Apr 23, 2010

A Mute Button

Last night was another hellish night of no sleep. I kind of anticipated it as Jane, who usually hits the "pillow" passed out, took an hour and a half to fall asleep. I gave her motrin, thinking it was teething and nodda. I gave her Cocyntal, thinking maybe it was gas and nodda. Eventually, she fell asleep. I hate nights like that. It's only happened twice so far but it sucks.

I mean, after the babes go to bed for the night, that's basically the only time during the day that us Moms can really take a deep breath and relax. During daily naps, we're running around trying to get everything done and counting down the minutes until they wake again. At night, after they are asleep, it's all about us. We know, if we wanted to, we could have hours of uninterrupted me time.

Obviously, I'm not saying that I love it when Jane goes to sleep because I get a break - I love spending time with my little monkey. Often, when she goes for naps during the day, I'm counting down the minutes until she wakes up because I want to hang out with her, I miss her. But, at night, it's a little bit of freedom every day.

Last night, I needed a mute button. I needed to hit pause on my life and just sleep. During the third wake-up of the night (each of which lasted at least an hour), not only was I lying there listening to Jane yell at me through the monitor but my stupid cat was howling outside my door and the dumb dog was yelping downstairs in her crate. Had I had the energy to chase the cat and go downstairs to get the dog, I'm fairly certain I'd be up on animal abuse charges this morning... seriously.

Instead I posted a very nice, half-serious, Facebook status saying the following:

Free to a good home - one paranoid schizophrenic (yes I looked up how to spell that) dog and one cat who doesn't shut up.

After I gave it some thought, I re-considered my status (not as you may have expected) and re-posted the following:

Free to a good home, trailor, tent, hut, cardboard box...

And I offered only the dog as the cat ain't too bad sometimes. I mean, half the time he's a cat and he's off sleeping in some nook that you'd never find and half the time he's following you around YELLING at you (not meowing or purring, yelling). Friends can back me up on this... he is part Siamese and he doesn't meow. He yells.

On a positive note, it's not even 9am and Jane is down for a nap so I'm hoping, once I finish this post, that there was a new Vampire Diaries (yes, I am that cool) on last night for me to indulge in. And, if you want to go a step further (which I always do), Oprah is having Danoka Fanning (ha ha ha, in the re-read I realize I spelt this wrong but too funny so I'm leaving it as Danoka) on today with some super secret Eclipse (Twilight) trailor or something later on. My little dose of the fantasy world today where a mute button is not necessary as everything is perfect - except for the whole drinking blood, eternal life crap. Details, details! :p

I was supposed to have a playdate this morning (sorry Steph) which I abruptly canceled after last night's festivities... half because I'm exhausted, half because who knows what kind of terror Jane will be on today and the other half (there's three halves right?) because I washed my hair yesterday with the intention of straightening it and never got around to it... so I'm looking very 80's right now with insanely huge, wavy, frizzy hair that isn't acceptable for the gym, let alone leaving the house for a social outing. I could do it, yes. But why. I'd rather watch Vampire Diaries! :p In case you don't believe me, here's photography proof, taken by the webcam:

Have a great weekend!
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Lindsay said...

You, my dear, have no idea what insanely poufy, frizzy hair looks like ... you would have to see a picture of my hair before straightening to know :)

And PS: just had to laugh at "Danoka" Fanning! LOL!

Ange said...

Sorry to hear about your night :(
I love that picture cause it's the perfect snapshot - with the laundry basket and cleaner in the background!!

Unknown said...

Don't sweat it Jen! I was feeling less than perky this morning too but it's too bad we won't get to see you guys before we leave on vacation! Once we get back we will have to hook up as we only have a month until the big move! Hope Jane feels better and gets over her sleep issues! Oh yeah and the hair... that's me everyday as I have no energy to straighten my hair ever, lol! And I still think you're a hot mamma!

Katie said...

Hi Jen,
This is Angelene's friend Katie. I love reading your blog ~ and I just had to comment on this post because I had exactly the same kind of night last night. Actually, after a couple of "good" nights (which of course got our sleep hopes up!), the past few nights have all been disasters. Today's naps have also been a nightmare and I was feeling really alone and frustrated with the sleep situation today. Your post reminded me that us moms are all going through similar trials and we're certainly not alone! :)

Kate said...

I totally feel your pain with the dog...ours makes me crazy these days! And I said I'd never be "that" person who has a kid and then has no time for their dog. Well, I lied!

Hopefully in a few years, the love will return!

Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight.