Oct 1, 2010

Smart Shopping Ladies

I"ve written about this before... and saved TONS - insane amounts of money by buying Jane's clothes for the next year at the end of this years season - does that makes sense? In other words, I buy summer clothes for next year at the end of summer this year.

It's not rocket science. I usually just guess sizing and, so far, it's worked out perfectly - for example, right now Jane is wearing either 18-24mth or size 2 pants because she's tall. But, otherwise, they are quite big on her cause she's also slim. So, I'm buying size 3 bottoms for her. They may be a little big, but, chances are, they'll be perfecto!

Here's what you need to know NOW - Old Navy is giving an additional 50% off their clearance items right now!!! Get out there now ladies! The key - don't just look in your kids size area because items are all mixed in together so it's worth searching a few racks to find some goodies. FYI, there was little to no boys stuff where I'm at, so may not be worth it if you're blessed with a little man (sorry).
Here's what I got:
5 Pairs of shorts
10 Pairs of capris/leggings
10 T-shirts/Tank tops
3 Dresses
So, 28 items and basically Jane's entire summer wardrobe next year.

And here's the even better news - I paid $89 in total, including tax. Which means that I paid less than $3 per item pre-tax! In truth, certain items were only 98 cents but I averaged it all up to make it easy!!!
Wanna know how much I saved?  $416. That's how much it would have cost for all my items at regular price. I love sales. Sales make me so happy. I love to save money. Now, my hubby would say - "why are you wasting money on summer clothes right now" - but men aren't forward thinkers, they are now thinkers. Dan thinks
do we really need to spend $100 now on clothes for next year. He doesn't think, spending $100 now will save us over $400 next year. Thank God for me! :p ha ha ha. I can rationalize murder.

Get your behind down to Old Navy quick and do some smart shopping! Although I sound like an Old Navy advertisement, I am obviously not paid by Old Navy for marketing. However, if Old Navy would like to pay me, I am 4000% open to that :p ha ha ha.

Here's the monkey in something that wasn't on sale but was so cute I'm going to share anyways!

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