Jun 17, 2010

Sick Day

Jane woke up with a fever today of 38.8 (Celsius). So, we're headed to the docs at lunch time. Poor little thing. And, of course, I'm stressed out (aside from the fact that my baby is sick) because she was supposed to have two full days of daycare today and tomorrow so that she'd be totally ready to go on Monday as I'm starting back to work (yes, I got a job - yipee!). So, now, I'm a little stressed because daycare's been going well but she still won't take a bottle from the daycare gals which means she's her typical happy-go-lucky self until after her afternoon nap when she wakes up and gets upset for the last two hours. I was planning on not giving her her AM bottle at home this morning and going with her to daycare so that the gals could give it to her while I was there in hopes that me being there would make it work. I guess I'm not so much stressed right now but I will be on Monday thinking about her sobbing all afternoon because she wants a bottle... maybe she'll be fine. Maybe the doc will give her some antibiotics today and tomorrow she won't have a fever and we can give it a go tomorrow and POOF stress gone (well, partly gone - never fully goes away).

We're driving Dan to work this morning when I had this realization... (a little late) that - Geez, you better hope you work for an understanding company who "gets it" when your child is sick and you have to take the day off"... I mean what other alternative do you have? Most people don't have the luxury of an on-demand babysitter who can drop everything and be at your house at 8am on Thursday morning. Nor do most have the luxury of paying $10 an hour on top of daycare fees for said babysitter. Do the other Mommas have experience with this? Any suggestions? I mean, thankfully, I'm not at work today but, you know me, I like to have a "plan" for these types of situations so that, when they occur (which is inevitable) I don't stress and I know how to handle it. With all of that said, we obviously aren't the only parents in the world and obviously other people have had to call in sick because their child was sick before.

And my guess is, it's usually the Mom who stays home as, Jane's only a year old and she wants Mommy when she's not feeling well - can't imagine that gets any better with age and understanding. This is likely just another reason why it seems it's more difficult for women with children to find employment post-baby (not even touching the subject, there's WAY too much there).

Anyways - I'm off. Had tons of things to do today that I have to sneak in now between naps. I will say, I'm not too "disappointed" to have my little lady home with me today as I had thought yesterday was our "last day" together (obviously not ever but last day on maternity leave).

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Ange said...

Congrats on finding a job Jen! I'm so happy for you as I know it's taken a while to find the right fit - can't wait to here more about it!

Feel better sweet Jane!

trac54 said...

Oh JEN! I'm so proud of you getting the job! Are you nervous?


Unknown said...

Congrats on the job!! Knew you could do it!! Sorry we didn't get a chance to see you guys before we move! It has been one crazy week. Good luck with the new job and everything. We will keep in touch!! Lucas sends hugs to "Baby Jane"!
Steph & Lucas

**** April **** said...

Congrats on the job! It IS hard unless you work for a company that has a mother in the "upper" eschelon of management who "gets it". I mean, what else CAN you do? Seriously. It's a hard line to follow. A friend of mine had friends that were stay at home moms and one of her friends WOULD keep her daughter if she were sick (even though she had other children). I think situations like that are rare. She did make it up to her not by paying her, however, but the working mom would watch the stay at home mom's 3 kiddos on a weekend night so she and her hubby could have a date night. Worked out for them both.