Apr 16, 2010

Feedback Feedback

Hey y'all - sorry for the late post, I hate being late! It's one of my biggest pet peeves. When Jane was born, I made a point to get ready for everything as early as possible so I could avoid being late for things... obviously, sometimes you can't help it (e.g. when she'd poop all over her outfit as we were walking out the door) but 90% of the time is good enough! :p

It's been a week since I posted my request for feedback on the blog from everyone - thanks for taking the time, I know it wasn't likely as fun as reading my usual ramblings but it was super helpful to me! If you haven't done it, it's not too late - there's not cut off on telling me what you think!

I'm going to be 100% honest, I'm exhausted and I'm going to rush through this post like a kid on Christmas morning as I've been awake since 3:30am (not because of Jane, because I'm becoming a stupid insomniac), she's now gone for a nap and I am going to attempt to do the same myself. Thus, there will be no proof reading, no editing, nodda... you get what comes off my fingers, straight up.

The first few questions (about you) were really just me being nosey... wanted to see who's checkin' out the blog cause, aside from those of you who have become friends, I have no idea! If you want to be my friend - email me, add me on facebook, etc. I have currently reach my in-person friend quota (if someone is voted off the island, I'll accept applications :p) but my virtual friend quota is limitless as I already spend all my free time on the computer! :p Finding out where you came from was interesting - a lot from TopMommyBlogs.com which just pisses me off as they keep refreshing their voting which means everyone's votes drop to zero and I've gotten sick of asking everyone to vote for me, so I kinda gave up - which I now see sucks as I've met a lot of great Moms that way. :(

The important "stuff" was finding out what you like and what you don't like...

I'm super flattered that most of you selected "My Life Posts" or "Advice Posts" as your favs... most of the time I feel like I'm blabbering and talking nonsense, so it makes me feel great to know that you, somehow, enjoy this. Perhaps, to you, it's like watching TMZ, it makes you feel good to know there's someone out there crazier than you! :) It's also ideal that these are your favs as they also are the posts that take the least time/effort. Most days it takes me an hour or so to write up each post - it's not so much the writing as it's the editing, adding watermarked photos, links, etc. that takes the time. Giveaway/review posts always take a lot longer as I have to try and remember what I liked best about the product - a task that is made difficult by my lack of consistent brain power these days.

Most of you selected "Giveaway/review Posts" as your least favourite, which also makes me happy... First of all, I will say that I never intended on doing a weekly giveaway. I did my first giveaways in December as a Christmas special and all of a sudden, it was product city and everyone was contact me about doing reviews. I turn down about 5 companies a day for reviews because (1) their products are totally irrelevant (ummm, I'm not reviewing books for teenagers seeing as my daughter is 10 months old and the thought scares me), (2) I don't think the product is useful and/or (3) they won't do a giveaway - I'm not a review blog, I don't want to be. If you won't offer my readers something for free too, I'm not interested.

These results made me so happy that I requested your feedback as, honestly, I thought you guys would be pissed if I didn't do any giveaways! Ah, the many pitfalls of poor communication. Last week I didn't have a giveaway product and I was worried everyone would be disappointed... it's too much pressure. So, here's my thoughts... I'm going to continue keeping giveaways to a minimum - if I have a product to share, my review/giveaway post will be up on Sunday. That way it won't take away from my regular weekly posts about tips-n-tricks and, mostly, nonsense!

Ok, glad we got that off our chests! :p

Lastly, guest posts. Some of you were nay some yay... kind of 50-50. I rarely do these anyways but, if I do, I'll make sure they are relevant. Some said you'd like to hear from my sister - well, folks, some people like to write and to some it's a chore. I've asked her before and, literally, didn't hear back about it. I will ask again, she's got some great stories to share. I'm also WAY over due for a Dissecting Daddy post and promise to do a Daddy-interview asap!

Alrighty, I have to go as Jane's finally asleep and my laptop battery has 4 mins left!

If there's anything I missed, hit me a note...

Actually, I have some ideas related to dissecting daddy posts - can y'all send me any questions you'd like me to ask my hubby about being a daddy? Something, perhaps, you'd like to ask your own hubby but (1) don't want to or (2) can't get more than a "okay" or "yeah, that's fine" out of him... comment, let me know!


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