Apr 22, 2010

Ask Me Anything

I was thinking... a few weeks ago I asked you a bunch of questions and got to know you a little better. SO, maybe you wanted to ask me a few questions and get to know me a little better? Or maybe I'm thinking I'm way cooler than I actually am and you just want me to zip my mouth and keep typing... :p I mean, most of you know about my life as a Mom and, if you've followed for a while, you know quite a bit about the type of person I am... but, perhaps, you're curious about something about my life or about my blog or anything!

If you're interested, enter your question below...

If you can't see the SUBMIT button (I know with the previous form it didn't appear for some of you), just leave a comment on this post. I thought the form would be easier as I know sometimes leaving a comment feels like a big pain in the butt!

Sorry today's post isn't more interesting but two things (1) I think it might be fun answer some of your questions and (2) I had to drop off the car for a tire change this morning so I have NO TIME! Life happens and it's been an insanely busy week!


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BIG Happy Birthday to my bestest best Emily - I loves you SOOOO much!

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Emily said...

Awww! Thanks buddy! You are so cute ... sorry I am just seeing this now, one day late. :) xo, Em