Feb 26, 2010

PTPA Award Winners

Unfortunately, because I came on board in between two campaigns, I haven't gotten the chance to try out a lot of PTPA products as of yet. I have still been writing weekly posts for PTPA (check them out if you want) on some of the PTPA Award Winning products that I own myself or that I'd love to own (i.e. Wonder Bumpers).

I wanted to share with you some of the awesome products T've discovered through PTPA. I feel like the people who create these products are geniuses - they take the moments where we think "there's got to be a better way" and turn it into a product that solves that problem. It must help if you're not suffering from mommy brain cause all I can think is "this sucks" these days, not "hmmm... if I created...". :p Maybe someday my brain will work again and I'll be rich! ha ha ha.

Here are a few goodies I thought you'd enjoy...

The Kangaroo Towel - Keeps you dry and baby warm after the bath. You wear the Kangaroo Towel while bathing your babe so you keep dry. When party time (I mean, bath time) is over, lift baby out and place them into the hooded towel - it's almost like a little sack for baby. This product is fabulous as, with Jane being such a little mover lately, it's a juggling act to get her cozy in her towel post-bath, not to mention (even though her towel is huge) her little tootsies are always hanging out the bottom!

Kidz-Med 5-in-1 Non Contact Thermometer - Hallelujah! This thing is awesome. How many times have you woken up (I mean, been woken up) in the middle of the night, felt your little one and convinced yourself he/she had a fever? Most of the time, I go back to bed, lie there awake for 30 minutes before waking Jane up to take her temperature (and we all know the most accurate way to do so - poor things). This Kidz-Med thermometer is proven to be as reliable as a rectal temperature reading. You simply place the thermometer by baby's forehead, click a button and within a second, get an accurate reading. This would be a lifesaver - I wouldn't even have to wake Jane up when I was having a crazy-Mommy moment!

9oz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle - I just want this because it's pretty! Oh yeah, and obviously because it's free of all the scary ingredients in plastics - like BPA.

Goober Baby Change Purse - Between your baby, car seat, purse, etc., carrying a diaper bag around sometimes is a pain! This is perfect. Usually, I just throw a diaper and some wipes in my purse but this is much more organized and much prettier. Sold.

More to come...

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