Oct 7, 2010

Why I can't make mom friends

This is priceless... I have to admit, as much as I'm the chick on the right, I've definitely had moments where I tried to be "Mrs. Perfect" on the left.... Dan would call these my "Monica moments".

This is so true however as far as the back-n-forth some Moms try to get you into - the competition. Totally wish the video wasn't so robotic because I think it would be even more hilarious if it were done with real people, real expressions and voices. I can just see my girlfriend Kristie in the roll of "chick on the right"... although I'm pretty sure she would have strangled Mrs. Perfect as would I.

Thanks to Lena over at Listen to Lena for passing this one along. Check out her blog right now for a chance to win a crazy expensive Britax stroller!


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Mom vs. the boys said...

oh yeah, the robot voices just ruin that great script!