referred to an ob/gyn so bad? A little bit because I want a female but also because of the above weight situation. I put on 38lbs with Jane. Yeah, there was probably 10 lbs there of Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars that didn't necessarily need (need is a relative term) to be there but, you know what, I was fine with that. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but my doc made me feel like I was a big fat failure sometimes. I can't stand that this time. It's already bothering me and, personally, I just don't think that's right. If I was gonna pack on 100 lbs, yeah, he has a right to say something and be concerned for me. But, give me a break dude. 38 lbs. I think I put on 20 lbs in first year of university and I was not "eating for two".

Recently I saw a friend post on facebook about the gestational diabetes test - and that gross orangey poppy drink they make you chug. One of my other friends said she opted out of this test. So, I'm like, you can opt out? Nope. She rebelled! :p She said, I'm not doing it. I don't have any signs. I don't have a history. Screw you! She is my hero. Part of me would like to go to my docs and say, you know what doc-ta, I ain't gettin on your ridiculously inaccurate scale with all my clothes on after I've had heavy oatmeal for breakfast, a tims double-double and haven't pooped in like 45 days (sorry, TMI). I know I won't put on an unhealthy amount of weight with this pregnancy and THEREFORE, I'm taking your weight tracking chart and telling you to SCREW IT. HA! How do you like dem apples? But, like I said, I have no balls with my doctor so instead I'll whimper next week when he starts giving me diet and exercise tips because I've put on like 10 lbs in four weeks or whatever the scale gets up to by next Wednesday.

Aside from my apparent issues with doctors and my weight, I feel good! :) I am feeling a little more movement this week which is fun.

Hard to believe I'm two weeks from half way there. The summer seems so far away... we'll get there.

Happy Friday!


Janine Hussey said...

CAN'T WAIT for our weigh-ins, YAY! And yeah, second time around the weight gain is a helluva lot more depressing and less glamorous than the first time when everything about pregnancy was "cute". I feel anything BUT cute this time. Thank GOD we're not alone, haha!

Natasha Chandler said...

I have already gained over 30 pounds and still have 7 weeks to go so I am definitely going to surpass 40! Most women don't stay in the 25-35 pound weight range they give you - everyone is different and your doctor is an ass if he makes you feel otherwise. Eat your heart out, Jen!

Sara said...

I'm confused! You see a Dr that's not an OB/GYN? Why would you need a referral? Canadian thing? Also, it sounds like you need to see a midwife! The difference in care is NIGHT AND DAY! Just a silly example, for the blood sugar screen (which I am doing on Tuesday!), I am to eat a breakfast of eggs, milk, toast and juice an hour before my appointment. That's it! It will do the same thing to my blood sugar as a yucky suragy drink would but what would you rather have? I'm telling you, the Midwive's approach to care encompasses YOUR health and emotional well being just as much as your growing baby's! Seriously, check it out!! (Like now!)Anyway - I love your blog and have been reading since your pregnancy with Jane. I love other Mom's who are "real" about pregnancy and parenthood!! Keep tellin' the truth!

Jen said...

Hey Sara,
In Canada we have a few options - we have family docs who also do obstetrics, so they deliver and track your entire pregnancy and we have family docs who will track you until 30 weeks or so and then refer you to an ob/gyn. You have to be referred to a specialist because there are so few of them but it's not difficult. You can get referred at any time or you can choose to start with an ob/gyn from scratch which is pretty common.

I'd be really interested to hear more about midwifery as it's not common where i live AT ALL.

Send me a message - I'd love you to write a post if you have some experience with this!!

Jen :)