Jun 9, 2010

Did you know...

Did you know that teething causes cold-like symptoms? I did not know this. Here I am thinking that Jane's been sick once a month for the last 4 months and not understanding why she's regularly getting this running nose (clear fluids only) with no other cold symptoms (cough, etc.). Her first cold was obvious - running nose, cough, red, watery eyes, etc. It was visible how miserable she was. Since then, what I thought were her "colds" have just been runny noses that seem to last for 5 days and nothing else. No looking miserable (excluding the constant boogers hanging out of her nose), no cough, nothing.

So, I'm down at the playground two weeks ago and a Grammy shows up with her 18 month old grand-daughter. I immediately give her the stay away from my child - she's sick warning to which she agrees is a good idea as they have a 6 week old at home. A few minutes later, Grammy asks me if Jane has a cough or any other symptoms, I say no. She asks about a fever - slightly the day before but nothing now. And she says "it's teething, not a cold" - what? Apparently (I've looked it up - research geek remember), cold-like symptoms (fever, runny nose, cough, etc.) may be symptoms of teething. Obviously, if your babe is not prone to any of these symptoms, it's worth getting him/her checked out by the doc, just to be safe. But, I'm learning quickly that the runny nose means a grouchy Jane who doesn't sleep well and needs the "tranquilizer dart" (a.k.a. a dose of advil) to get to sleep in the first place.

Daycare was great today. Jane had an AM nap there, which was a relief as shes not slept anywhere except for her crib since she was 4 months old... I was worried she would resist sleeping at daycare for the first little bit. I picked her up pretty much right after her nap - one of the daycare gals "retrieved" her from the crib room for me and I could tell right away that Jane was comfortable with her, which is great peace of mind. The gals seem to be pretty fab which is awesome and I love that they get lots of outside time in the playground as well. Tomorrow she stays until lunch so it will be a nice break for Mommy in the AM - much needed as I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick (my throat feels like it's burning and it hurts to talk, not that that stops me from talking my face off all day to whatever poor adult makes the mistake of saying hello to me :p).

Other than that, today sucked. Jane only had a 45 min nap at daycare after a crappy night's sleep last night, so I fully expected a nice 2-3 hour long break this afternoon... yeah. right. dream on. She didn't have a nap at all. I put her up in her crib at noon and she sat up there playing for a half hour, then I went upstairs to check on her as she was starting to get upset and then she started screeching. So, I took her out and laid down with her and she slept for 20 mins on my chest but then woke up, smiling and laughing at me. So we went downstairs and I thought, I'll try again in an hour. An hour later, put her up for a nap, left her there for 45 mins and same thing. So, I gave up. Then, at 3:30, I thought, maybe if I leave early to pick up Dan, she'll fall asleep in the car and I'll bring the flyers and just sit in the parking lot while she naps... Moms will do anything for their babes. She chatted and laughed the entire way to Dan's office, so we went shopping instead.

Usually Jane "hits the sheets" at 7ish after bath and so on. Tonight we went up at 6:30... she was looking exhausted and I am looking worse. She fell asleep upon impact but I've had to go up twice already (within 45 mins) because she's woken up screeching. Did you know that teething, specifically molars, suck big time? BIG. TIME. God love her though. I wish I could know how much pain she was in and find a way to take it away.

Let's pray, for us both, that due to lack of sleep last night and no naps today, that she'll sleep well tonight (although I fully expect the opposite)... what a mess! :p

Oh yeah, yesterday Jane had her one year vaccines... yeah. That sucked too. Two shots, one per arm and she's smarter this time. This time, when Dr. P swabbed her arm (pre-needle in view), she started losing it. She KNEW what was coming. Awesome. As usual, a few minutes post she was fine and dandy - especially after we left the exam room and went back out to where all the "fun" people were in the waiting room.  Still, sucked. On a brighter note, she's tracking perfectly along the "curves" - 50th percentile for weight, 95th for height and head circumference. So she's tall and skinny - must get that from me! ha ha ha! :p

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~*Cee*~ said...

Have you tried a baltic amber teething necklace?? They usually go for about $20. I'm not much for jewellery on babes, but this has saved me loads of money in Motrin...and it actually works!!! E is much more manageable---she's a TERRIBLE teether. And E loves her necklace. Asks for her 'pretty' to be put on everyday! And they are SUPER adorable.

Sara said...

We used the Hylands teething tabs or the Boiron Camilia to survive teething our first time around. And lots and lots of orajel! But yes, molars are tough - no fun at all...

MaggieK said...

Teething is no fun....I am pretty sure that Ethan has some more coming through.

...and the cold symptom thing is so true - with my first son there were at least a couple of times that we thought he had a cold only to find out that teeth were coming through.

**** April **** said...

What's funny is that I've had three pediatricians tell me that teething doesn't cause a fever and doesn't cause this and doesn't cause that... but it DOES? Just like why they can't figure out why chicken soup makes you better when you're sick. LOL... it just does!

Hope the teething ends quickly. I can't imagine how painful it'd be... I have a 12 week old so it'll be coming around for us too.