Sep 28, 2010

Book-Free Room

Judge all you want but I created a "book-free" playroom in my basement. We, of course, we spend most of our time in the playroom upstairs which is packed full of books. But, sometimes, we just need a break.

So, last week - on Sunday - I wanted to watch football. I know, worst Mom in the world right? So, I brought some toys downstairs - including bringing the outdoor slide inside for the winter (I'm a genius, yes). Voila! I set up a chair and ottoman for myself and it was awesome. You know when you bring your kid to someone else's house who has kids and they are occupied for hours because of the new environment and new toys. This is what my basement is like now.

Jane loves to read, which, of course, I love. I love reading to her. And I love it when she comes to me, snuggles on my chest and brings a books with her - every two-three minutes. But, every now and then, I need to go to a place where she can play by herself - which I'm told is good for development and makes me feel less guilty - and I can relax, write on the blog, check facebook, or 30 mins of football, uninterrupted! :p So, we have a book-free zone. Really not so much "book-free" but if you want the PC term - an "independent play area". Whateves - I'm a good enough Mom to not feel guilty calling it what it is - a break room. She loves it and so do I. Highly recommended if you have the space.

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