Feb 25, 2010

Thank God Thursday

This is my second Thank God Thursday.

I shall start off every TGT post thanking God for the important things, obviously... chocolate, ice cream... JUST KIDDING! Of course, I mean my beautiful daughter, fabulous hubby and wonderful family and friends. I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Onto the other things I am thankful for this week...

(1) My hair straightener. Before all these fancy schmancy hair straighteners hit the market, us wavy/curly haired chicks had issues. My sister used to wrap her wet hair around her head, bobby pin it in place, put a shower cap over it and go to sleep so that she would wake up with mostly straight-ish hair (except for the bobby pin dents that were left over). Hilarious. Then, miraculously, Babyliss came out with a crimping iron (WIN) that had two sets of plates - one flat and one crimpy. So, we used this for a while and with a good 30 minute pre-blow dry combined with 20 minutes of flat plates, you could do a fairly decent job. Then, HALLELUJAH, the hair straightener arrived. Enough said. Thank God for the hair straightener, especially these days when I do not have an hour to do my hair everyday (I used to get up at 5:30am to do my hair in high school - brutal). Thank God for my hair straightener.
Oh, and thank God high school is over!

(2) Tea and my
Keurig. My Mom calls me the other day after being on vacation for a week. She asks me "what do you eat when you've already eaten too much but you're still hungry" (in other words, I just got back from vacation where I ate everything I wanted and now I have to eat healthy again and I don't want to), my response "tea, Mom, I drink A LOT of tea". It takes a long time to consume because it's so hot and if you get flavours you like, you're set. My favourite is Lipton Ginger Twist herbal tea (caffeine free for the other bf-ing Moms out there). Secondly, if you don't have a Keurig, they are awesome. It's a one-cup coffee maker but I use it for my teas and it can also make lattes, hot chocolate, etc. It's quick and simple - what every Mom needs. Thank God for tea.

Fail blog. Sometimes too much but most of the time just funny... basically a blog dedicated to people doing stupid things. Thanks to my gf Emily for this one. This is what I do when I don't have anything else to do (which happens now and then - like once a month :p). Thank God for Fail blog.

(4) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. First of all, let me say, that I don't like Jane watching TV... at all. With that said, I let her anyways when I have something to do and, for whatever reason, she's unhappy about my ignoring her. So, yes, I use TV as a babysitter. If I'm going to parenting hell for this, so be it. Regardless, as soon as I put on MMC, it's over. She doesn't even watch the whole thing - she pays attention for the intro (watch the video) and then she'll start playing with her toys. It's the perfect distraction. Something about Mickey's voice. Honestly, I know all the songs and watch it more than she does. Regardless, Thank God for MMC!

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Daleen said...

I agree on tea working when you feel hungry, it always works for me! :)

sarahmarie0730 said...

I will have to see if Nelia likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...I don't let her watch too much TV, but since she hates the car so much I tend to put a DVD on so that I can drive in peace:)

Karen @ Barefoot in Portland said...

Great blog....just discovered it! Can't wait to keep reading!