Jan 23, 2012

thank you God and Tim Hortons...

FYI - today's regular nonsense is below but I had to share this with my fellow Canadians eh...

So I've dropped Jane off at school, Dan off at work and I'm heading to the gym for a quick "stroll" on the treadmill before work.Well, I'm supposed to be heading to the gym. I'm dressed, sitting next to my gym bag in the car, but have been dreading it since I realized when I woke up that I "should go to the gym this morning"...

I head to Tim Hortons instead. I want my small double-double. I need my double-double. My treat of the day. My only fix that helps me survive the exhaustion of early pregnancy. I'm pretty sure the small dose of caffeine does nothing, physiologically, to increase my energy or boost my mood. But psychologically, my double-double is REQUIRED in order for me to put on a friendly face and function efficiently with the rest of the working world. Without it, I'm like a bad actor all day - faking energy and enthusiasm when inside I want to be curled up on the couch watching useless programming they tell us stay-at-home Moms enjoy.

Ok, back to my story. I order my small double-double and what happens? Those of you who are also loyal Timmies addicts will know the answer.


In fact, I got a medium, small double-double!!! Make no sense? Well, it took me awhile to figure out the diagram below - literally, I couldn't figure out if they were increasing or decreasing their sizes for at least a minute of staring and computing. SIMPLIFIED - your previously small cupped coffee is now a medium coffee, and so on. So, now, I get what I really wanted - a larger coffee - without the guilt of ordering a larger coffee. It's like God has spoken to me and said "Jen, go for it. In fact, you deserve a little extra."

Thank you God and Tim Hortons.

How often do companies up and decide, "hey, we should give them more and not charge anything extra". Only in Canada my friends. Sorry to my American girls - I know there are select Timmies in the US - but you are truly missing out on Canada's best, and most cherished, asset.

This is the best Timmies commercial ever - I nearly cry everytime...double-double!

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