Jun 11, 2010


Here's a shocker for ya... after Jane's first week of daycare, she's sick! WOW, big surprise right? :p I'm not one of those freakin' out cause my baby's sick type of Moms so no biggie - a cold now is one less later, building immunity is a good thing. On the other side of things, Jane's sick and teething. Awesome combo. I got a call from the daycare gals this morning at 11 saying it's probably best to come get her because she's been crying since I dropped her off. Course, I show up and she's sitting in the "kitchen" eating a snack, happy as a lark... well, maybe not happy (she looked exhausted, miserable and sick) but she wasn't upset by any means! :p

My sis warned me about the first few weeks of daycare and sickness. Friend of hers reported the worst colds in history the first month of daycare and then POOF, they are fine. Being exposed to all those new germs, it's no surprise. So, she's yet to stay the entire day but next week should be better. She's done two half days this week. Next week, we'll try a day until 3ish and then a full day. Fingers crossed.

I will say that when I got the message to come and get her today, God was with me that I didn't get a speeding ticket as I'm pretty sure I made a 15 minute trip, 5 minutes. What cop wouldn't understand my reasoning? ha ha ha.On the other side of things, for newer Moms, knowing she had been upset since I left didn't completely break my heart like I thought it would 6 months ago. Yes, it made me feel bad, but the thought of her crying a year ago broke my heart so much it hurt... now I know that despite the whole being upset thing, ultimately, she's fine and she will be fine.

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend here so I'm looking forward to getting outside with my little munchkin. Happy weekend to y'all! :)

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MaggieK said...

My little older son got sick at daycare a lot within the first couple of months...but then he was fine - very few problems after that.

I have to say...I made an illegal U turn while picking up meds for my older guy - I got pulled over and explained that I was trying to get back because my baby was sick. He made me show him what I had bought at the drugstore and then let me go.

Krista said...

I'm a third grade teacher, so I totally understand the whole getting sick early in the school year and then having the strongest immunity known to man! I'm a brand new SAHM and LOVE reading all your advice! I'm really glad to hear that Jane's tears don't KILL you anymore. My Tessa is 11 weeks old, so I still get really upset every time she gets out of sorts. I know my husband is looking forward to the day I don't cry over our upset baby!

Louise said...

Just a quick comment to say that I hope she adjusts to daycare okay and gets over the onslaught of germs. I'm a little worried about this when my little one starts in homecare in a few months - but am hoping it will be okay, given there will be less bodies than in a centre. Here's hoping, at least.

But totally agree re: exposing to germs not being evil - we've been doing playcares and playgroups from about three months and been through a few colds already - so I'm hopeful it won't be too bad. But I could be horribly wrong - I'll let you know.

All the best with the adjustment. It must be tough!