Oct 19, 2009

MOmMy bRaIn Monday

Got a good one for you today... thought of you guys after it happened as I'm sure it will make you laugh, make you feel bad for me and, perhaps, make you feel less bad about your own brainless moments.

So, Dan and I are putting together a playroom for Jane. My Mom had a great idea to put a giant dry-erase board on the wall for her to draw on (once she's older, obviously). In order to put it on the wall, we used "industrial strength" double sided stickies... so Jane wouldn't be able to pull it off or have it fall off. Anyways, once it was up, I immediately took a few dry-erase markers and wrote "Jane's Playroom" in my best bubble-letter handwriting. First, Dan made a joke about how I was obviously the one to write the specials on the board back when I was a waitress - which was true so I didn't really react to that one. Secondly, he says "imagine if you did that with a permanent market" to which I responded "yeah, ha ha ha ha, that would suck"... then, I looked in my hand. One red marker - dry erase. One blue marker - permanent! You can imagine Dan's shock, disbelief and pity when I said "OH MY GOD, I did!". I say pity because what else do you feel for the women you love who once had a fully functional brain and now... Thankfully, I got right on washing it with some heavy duty cleaner and it came off... if we had to take the board off our wall, I'm positive all of the drywall would have come with it and we had just finished plastering and re-painting the holes from the room's previous decorations.

Dear Lord, just when I think I'm getting better...

Jen :)

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Jessica said...

Ooh! That IS a good one.

We use those Playtex bottles that have all of the parts that have to be assembled - the bottoms and all. The other day I started making a bottle for Leah but hadn't put the bottle together yet. Yeah. Water everywhere. Nice. Turns out, bottles don't hold as much when they don't have a bottom.

Shannon said...

Here's a tip for you in case you end up with a marker situation again - you can actually remove the permanent marker by colouring over it with a dry-erase one before wiping it off. I think the dry-erase ones have a solvent in them which is why this works.