Oct 6, 2010

Know These Sites?

Thanks to Facebook and some good friends, some fabulous, $$ saving websites have been sent my way and I am officially addicted!

I'm sure there are bazillions more, so feel free to share (please! just don't tell my hubby :p).

The deal with these sites seems to be either one daily deal (posted the same time everyday with limited stock) or multiple daily deals (again, with limited stock)... so basically what I'm saying is, if you want to save $$, check the sites regularly. We're talking dedication people.

Most of these sites offer big discounts - 50%+ - off brandnames... things I look out for are shoes for Jane or unique toys. Now that she's walking, I like to buy her good, comfortable, made for walking, infant shoes... and just like most things, paying more for them makes me feel like they are better shoes and are best for her - so they end up costing me a fortune! All of these sites have baby items and have had Robeez, Pediped and so on for half price! YIPEE!

They also have great stuff for house and home, and also important, YOU! :)

Here's a few:
Totsy - Multiple deals daily - mostly kids/Mom related
Baby Half Off - one daily deal, kids related
Hautelook - multiple fabulous daily deals - kids, house, men, women, shoes, bags - a dream really!
BabySteals and KidSteals - my favourite is babysteals, they have the best stuff - and are now doing two daily steals (9am and 9pm MST) - you have to be quick, quick, quick.
Mother of a Daily Deal - I'm pretty sure they don't actually have "daily deals" but sometimes the deal is good - but the stock seems to be low, so whenever they offer the deal, if you can find out, hop on it cause the stock disappears QUICK.

The other thing I've learned is that signing up for "newsletters" and so on is worth the few extra emails you get in your inbox. I always used to avoid providing my emails to retailers but now, at my fav stores, I'm all over it. I haven't paid full price at Old Navy, Gap, etc. in a while. Also, you get alerts on the sales asap so you can make your way to the store before all the sizes are gone.

Signing up for services like RedFlagDeal's weekly newsletter is also awesome - gives you the best deals of the week. This is where I often find out about 50% off days at Gap and so on. Did you know that Old Navy and Gap (et. al.) are now offering online shopping in Canada - WHOPEE! A few weeks ago, they were having 30% off all baby stuff PLUS on LouLou I found a code for an extra 15% off all Gap, ON, etc. stuff.

Have some more deals-n-steals sites you want to share - or likely not with how quickly stock runs out :p - please do!

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Kate said...


Ava said...

it lists ALL the baby daily deals in real-time. I'm officially addicted. don't tell my DH either!

Margaret said...

onekingslane.com-home stuff
mamabargains.com-one day deals
greenbabybargains-one day deals
babycheapskate.com-summarizes deals
Also, have you checked out Groupon.com(don't know if they have them in Canada)
Also Woot.com, they have daily deals and also a kidswoot daily deal

Unknown said...

oh dear, I don't think I needed to be introduced to Totsy...thanks...I think.
amber :)

Anonymous said...

Try www.babynewsonline.com as they havesome great prices on closeout items.